[video] 5 Most Powerful Families That Control The World

Eat the rich. These are the 1% of the 1% who need to be destroyed.

Conspiracy theorists say they are the puppet masters that control the highest echelons of society from finance to music. Rumored to have occult satanic connections, secret ties to the gold trade, a dark mysterious hidden agenda and a plan for a new world order, these real families are some of the richest families in the world. In documentary form, these are the top facts on the families Rothschild, Rockefeller, Du Pont, Morgan and Bush.


[video] Obama Defends Bush After ‘Treacherous’ Spin by CBS News Host

Damn, the stress looks like its starting to get to Obama. I haven’t seen him this bent up since he was running against that mad man from Arizona. Now in addition to the stacked deck he’s got to deal with they wanna weigh his conscious down with jibberish being spewed at him by Bush & Dick aka Dumb & Dumber. Please gimme a break, but he should’ve prosecuted those clowns when he had the chance. They obviously think something is sweet bout his trigger finger.

This is Deeper Than Rap: Freeway Ricky Ross to be Released from Prison on 5/4

via Allhiphop

Just as superstar rapper Rick Ross is celebrating the release of his new album Deeper Than Rap, the real Rick Ross will be celebrating his release from prison next week.CRACK 0521 PT

AllHipHop.com has confirmed that “Freeway” Ricky Ross, the drug king pin who was at the center of a CIA cocaine-dealing scandal, will officially be released from prison on Monday (May 4).

Ross oversaw an Los Angeles based multi-state drug operation in the early 1980’s, which earned upwards of $2 million dollars per day at its height.

In 1996, he was sentenced to life in prison, after he attempted to purchase over 100 kilos of cocaine from an undercover federal agent.

Ross’ sentence was later reduced through appeals and after a series of explosive articles by the late Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb.

Webb wrote a series titled “Dark Alliance” for the San Jose Mercury News, which exposed the C.I.A.’s role in importing cocaine into black communities to fund Contra rebels fighting in Nicaragua, as part of the Iran-Contra scandal. Continue reading

What a Surprise: Rove Blows Off Congress Yet Again


via AlterNet

Pursuant to a subpoena issued earlier this month, Karl Rove was due to appear for a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee today. But as CongressMatters reports, despite being “expected” to appear this time, Rove was a no show. Contacted by ThinkProgress, the House Judiciary Committee confirmed the report of Rove’s absence. Days before leaving office, “Bush’s White House counsel, Fred Fielding, sent letters to Rove, Miers, and Bolten, instructing them to continue to ignore congressional demands for information about anything they did while at the White House.”

Obama backs Bush: No rights for Bagram prisoners

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration, siding with the Bush White House, contended Friday that detainees in Afghanistan have no constitutional rights.afghan

In a two-sentence court filing, the Justice Department said it agreed that detainees at Bagram Airfield cannot use U.S. courts to challenge their detention. The filing shocked human rights attorneys.

“The hope we all had in President Obama to lead us on a different path has not turned out as we’d hoped,” said Tina Monshipour Foster, a human rights attorney representing a detainee at the Bagram Airfield. “We all expected better.”

The Supreme Court last summer gave al-Qaida and Taliban suspects held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the right to challenge their detention. With about 600 detainees at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and thousands more held in Iraq, courts are grappling with whether they, too, can sue to be released.

Three months after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Guantanamo Bay, four Afghan citizens being detained at Bagram tried to challenge their detentions in U.S. District Court in Washington. Court filings alleged that the U.S. military had held them without charges, repeatedly interrogating them without any means to contact an attorney. Their petition was filed by relatives on their behalf since they had no way of getting access to the legal system.

The military has determined that all the detainees at Bagram are “enemy combatants.” The Bush administration said in a response to the petition last year that the enemy combatant status of the Bagram detainees is reviewed every six months, taking into consideration classified intelligence and testimony from those involved in their capture and interrogation.

After Barack Obama took office, a federal judge in Washington gave the new administration a month to decide whether it wanted to stand by Bush’s legal argument. Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd says the filing speaks for itself.

“They’ve now embraced the Bush policy that you can create prisons outside the law,” said Jonathan Hafetz, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union who has represented several detainees.

The Justice Department argues that Bagram is different from Guantanamo Bay because it is in an overseas war zone and the prisoners there are being held as part of a military action. The government argues that releasing enemy combatants into the Afghan war zone, or even diverting U.S. personnel there to consider their legal cases, could threaten security.

