Red Bull, Monster Drinks Linked to Teen unprotected sex, substance abuse and violence.

Source: International Herald Tribune

the energy drink.

Okay people I am am guilty myself of downing way too much of this caffeine drinks, but it is my sacrifice inorder to bring you the fastest growing blog in the Universe. Anyway, reports are surfacing that these energy drinks maybe causing teenagers to get down with a bunch behaviors sure to drive their parents up the wall. See for yourself :

New research suggests the drinks are associated with a health issue far more worrisome than the jittery effects of caffeine — risk taking.

In March, The Journal of American College Health published a report on the link between energy drinks, athletics and risky behavior. The study’s author, Kathleen Miller, an addiction researcher at the University of Buffalo, says it suggests that high consumption of energy drinks is associated with “toxic jock” behavior, a constellation of risky and aggressive behaviors including unprotected sex, substance abuse and violence.

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