5 People Arrested for Drugs and Guns at French Montana, Busta Rhymes and Ja Rule Video Shoot in BROOKLYN

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This happened. Real guns brought real charges.

via Daily News

Five people were arrested during the filming of a video featuring rap stars French Montana, Busta Rhymes and Ja Rule in Brooklyn, officials said Saturday.

Three men and two women — including the set security guard — were facing weapons and drug charges after plainclothes cops infiltrated the shoot behind a Fulton St. Bravo Supermarket in East New York at about 6:15 p.m. and spotted the illegal hardware,
officials said.
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Cocaine, marijuana and molly were also discovered, officials said.

Those arrested included 35-year-old security guard Frank Bartlett, who had a defaced firearm in his waistband, 32-year-old Ronald James, who was seen passing a Derringer pistol to his girlfriend, Ebonee Eastmond, 27 — who was also arrested — and Edward Elkins, who had a semiautomatic pistol in a shopping bag between his feet, cops said.

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[video] Busta Rhymes Speaks on Illuminati

This is sort of comical on both ends. I agree with Busta that the importance of rappers in controlling the minds and actions of the human race is minimal at best. I will always say that those who control the money, gold, and oil call the real shots. There are also a bunch of rappers who have referenced the illuminati in songs because they know it is an issue that generates headlines and in todays fractured social media landscape you gotta throw some controversial stuff in order to get some attention and the illuminati controversy is what’s hot right now.


[video] Joe Budden: Up Close & Personal

Say what you will about the nonsensical beef brewing between Joe Budden and Method Man, but you have to commend the man for speaking his mind and sticking to his opinions, of which everyone is granted one. Keep it lyrical and arrange a pay per view this way everyone gets to benefit from the spectacle, Hip Hop needs it right about now. Shout out to the Exec for another tight one-on-one.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


EXCLUSIVE: Arab Rapper Calls Out Busta Rhymes

via Allhiphop

IRAQI MC The Narcicyst has jumped into the storm surrounding Busta Rhymes’ controversial new single “Arab Money.” The rapper has released a stinging response to the song, hitting back at what he calls straight out racism.240x240

The Narcicyst says he was stunned when he first heard the track—and has been flooded with calls from the Arab Hip-Hop community who are furious that Busta has made what they deem a high profile error and poked fun at their culture.

“Immediately I got that screeching sound in my head like, ‘Whooaa.’,” says the Narcicyst. “Once again, Arabs are represented as these arm flailing, oil rich, loft having, private jet taking, camel toe lady bangin’, desert camel riding, bearded sand men.”

He continues, “And to come from Hip-Hop was just disappointing. All that and the title. I started reading up on the lyrics, watching the YouTube videos and that just took my feelings to a whole other level.”

So perturbed was the Narcicyst the he took a break from shooting a feature film in Dubai, UAE, and immediately hit the studio to record “The Real Arab Money,” a stinging response to Busta Rhymes’ single.

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Explaining why he had to hit back on the mic, The Narcicyst says: “The remix they all did took it to a whole other level. People are getting suspended for playing the song in the UK, when that song came out you should have seen the reaction.” Continue reading

Busta Speaks Candid About His “Economy” Theories

In a recent interview Alhiphop conducted with rappers to get their thoughts on the economy, Busta Rhymes went in deep on his beliefs as to what may be behind the economic meltdown of ’08.  Read it with an open mind, my friends.

“I think it’s horrible.  I think it was done intentionally so that they can start introducing and implementing new things like the AMERO and the national ID card and things like that.  They doing things right now and I hope people pay closer attention to what’s going on. A long time ago, Mexico, Canada, and the United States became one.  So they trying to one world government this side of the planet and all that.

I don’t want to get into the conspiracy talk but you know I’m good for that.  I’m good for that, you know what I’m saying.  Ever since The Coming album in ’96, when I told people it was only 5 years left.  2001 you saw what happened downtown, that was 5 years later.  In 1998 the cover of Extinction Level Event was what happened downtown, so it’s like the information is out there, it’s just people don’t pay attention to it because at the time, if you pay attention too early, they try to make you look like you bugged out ;you crazy or something’s wrong with you.  You’re just a conspiracy theorist.

I just feel like you know, it’s time the people see that things come to pass.  Don’t ignore anything.  Even if they may not come to pass, pay attention to it because at the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  So you can look at these things and be like “What If?”  Pay attention to the ‘What Ifs?'”

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Busta Denied Entry Into Britain

via Breitbart

LONDON (AP) – The promoter of a Busta Rhymes charity concert in Britain says that the rapper was refused entry into the country.

Stephen Greene of RockCorps said Thursday that Rhymes was detained at London City Airport by immigration officers, who said their refusal was based on unresolved legal issues in the United States.

The promoter said Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor George Smith Jr., had been allowed into Britain twice before this year. He was due to appear at a concert at London’s mammoth Albert Hall on Friday.

Woman Killed at Lil Kim B-Day Party

I have been to this club a couple of times and it never seemed like a place where someone would get killed so viciously.

In the middle of Times Square and known for its Tuesday night R&B showcase, this is not some club that mirrors some of the rough clubs from the 90’s. Street Knowledge Media sends condolences to this young woman’s family and friends. Tragic story below:

via Reuters

Tragedy happened at a rcent Lil Kim birthday party but neither she or any her family and friends are involved.