The government also said if the Bagram detainees got access to the courts, it would allow all foreigners captured by the United States in conflicts worldwide to do the same. Continue reading

[video] WTF? Congressman Says World was Hours Away from Going Belly Up on Sept. 15

WTF? There are so many questions that beg for answers and while the country is gripped in hysteria I have a funny feeling these things will be swept under the rug, just as Obama is doing with Bush’s past crimes. Someone, or some “entity” made a run on the US banks on the 15th of September, the day that the meltdown started and Lehman Bros. went belly up. To draw out $550 Billion in two to three hours is no accident. This “crisis” was orchestrated and I’m sure the paper trail leads to the “usual” suspects, but of course this government is not willing to dig that deep. Who was the financial and political clout to pull such a caper and get away with it scott-free? Well, I damn sure have my suspicions.

Poll: Most Want Inquiry into Bush Anti-Terror Tactics


Mr. President, give the people what they want!

via USA Today

WASHINGTON — Even as Americans struggle with two wars and an economy in tatters, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds majorities in favor of investigating some of the thorniest unfinished business from the Bush administration: Whether its tactics in the “war on terror” broke the law.

Close to two-thirds of those surveyed said there should be investigations into allegations that the Bush team used torture to interrogate terrorism suspects and its program of wiretapping U.S. citizens without getting warrants. Almost four in 10 favor criminal investigations and about a quarter want investigations without criminal charges. One-third said they want nothing to be done.

Even more people want action on alleged attempts by the Bush team to use the Justice Department for political purposes. Four in 10 favored a criminal probe, three in 10 an independent panel, and 25% neither. Continue reading

Obama’s Legal Team Copies Bush’s ‘State Secrets’ Trick to Cover Up Torture and Renditions


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On Monday in San Francisco, attorneys representing the Obama administration did what many of the president’s supporters would have considered unthinkable on election day: they arrived in a federal courtroom and defended one of the most controversial practices of the Bush administration.

“Eric Holder’s Justice Department stood up in court today and said that it would continue the Bush policy of invoking state secrets to hide the reprehensible history of torture, rendition and the most grievous human rights violations committed by the American government,” Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union said in an impassioned statement. “This is not change. This is definitely more of the same.”

The case was Mohamed et al. v. Jeppesen Dataplan, a lawsuit originally brought in 2007 by the ACLU on behalf of five victims of extraordinary rendition, the notorious CIA program in which terror suspects are kidnapped, thrown on a plane and flown to another country to be tortured and interrogated.

Jeppesen Dataplan, a subsidiary of Boeing, is said to have provided the logistical support for the rendition of all five plaintiffs, among them, Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian national who, in July 2002, was taken from Pakistan to Morocco, where for 18 months he was imprisoned and brutally tortured, including being cut with razorblades on his testicles. Mohamed was later sent to Guantanamo Bay, where he supposedly awaits imminent plans for his release. He has never stood trial.

Under Bush, the ACLU’s lawsuit was thrown out multiple times on “state secrets” grounds — a bogus excuse according to human rights lawyers who have long argued that the real goal was to keep evidence of the sort of torture endured by Mohamed away from a courtroom. Continue reading

New staff find White House in tech Dark Ages


via Washington Post

If the Obama campaign represented a sleek, new iPhone kind of future, the first day of the Obama administration looked more like the rotary-dial past.

Two years after launching the most technologically savvy presidential campaign in history, Obama officials ran smack into the constraints of the federal bureaucracy yesterday, encountering a jumble of disconnected phone lines, old computer software, and security regulations forbidding outside e-mail accounts.

What does that mean in 21st-century terms? No Facebook to communicate with supporters. No outside e-mail log-ins. No instant messaging. Hard adjustments for a staff that helped sweep Obama to power through, among other things, relentless online social networking.

“It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said of his new digs.

In many ways, the move into the White House resembled a first day at school: Advisers wandered the halls, looking for their offices. Aides spent hours in orientation, learning such things as government ethics rules as well as how their paychecks will be delivered. And everyone filled out a seemingly endless pile of paperwork. Continue reading

Bush Advisors Take Exception at Obama’s “Cheap Shots” During Inauguration Speech


The nerve of these guys, they should be glad that Obama didn’t order that lunatic Bush to be lead off in cuffs. Of course he had to tap Dubya’s chin, after all it is his mishaps that have derailed this country to begin with. What could they have possibly thought, that America, let alone the world would forget that a drunk has been fumbling the reigns of leadership for the last eight years?

via NY Times

WASHINGTON — On the plane, no longer Air Force One but now Special Air Mission 28000, they talked about the speech. George W. Bush, the former president, was heading home to Texas with his inner circle, having just left the Capitol, where his successor first thanked him for his service and then proceeded to discredit it.

