[video] Mirror Twins: Sisters Get Matching Booties By Leading Identical Lives

Safe to say that they had the identical surgeon as well.

CURVY twins Miriam and Michelle Carolus claim their whopping four-foot butts are the result of an eye-watering 2000 squats A DAY. The aspiring models have used their dazzling derrieres to make a name for themselves and so far earned nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram. But they deny their success is due to surgery, saying it’s down to a dedicated regime that sees them mirroring each other’s lifestyle to pedantic detail. The girls even live next-door to each other in Miami, Florida, and work for the same plastic surgeon – but say the only work they’ve had is matching $5000 boob jobs.

[pics] Did Stephanie Santiago’s Butt Implants Deflate on Instagram?

Hey Angela Yee come get your girl her ass is losing air pressure.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.26.54 PM

Granted she has never denied having work done and has previously uploaded videos of her getting her butt done. But are these pics are the cause of alarm? Looks like she has some type of issues and deformity in her butt due to multiple fat transfers and or butt shots. Ladies stop shooting stuff in your ass because I don’t think your health is worth some Instagram likes. Hit the jump for the pic she left up while this one was deleted.

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[video] Maryland Woman DIES after ILLEGAL Butt Shots in QUEENS

So while the world celebrates Caitlynn Jenner’s transgender surgery, we are totally ignoring women risking their lives to enhance their butts with illegal procedures.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.01.57 AM



This world is filled with self hate some are celebrated for it and others are ignored for it. Sadly this young lady Kelly Mayhew fell victim to societal pressures that says if you don’t have a fake big butt a la Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj that you are worthless. What makes her any different than Caitlynn? Wasn’t she on the same quest to be her ‘true self’?

via Daily News

A Maryland woman who adored bootylicious Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj died after receiving butt injections in a Queens basement by a quack doctor who fled the scene, police said Tuesday.

Kelly Mayhew, 34, succumbed to the botched procedure after driving with her mother to Far Rockaway from Maryland on Saturday.

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