Fox News finally fires Bill O’Reilly over sexual harassment lawsuits

Somewhere Maxine Waters is smiling right now and is amongst millions of people who are happy this  misogynistic racist asshole has finally been canned.

via NY Mag

The Murdochs have decided Bill O’Reilly’s 21-year run at Fox News will come to an end. According to sources briefed on the discussions, network executives are preparing to announce O’Reilly’s departure before he returns from an Italian vacation on April 24. Now the big questions are how the exit will look and who will replace him.

Wednesday morning, according to sources, executives are holding emergency meetings to discuss how they can sever the relationship with the country’s highest-rated cable-news host without causing collateral damage to the network. The board of Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, is scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss the matter.


[video] Cam’ron Drops DIPSET USA Clothing Exclusively On

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Dipset fans rejoice. With a bunch of new projects dropping and officially reuniting with his Dipset brethen, Cam’ron seeks to get back to being on top. With recent runway appearances rocking designer capes with his sexy wifey Juju and hints of dropping a sneaker on instagram, Cam is fast making moves back in the fashion space which he along with Jim jones, and Juelz Santana firmly put their stamp on a decade ago. With mentor Dame Dash back in the fold full time, they have joined with Karmaloop to drop Dipset USA clothing. Feels like 2002 all over again? I say until he pulls out the pink fur and Range Rover the story is not complete. Dipset, DipSet, Dipset!!

TMZ: Juelz Santana Allegedly Threatens to Kill Wife, Arrested

Obviously not a good year for rappers and their wives.

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via TMZ

According to police, Juelz Santana, the rapper who’s collaborated with Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and Cam’ron, was arrested at his home in New Jersey — after his wife told cops he threatened to kill her!

Cops tell us they showed up at Santana’s Teaneck home around 10:30 this morning after his wife called 911.

According to law enforcement sources, Santana’s wife did not need medical assistance — but she told police the threat was made in front of a child.

The rapper was arrested on domestic charges and is still in police custody.

UPDATE: A rep for Santana tells TMZ the rapper is not married, the child present was not his son and his bail was set at $300.

Then there’s this: The rep adds, “He has problems with the people in his complex, they hate on him because he is a rapper with big cars.”

Story developing

[audio] Cam’Ron Ft Mase & B Rossi- Get It

Hip Hop is like Bizarro World with no guards at the gate, so as a result anything goes these days. WTF is Mase doing back in the game talking restless? This dude was just on the podium pushing Matthew and Luke down people’s throats, what is he doing talking materialism? This game holds no one responsible for their shenanigans so now we gotta put up with Mase and Cam’Ron reunions, wack ones at that. 

Jadakiss Wants Kanye West, Cam’ron On ‘Who’s Real’ Remix


via MTV

NEW YORKJadakiss is putting his calls out. ‘Kiss wants Kanye West and Cam’ron on the remix of his current single, “Who’s Real,” and he already knows what producers’ beats he needs for his next album.

“I’m definitely going back in,” the Yonkers native said. “The D-Block album is wrapped up. I’mma make sure we finish this LOX album, and I’m coming right back at the end of the year. I think I’m gonna call it Top Five, Dead or Alive. I’m only gonna work with Primo [DJ Premier], Alchemist, Swizz Beatz, Dame Grease, sh– like that. Have a couple of South [producers], and that’s it. Wham!”

The Black Babe Ruth’s Last Kiss is far from over, though. He just shot a video for “Who’s Real” in Harlem last week, with OJ Da Juiceman and Swizz. T.I., Ja Rule, the Clipse, Grafh and Black Hand Entertainment were among the friends who came down for cameo appearances. After that, ‘Kiss is going with the single “Smoking Gun” — featuring Jazmine Sullivan — to close out the album. A video is in the works. Continue reading

[video] Cam’ron- COOKIN UP

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I can feel it in the air, Killa Season is finally here and it promises to be a long summer. With an album dropping in less than two weeks I’ve already heard enough ammo in two months to overshadow aything put out by Juelz & Jimmy in the last two years. Damn them dudes get the gas face and the vapors, all in one serving. Ouch!

[video] This Is Jim Jones Pt. 6 ( Jim Jones Speaks On His Break Up With Cam’Ron & Pushng Byrd Gang) “I Was Havin Problems With Cam Before I Went On Stage With 50”

The first ten times I heard this story it was of interest now its pretty much drawn out.  Prophet Jones says he foresaw the breakup in a vision and told Cam.  He also says he envisioned a reunion, which has yet to materialize.  Dame speaks on the parallels the breakup had to his split with Jay, which rendered him a sideline witness to the Death of the Diplomat Dynasty.