The Bush team had worked assiduously to make the transition smooth for the incoming President Obama and stayed out of the way as he used the postelection period to take leadership of the economy even before being sworn in. And now, as far as some of them were concerned, the new president had used his inaugural lectern to give the back of the hand to a predecessor who had been nothing but gracious to him. Continue reading

Intelligence Court Rules Bush Surveillance Program is Legal [video below]

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President George W. Bush has won a major victory for his legacy building efforts in his final days in office as a special intelligence appeals court has ruled that the Bush Administration’s much derided Terrorist Surveillance Program is legal. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review made the ruling in late August,bush_surveillance but it is only being made public now. Specifically, the court ruled that Congress acted within its authority in 2007 when it passed the Protect America Act, which codified the existing Bush Administration program with minor, cosmetic changes. The terrorist surveillance program, as the Bush Administration calls it, operated in secret for close to four years, from right after the September 11th attacks until the New York Times revealed the existence of the program in December, 2005.

Since then, President Bush and Administration officials have come under withering criticism from Democrats, civil liberties activists, and Administration opponents. The critics accused the Administration of domestic spying, listening in on the conversations of ordinary Americans, abuse if power, and criminal violations of privacy laws. The Administration has steadfastly maintained that the program was legal, necessary, and effective; countering its critics by pointing out the president’s inherit powers under Article 2 of the Constitution to command the conduct of war. The decision validates the Administration’s claims about the program, and proves that critics’ interpretation of the law has been wrong all along. As the president prepares to leave office, the Administration has been highlighting its accomplishments. Chief among those has been keeping America safe from attack for the past seven and a half years. The terrorist surveillance program has played a big part in accomplishing that, despite attempts by Democrats and the left to discredit the program and the Bush Administration’s exercise of its authority. To his critics’ chagrin, the court’s ruling will bolster President Bush’s efforts to explain his legacy in his post-presidential years, and it could be the first of many similar validations of Bush Administration policies and decisions. Continue reading

[Op-Ed] Eight Years of Madoffs

via NY Times

THREE days after the world learned that $50 billion may have disappeared in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, The Times led its front page of Dec. 14 with the revelation of another $50 billion rip-off. This time the vanished loot belonged to American taxpayers. That was our collective contribution to the $117 billion spent (as of mid-2008) on Iraq reconstruction — a sinkhole of corruption, cronyism, incompetence and outright theft that epitomized Bush management at home and abroad.iraq-war

The source for this news was a near-final draft of an as-yet-unpublished 513-page federal history of this nation-building fiasco. The document was assembled by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction — led by a Bush appointee, no less. It pinpoints, among other transgressions, a governmental Ponzi scheme concocted to bamboozle Americans into believing they were accruing steady dividends on their investment in a “new” Iraq.

The report quotes no less an authority than Colin Powell on how the scam worked. Back in 2003, Powell said, the Defense Department just “kept inventing numbers of Iraqi security forces — the number would jump 20,000 a week! ‘We now have 80,000, we now have 100,000, we now have 120,000.’ ” Those of us who questioned these astonishing numbers were dismissed as fools, much like those who begged in vain to get the Securities and Exchange Commission to challenge Madoff’s math.

What’s most remarkable about the Times article, however, is how little stir it caused. When, in 1971, The Times got its hands on the Pentagon Papers, the internal federal history of the Vietnam disaster, the revelations caused a national uproar. But after eight years of battering by Bush, the nation has been rendered half-catatonic. The Iraq Pentagon Papers sank with barely a trace.

After all, next to big-ticket administration horrors like Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo and the politicized hiring and firing at Alberto Gonzales’s Justice Department, the wreckage of Iraq reconstruction is what Ralph Kramden of “The Honeymooners” would dismiss as “a mere bag of shells.” The $50 billion also pales next to other sums that remain unaccounted for in the Bush era, from the $345 billion in lost tax revenue due to unpoliced offshore corporate tax havens to the far-from-transparent disposition of some $350 billion in Wall Street bailout money. In the old Pat Moynihan phrase, the Bush years have “defined deviancy down” in terms of how low a standard of ethical behavior we now tolerate as the norm from public officials. Continue reading

Obama Intelligence Team Enters New Phase of Counter-Terrorism


via LA Times

More than seven years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the United States is only beginning to chart long-term strategies for dealing with detainees: “How we apprehend them. Where they go. What process they go through,” Harman said. “The expectation of the Obama administration is that they are going to bring this into the sunlight.”