Tragedy happened at a recent Lil Kim birthday party but neither she or any her family and friends are involved.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A 24-year-old woman, missing since attending a Sunday night birthday celebration for rapper Lil’ Kim, was found beaten to death at the New York City club where the party was held, a police source said on Thursday.

Ingrid Rivera, from the New York City borough of Queens, was last seen at the rap diva’s party at Manhattan’s Spotlight Live club where bouncers kicked her out because she was drunk.

Rivera never returned home, the source said. Her family filed a missing persons report, but after searching the Midtown karaoke club, police were unable to find the woman.

A maintenance man found the body on Wednesday afternoon, stuffed in a rooftop utility closet.

According to the New York Police Department, the investigation is ongoing. Spotlight Live representatives did not return calls for comment.

Lil’ Kim, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, celebrated her 34th birthday in the company of fellow celebrities including Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, Lamar Odom and Wyclef Jean, according to the New York Daily News. Her publicist was not immediately available to comment on the woman’s death.

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Ex-Felon Martha Stewart Banned From UK

Source: Telegraph UK

She knows Snoop right?

Martha Stewart has been refused a visa to Britain because of her criminal convictions for obstructing justice, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

The lifestyle guru, convicted four years ago in the US for obstructing justice, was planning to speak at the Royal Academy and to hold meetings with several figures in the fashion and leisure industry, including Jasper Conran, and was due to travel within the next few days.

The refusal by the UK Border Agency was sent to Ms Stewart, aged 66. A spokesperson for the business magnate said: “Martha loves England and hopes this can be resolved and that she will be able to visit soon.”

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Fear of a Muslim Planet: Hip-Hop’s Hidden History

hip hop & islam

via The Daily Star

Journalist Harry Allen once called Islam “hip-hop’s unofficial religion.” This theme is echoed by Adisa Banjoko, unofficial ambassador of Muslim hip-hop, who says: “Muslim influence was at the ground floor of hip hop. Hip hop came from the streets, from the toughest neighborhoods, and that’s always where the Muslims were.”

Hip-hop’s Muslim connection came initially via the 5 Percenter sect, and later expanded to embrace Nation of Islam (NOI), Sufi, and Sunni Islam. Since the 1980s, there have also been shifts where 5 Percenters have moved to NOI or Sunni beliefs. The same artists’ back catalog may reflect both his 5 Percenter beliefs and his later NOI faith. Islamic iconography, philosophy, and phrases are in fact so widespread in hip-hop, they show up regularly even in the works of non-Muslim rappers.
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Pioneer Photogs Release The Breaks & Born In The Bronx

In our quest to redeem Hip Hop, lets get in the Time Machine and take a trip back, wayback to the roots of this thing of ours. A collection of photos chronicling Hip Hop at its infancy stage is about to be released via a two books called The Breaks: Stylin’ and Profilin’ 1982-1990 from a photographer name Janette Beckman who was a transplant from London’s rock scene and Born In The Bronx from Joe Conzo.

She arrived in New York at Hip Hop’s infancy and caught the innocence of an emerging artform that would grow into a global phenomenon. He is native son of Hip Hop’s birthplace The Bonx.

Witness the b-boy swag that was pouring off of these ‘stars’ way before the million dollar deals, the Bentley’s and the mansions which are a staple in the average rap video and marketing scheme. These cats are true authentics something severly lacking from today’s musical landscape.

Thankfully Beckman and Conzo were there to capture it all with lens in hand. Salute to these pioneers!

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- LaShontae Heckard 3rd Installment

Asia Major

They say that three is the charm! The contestant for our third installment is the beautiful LaShontae Heckard. This former Army brat was born in Seoul, Korea to a “Black” father and Korean mother. She’s traveled the world via the military and even enlisted in the US Army Reserve before being discovered in Texas.

Now she has blessed the likes of Black Men’s Magazine, SSX 1001 Sexiest Women and she has appeared in numerous videos most notably Busta’s “Give It To Me” and 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop.” After 9/11 she was called to duty but she apparently is back to her modeling antics, sharing her beauty with the world. (Could you imagine her bussin’ off a M-16? Crazy, right?)

Busta Rhymes Warns “Don’t Touch Me”


Now that Bussa Bus dodged that bullet that the State of New York was trying to hammer him with he is back to doing what he does best, making those obnoxious club bangers! And rightfully so the Dungeon Dragon has another flamer on his hand with “Don’t Touch Me” I don’t know about y’all but I can’t wait to see the DJ throw this on in the spot. Better yet I can’t wait to see Bus perform this and tear the arena down.


Busta Rhymes Ducks Jail Time



While Remy awaits her fate to be handed to her in Manhattan Court Busta Rhymes could let out a sigh of relief as his legal shenanigans seem to have come to an end.  After copping out in January a day before his case was slated to go to trial, Judge Larry Stephen imposed the sentence of three years probation, 10 days of community service and $1,250 in fines on Rhymes for drunk driving and assaulting a former driver and a fan.  The judge warned Busta, “If you mess up, you’re going to jail.”  Rhymes responded outside the courtroom, “I thank the judge for giving me a chance and I thank everybody for being supportive.”