[pics] Tom Cruise hangs from tallest building in the world for Mission Impossible 4

This dude has absolutely no fears whatsoever. When the movie drops we will know if this is really him but knowing Tom Cruise don’t bet against him.

via People

The latest Mission: Impossible movie looks like a real high-wire act for Tom Cruise.

The actor, 48, was photographed filming a terrifying stunt for the film on Saturday in Dubai, dangling from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, as filmmakers shot an action sequence – and fans watched, hearts in mouths, some 2,700 feet below.

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[pics] Lightning Strikes The Burj Khalifa (Worlds Tallest Building)

Very ominous start for this building this week. After we posted video of someone literally jumping off of it, we had no idea nature would trump that and actually strike the building.

ia Huff Post

The Burj Khalifa has hardly struggled to attract attention, or photographers, since opening in Dubai last week with an elaborate celebration. But here is something a little different: some stunning photos of the tower being struck by lightning courtesy of photographer Alisdair Miller. Also included our some of his shots from the top of the tower.
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