At the same time, current and former U.S. intelligence officials said there were other components of the Bush administration’s counter-terrorism apparatus that the Obama team might find difficult to dismantle, if not enthusiastically embrace.

Among them are overseas prison facilities that are operated by the CIA — and currently not accessible to Red Cross monitors — as well as the use of unmanned Predator drones to fire missiles at suspected Al Qaeda and Taliban compounds in Pakistan, strikes that often cause civilian casualties.

Obama appeared to leave little wiggle room in his remarks Friday. The president-elect pledged that his administration would “adhere to our values as vigilantly as we protect our safety, with no exceptions.” Continue reading

The RNC Want Bush’s Head on a Platter


via Washington Times

So Georgie’s gone SO ballistic he’s even ticked off his own party, who now want his head on a platter


Republican Party officials say they will try next month to pass a resolution accusing President Bush and congressional Republican leaders of embracing “socialism,” underscoring deep dissension within the party at the end of Mr. Bush’s administration.

Those pushing the resolution, which will come before the Republican National Committee at its January meeting, say elected leaders need to be reminded of core principles. They said the RNC must take the dramatic step of wading into policy debates, which traditionally have been left to lawmakers.

“We can’t be a party of small government, free markets and low taxes while supporting bailouts and nationalizing industries, which lead to big government, socialism and high taxes at the expense of individual liberty and freedoms,” said Solomon Yue, an Oregon member and co-sponsor of a resolution that criticizes the U.S. government bailouts of the financial and auto industries. Republican National Committee Vice Chairman James Bopp Jr. wrote the resolution and asked the rest of the 168 voting members to sign it. Continue reading

Saudi Man Offers $10 Million For Pair of Shoes Thrown at Bush


That’s a lot of Arab Money for some shoes, but I understand the symbology of it is priceless

via Gulf News

An ordinary shoe worn by an Iraqi journalist turned into a memento of pride worth millions of dollars, according to a report carried by Al Arabiya net.

A Saudi man offered $10 million (Dh36.7 million) to buy the famous shoes of Iraqi journalist Muntadar Al Zaidi.

Sixty-year-old Hassan Mohammad Makhafa, from Aseer, south west of Saudi Arabia, said he is ready to sell all his properties to buy Al Zaidi’s shoes, which he described as a “medal of freedom” to put them on offer at a public auction.

Dignitaries of the Saudi man’s tribe expressed their solidarity with Makhafa and their willingness to share with him the price of the shoes.

“The $10 million is ready with me and I will handover this amount for Al Zaidi’s shoes which are more expensive than all my properties to be given to my sons,” Makhafa said.

He said that he believes the shoes – a symbol of freedom – will be kept in a place that would be turned into a shrine in the name of the “medal of freedom”.

[video] LMAO! Reporter Throws Shoe at Bush in Iraq


An Iraqi television journalist hurled two shoes at President Bush on Sunday during a joint news conference Bush was holding with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki to mark the signing of a U.S.-Iraq security agreement.
Bush had just finished his prepared remarks in which he said the security agreement was made possible by the U.S. surge of troops earlier this year, whhen the journalist, Muthathar al Zaidi pulled his shoes off and hurled them at the president. “This is a goodbye kiss, you dog,” Zaidi shouted.

Bush dodged the shoes and was not struck. Bodyguards quickly wrestled Zaidi to the floor and hauled him, kicking and screaming, from the room. Two other Iraqi journalists were briefly detained after one of them called Zaidi’s actions “courageous.”

source: Huffpost, Icedot

US Plan Calls for Hunting Pirates by Land and Air


Can you say Black Hawk Down 2? Just like Bush had to redeem the embarrassment his daddy left behind in Iraq, I’m supposing the government is planning to line up Obama to avenge America’s humiliating defeat in Somalia via his first foray into Africa to round up some pirates i.e. the new terrorists.  After all they didn’t set up AFRICOM for safari hunts.

via Breitbart

UNITED NATIONS (AP) – The U.S. is proposing to track down Somali pirates not only at sea, but on land and in Somalian air space with cooperation from the African country’s weak U.N.-backed government.

The United States on Wednesday circulated a draft United Nations Security Council resolution on the issue. It proposes that all nations and regional groups cooperating with Somalia’s government in the fight against piracy and armed robbery “may take all necessary measures ashore in Somalia.”

The proposal marks one of the Bush administration’s last major foreign policy initiatives.

If the U.S. military gets involved, it would mark a dramatic turnabout from the U.S. experience in Somalia in 1992-1993 that culminated in a deadly military clash in Mogadishu followed by a humiliating withdrawal of American forces.

Piracy off Somalia has intensified in recent months, with more attacks against a wider range of targets. There was an unsuccessful assault on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Aden, which links the Mediterranean Sea, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. In September, pirates seized a Ukrainian freighter loaded with 33 battle tanks and on Nov. 15 they seized a Saudi oil tanker carrying $100 million worth of crude.

About 100 attacks on ships have been reported off the Somali coast this year. Forty vessels have been hijacked, with 14 still remaining in the hands of pirates along with more than 250 crew members, according to maritime officials.

The U.S. resolution is to be presented at a session on Somalia Tuesday with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Continue reading

[Op-Ed] Is Obama George Bush the Third?


via Washington Post

In electing Barack Obama, the country traded the foreign policy of the second President Bush for the foreign policy of the first President Bush.

That is the meaning of Obama’s apparent decision to keep Robert Gates on as defense secretary and also to select Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

With strong ties to the military and a carefully cultivated image of tough-mindedness, Clinton will protect the incoming president’s back from those on the right ready to pounce at any sign of what they see as weakness.

As for Gates, Obama has found the ideal figure to help him organize his planned withdrawal from Iraq, and to bless it.

What’s most striking about Obama’s approach to foreign policy is that he is less an idealist than a realist who would advance American interests by diplomacy, by working to improve the country’s image abroad, and by using military force prudently and cautiously. Continue reading

WTF? Bush Pardons John Forte


I find it funny that in the million “If I Were President” songs by Wyclef he never mentioned pardoning Forte. Now if we can only get Prodigy, Remy, Turk, Mystikal and Shyne sprung than it’ll be triumphant!

via Washington Post

A Grammy Award-winning rapper and music producer originally sentenced to 14 years in prison for smuggling cocaine is one of 16 people receiving pardons or reduced sentences from President Bush.

John Edward Forte of North Brunswick, N.J., a graduate of the elite Phillips Exeter Academy prep school who later became a producer for the rap group The Fugees and released two albums on his own, was caught in 2000 at Newark International Airport with two briefcases filled with $1.4 million worth of liquid cocaine, according to court documents.

Forte, 33, a first-time offender, was convicted of possessing the 31 pounds of cocaine with intent to distribute and was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years at Fort Dix, N.J. (Forte’s Web site)

With the commutation, Forte will be released Dec. 22, after serving just over seven years. He still faces five years of supervised probation.

Among vocal advocates on Forte’s behalf have been singer Carly Simon, along with her son James, and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). Continue reading

NorthCom Denies Troops To Be Used For Crowd Control

via Prison Planet

Following the alarming admission that active duty U.S. Army would be on call to deal with “civil unrest” inside the United States from October 1st, the US Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) has publicly denied that troops will engage in law enforcement duties, but concedes that forces will be armed with both non-lethal and lethal weapons as well as having access to tanks.

As we highlighted last week, a September 8 Army Times report stated that active duty troops from the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team returning from Iraq would be on call as a “federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks,” for a period of 12 months from October 1st.

The purpose of the unit’s patrols, according to the article, includes helping “with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack.” Continue reading

[Op-Ed] RIP USA: Dissecting the Death of a Dynasty

By PMoor

On Monday, September 15 the chickens came home to roost. Now, when those words were used 45 years ago to describe the assassination of America’s beloved president John F. Kennedy it caused a rift in the Nation of Islam between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, who erroneously mouthed those sentiments against the wishes of his advisers. We all know how that ended up. So, in the spirit of harmony I ask that you don’t shoot the messenger, I am just stating the obvious.

When the obituary for the American Empire is written, its death will not be attributed to Al Qaeda or Middle Eastern terrorists. The eulogist won’t say that everything came to an abrupt end because the country was on the cusp of electing it’s first “Black President.” No, it may read something more like this: In the end, the wagging dog ate it’s own tail. America, that great bastion of freedom and capitalism was consumed by unprecedented GREED.

Seven score years ago, one of the most tragic events in modern times took place in our beloved City of New York (9/11). An attack took place, that much we know, and the financial heart of the Empire, the World Trade Center was the target. Apparently the plan was to bring America to her knees by crippling her financial markets and destabilizing the economy through FEAR. Did it work? On the contraire, citizens were instructed to go shopping to infuse the economy with a stimulus so that we may fight the terrorist with our ‘wallets.’ Then an amazing thing happened as the wallets parted ways and the cash was delivered: under periods of stress and duress, America flourished. Red, white and blue flags were waving from places where years ago the same flag was burned to a crisp in protest of the Imperialistic agenda these jihadist were raging against. Continue reading

New Guidelines Would Give FBI Expanded Powers

via NY Times

WASHINGTON — A Justice Department plan would loosen restrictions on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to allow agents to open a national security or criminal investigation against someone without any clear basis for suspicion, Democratic lawmakers briefed on the details said Wednesday.

The plan, which could be made public next month, has already generated intense interest and speculation. Little is known about its precise language, but civil liberties advocates say they fear it could give the government even broader license to open terrorism investigations.

Congressional staff members got a glimpse of some of the details in closed briefings this month, and four Democratic senators told Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey in a letter on Wednesday that they were troubled by what they heard. Continue reading

Powell Expected to Endorse Obama

This ticket would make the best sense in the “Doomsday” scenario Bush intends to leave for whoever is moving into 1600 Pennsylvania in January.

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol repeated Thursday that sources have told him they expect former Secretary of State Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama , though the former secretary of state has denied reports that he will speak at the Democratic National Convention.

“We all talk to people who talk to people and there are people close to the Obama campaign in the course of conversations who made clear to me that there was very high level discussions. … The Obama people expect Powell to endorse him,” Kristol told FOX News. Continue reading

Bailbond nut talks about killing Obama, Bush

Yeah he talked his way into a life sentence and psycho treatments for eternity and he thought it was just a joke. Now partner jokes on you!

via Reuters

"Wow you such a shitty job in the Whitehouse!" Don't worry the Democrats will make sure you get off scott free to guarantee me to win the presidency"

"Wow you did such a shitty job in the White House!" Don't worry the Democrats will make sure you get off scott free to guarantee for me to win the presidency"

MIAMI (Reuters) – A man with self-described mental health problems was ordered held without bail in Florida on Thursday on charges that he had threatened to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama or President George W. Bush.

Raymond Hunter Geisel was arrested by the Secret Service in Miami on Saturday after making threats before other participants against both Bush and Obama at a bail bondsman’s training course, according to federal court papers.

A Secret Service affidavit said Geisel denied making the threats. But he told a Secret Service agent, in comments he later described a joke, that if he wanted to kill Obama he would simply shoot him with a sniper rifle.

An unidentified female witness told investigators that Geisel had said during the course between July 25-28, “That n—-r, if he gets elected, I’ll assassinate him myself.” Obama would be the first black U.S. president if elected.

Another witness was said to have overheard Geisel say at a hotel that he hated Bush and wanted to put a bullet in his head.

Police found an ample cache of ammunition, including armor piercing bullets, and a handgun in Geisel’s sport utility vehicle and the Miami hotel room where he was staying while attending the bail bondsman’s course. It is legal to possess armor-piercing bullets in Florida.


Bush Expands Role of Intelligence Community

The American Civil Liberties are up in arms along with several Republicans who are protesting Bush’s passing of new legislation expanding the power of the national intelligence agencies.

“We have secret laws governing secret agencies that are engaging in secret spying against Americans, and they’re using our own tax dollars to do it. This isn’t keeping us safer it’s only making all Americans suspects in the eyes of the government,” said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU’s legislative office in Washington.

CLICK [HERE] for full story.

[Op-Ed] What Do Batman & Bush Have In Common?

The views expressed are not those of STREET KNOWLEDGE MEDIA

via WSJ

A cry for help goes out from a city beleaguered by violence and fear: A beam of light flashed into the night sky, the dark symbol of a bat projected onto the surface of the racing clouds . . .

Oh, wait a minute. That’s not a bat, actually. In fact, when you trace the outline with your finger, it looks kind of like . . . a “W.” Continue reading

The Dark Side: A Look Into the US Sponsored War on America

As someone who has been ringing the alarm on the need for fellow Americans to pay attention to the war being fought against their liberties right here on American soil, I am impressed by the forward thinking readers that have visited this blog and spoken with conviction about their suspicions of the current administration. So in the spirit of teaching the masses that they are under siege by a criminal regime, let me suggest this book that is on its way to print: The Dark Side by New Yorker journalist Jane Meyer. Here’s what you’ll find in between the sheets of this explosive look into the government sponsored theft of American rights, liberties and freedoms:

So hot is the speculation that war-crimes trials will eventually follow in foreign or international courts that Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, has publicly advised Mr. Feith, Mr. Addington and Alberto Gonzales, among others, to “never travel outside the U.S., except perhaps to Saudi Arabia and Israel.” But while we wait for the wheels of justice to grind slowly, there are immediate fears to tend. Ms. Mayer’s book helps cement the case that America’s use of torture has betrayed not just American values but our national security, right to the present day.

Continue reading

‘War Inc.’ Continues to Defy Expectations @ Box Office

via AlterNet

It’s not uncommon for a big-budget Hollywood flick to get mixed reviews and then go on to do gang-busters at the box office. Movie-goers’ desires when looking for a little escapism on a Saturday afternoon don’t always mesh with the critics’ tastes. But it’s almost unheard of for scrappy, independent films to do well without critical raves. Low-budget films live or die according to their reviews, and a so-so write up is usually a quick ticket to the video shelf.

That’s the rule; War, Inc., John Cusack’s dark parable about the rape and pillage of the Iraqi economy — what Antonia Juhasz calls Bush’s “economic invasion” of Iraq – is the exception. While the film wasn’t exactly panned by critics — overall, its writing and acting were well-received — quite a few mainstream reviewers were dismissive of its premise. For many in the commercial media, Iraq, and the rampant war-profiteering that’s marked the adventure from the beginning, is old news, and they greeted it with a collective ‘ho-hum.’

Continue reading

Bush Approves Israeli Attack on Iran, Gives them the “AMBER Light”

If anyone thinks this President is content on walking away from the most powerful post on the planet without pulling a last-minute political stunt then they’re in for a rude awakening. Remember my fellow voters , we gotta make it to January and this war criminal has already passed enough executive orders to retain power in case of another “crisis” . Not to mention this Congress continues to hand him unprecedented powers to strip away the Constitution and implement martial law. So expect a long summer and an even crazier winter.

President George W Bush has told the Israeli government that he may be prepared to approve a future military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities if negotiations with Tehran break down, according to a senior Pentagon official.

Despite the opposition of his own generals and widespread scepticism that America is ready to risk the military, political and economic consequences of an airborne strike on Iran, the president has given an “amber light” to an Israeli plan to attack Iran’s main nuclear sites with long-range bombing sorties, the official told The Sunday Times.

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Bush Wants to use Domestic Satellites for Spying on US Citizens

Eye in the Sky

Because of the administration’s poor handling of the electronic spying program (mainly conducted by the super-secret National Security Agency, which operates a worldwide web of electronic eavesdropping systems), Harman says she and other members of Congress will be more cautious about accepting civil-liberties assurances from administration officials. “We have to make sure this is not a back door for spying on Americans,” Harman told Newsweek.

Harman said that she had discussed the administration’s plans for expanding domestic use of picture-taking spy satellites—which are supposedly capable of taking very high-resolution photographs of buildings, vehicles and people—with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. According to Harman, he promised strict procedures to protect the rights of Americans, including obtaining court authorization for law enforcement-related surveillance operations where appropriate. Despite Chertoff’s assurances, however, Harman said that Congress probably would not fully approve the program until the administration is more explicit about how it would operate.


Top US Security Chief Warns Stop Using Slogan “War On Terror,” Says Muslims Interpret It “War On Islam”


Another attempt to look pass the obvious and focus on the bullsh*t. Muslims think that Bush is declaring a war on Islam because he said he was reigniting the Crusades, so rightfully so they are to interpret every maneuver as an attack against Islam, well one facet of it anyways.

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The west needs a more comprehensive strategy to counter al-Qaeda propaganda and the US should stop using the term “war on terror”, according to a top intelligence official.

Charles Allen, the senior intelligence official at the Department of Homeland Security, says the phrase is counter-productive because it creates “animus” in Islamic countries.

“[It] has nothing to do with political correctness,” Mr Allen said in an interview. “It is interpreted in the Muslim world as a war on Islam and we don’t need this.”

President George W. Bush made “war on terror” one of his stock phrases in the wake of the September 11 attacks in 2001. But there is disagreement in Washington, including among his own administration, over whether officials should use the term.

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Sign of the Times? Even Chinese Dictators Have Facebook Accounts

Will you be my friend?

So the political PR game is to now humanize dictators by making them more accessible or currently “with the times.” They tried it first by putting Bush on game shows and his family on the Today Show now they are trying to give China’s murderous regime a facelift on Facebook. The PM who still has blood on his hands from killing countless amounts of Tibetan monks became an overnight humanitarian once tragedy struck his country, just like Bush and Co.

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BEIJING: Chinese leaders are not known for making themselves available to the public, even after the Internet opened the door to governments around the world. But Facebook, one of the most popular online social networking sites, now has a page for Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

The page, at Facebook.com/pages /-Wen-Jia-bao/13823116911, had more than 14,000 “supporters” on Wednesday. That reflects the booming popularity of Wen, also known as “Grandpa Wen,” who flew to Sichuan Province hours after the earthquake struck there May 12 and traveled through the hardest-hit towns, expressing sympathy to victims all the way.
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Women Win Right to Father Children With No Father In the Picture


As Bush trots the globe and uses the soap box to tell other countries how to treat citizens of their republic (in particular the women) I’m surprised he’s been exceptionally silent on the ruling that was passed in California allowing “gays” to engage in marriage, forever transforming the face of a sacred institution such as marriage that is a bedrock to this Christian-based society that America exports at the barrel of a gun. I’m sure he’d really be livid once he hears that in Britain they recently said having an opposite-sex dual-parent household was no longer a necessity for artificially inseminating a child. Lesbians or single mothers can now get in on the action as the father has been written out of the script. Read below…

Single women and lesbian couples won landmark parental rights last night as MPs voted to remove the requirement that fertility clinics consider a child’s need for a father…In another landmark decision last night, MPs rejected moves to prevent women having abortions up to 24 weeks into pregnancy. In the first vote on the issue in 18 years, an attempt to reduce the limit to 22 weeks was rejected by 71 votes. An attempt to reduce the limit to 20 weeks was defeated by a majority of 142

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Bush Attacks Obama, Zsa Zsa’s Husband Goes After Michelle

Bush in Israel

It was only a matter of time before we say this one coming. The sitting president took a cheap shot at the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama in front of Israel’s Knesset by implying that his strategy of diplomacy aimed at nations hostile to the American policies embodied by this administration was comparable to trying to appease Hitler. WTF? So it appears after Obama ethers Bill & Hill off the face of the political landscape he’s gonna be fighting a tag-team battle with Bush & McCain for the position of Commander-In-Chief and from the looks of the preliminary barbs being thrown the Republicans will stoop at nothing to prevent him from taking that spot. Here’s an excerpt of what was said:

In a speech to Israel’s Knesset, Bush said: “Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along.

“We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: ‘Lord, if I could only have talked to Hitler, all this might have been avoided.’ We have an obligation to call this what it is—the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history.”

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Bush Becomes Candid In Latest Interview About Iraq Flaws

Nuclear George

As the press continues to “humanize” Bush before he leaves office, this interview with Politico is interesting in that it has Bush admittting he was misled by flawed info in regards to Iraq. Says his faith has grown stronger while in office and says he doesn’t believe “race” will be a factor in the upcoming presidential race. He also said he symphasizes with the Democratic nominees and also can’t wait to get to “e-mailing his pals” once he leaves office. In addition to taking pot shots at former President Carter for doing what he refuses to do in the Middle East, he admits that global warming is real and he no longer plays golf because it is the wrong image to be portraying during times of war.

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Bush said Tuesday he was disappointed in “flawed intelligence” before the Iraq war and was concerned that if a Democrat wins the presidency in November and withdrew troops prematurely it could “eventually lead to another attack on the United States.”
In an interview with the political newspaper Politico and Yahoo News, Bush also said he gave up golf in 2003 out of respect for U.S. soldiers killed in the war, which has now lasted more than five years.
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Blackwater’s Contract Renewed In Iraq For Another Year

Amidst a political firestorm about questionable tactics on the battlefield, private security firm Blackwater USA’s multimillion contract to secure government officials in Baghdad has been renewed by the State Department.

Although the firm is being investigated by the FBI for their involvement in a firefight that resulted in 17 unjustified Iraqi civilian deaths the government decided this shouldn’t stop them from awarding the Moyock, N.C. based outift with a third year extension on a five year contract to provide security for diplomats and bureaucrats located within the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq. The security firm, which has no oversight by the US military is on somewhat of a probationary status while FBI investigators conclude their investigation.

The contracts can be stripped, the company or the individuals who engaged in the gunfight can be brought up on charges still, but the outcome remains to be seen. In the meantime these “independent contractors” who some have described as mercenaries continue to operate behind enemy lines, still receiving upwards to a billion dollars in their dealings with the same federal government in charge of investigating them.