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[video] Cam Shoots Down Reunion, Juelz Confirms

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alright, here is the (edited) video to the audio that many are describing as the proverbial ‘nail-in-the-coffin’ for the Harlem Diplomat Reunion. Cam, emphatically states that dreams of a reunion have been permanently shattered by Jim’s continuous bloopers, the latest being him denying that Killa had a phone conversation with him. Honestly, we all know Cam can stand on his own and build up any movement around himself but what will Jimmy and Juelz do? As fate would have it, their solo careers are some what stagnant and any attempts to recreate the flame that was once Dip Set has fallen on deaf ears, to say the least.  The MTV clip below is Juelz response, which still sounds a tad bit salty: Continue reading

[video] Jim Jones “This Is Jim Jones” Documentary Preview

OK, time for some marketing suggestions.  Instead of putting out “Death of a Dynasty” or another Jim Jones album for that matter, Dame Dash should’ve regrouped and packaged the story that the whole world was interested in hearing and that is the demise and fall of one of the strongest camps in Hip Hop, Roc-a-Fella Records.  This doc looks compelling, I would pay some snaps to go see this.  All the elements are there; betrayal, jealousy and unprecedented arrogance (gotta love it!).  Jim Jones almost writes his own obituary by illustrating that he has become the Dame Dash to Cam’Ron’s Jay-Z, meaning that the magic, the chemistry that was Dip Set will never be the same once these dudes are seperated just like the Roc will never be the Roc without Jay & Dame as one unit (sorry ‘Ye).

source: nahright

[video] Cam’Ron Catches a Case of Amnesia during Interview

All of sudden the Dipset cuddling comes to an abrupt end. This interview is a break from previous ones where Cam states what it would take to get him and his former team back together. This time around he throws all them negroes under the bus by refusing to acknowledge that he even knows them, which is such a far stretch of the imagination but ignoring your beef is sometimes way worst than committing energy to it.

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[video] Harlem MC Nova is Accusing Cam’ron of Stealing “Hate My Job”

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Uh oh, looks like Killa got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Apparently, another Harlem MC made a similar song called “Hate My Job” which is the same song and video that Cam’ron has reemerged with, roughly a week ago.  While his internet fanbase is applauding Cam for connecting with the “common” man and his hatred for his day-to-day, Nova is claiming outright theft, and he’s not sitting still either.  The 106 & Park freestyle champ has posted a video going at Cam’s neck for the jack-move.  Look at the video’s and listen to songs to compare for yourselves and tell us what you think.

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EVIDENCE B– Cam’ron- Hate My Job

[video] MissInfo.TV gets first Cam’ron Interview

How ironic that the same week 50 is ordering up a customized coffin for Rick Ross, Cam’ron jumps out of his casket, reincarnated. He started the week of strong with a video and social network platform that dropped out of thin air, Tuesday saw the release of the XXL cover that officially announced his return. Wednesday was his 33rd birthday, Thursday he did his first radio interview via Leo G’s Dipset Radio and here we have his first sitdown with Miss Info, which dropped today. Damn what a week!

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[video] CAM’RON- I Hate My Job

I actually had to look at this a few times before I saw the cleverness in it. Shot in Ohio, Cam has taken himself off of 140th and Lenox and injected himself into the daily conversation being had around America. This is a song for the working man, a “recession” anthem but not in the same vein of Jeezy, which is what you’d expect from Killa. I know Cam has something in the stash, so I will let him pass on this one. Plus, he’s getting back to the humor we miss in Hip Hop.

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[video] Jim Jones makes cameo on “Crash” ft. Dennis Hopper

Airs tonight on Starz @ 10 PM.

From the producers of the Academy Award®-winning Best Motion Picture, “Crash” is a provocative new 13-episode drama series premiering on Starz October 17th. Starring an ensemble cast led by film icon Dennis Hopper, the series looks at the way different lives intersect and collide in the melting pot of L.A.

The drama features a disparate group of Los Angelenos, including maverick record producer Ben Cendars (Dennis Hopper); impulsive cop Kenny Battaglia (Ross McCall); his actress-turned-police officer partner Bebe Arcel (Arlene Tur); frustrated Brentwood mom Christine Emory (Clare Carey); her pre-bust real-estate developer husband Peter Emory (D.B. Sweeney); former gang member-turned-EMT Eddie Choi (Brian Tee); Ben’s street-smart driver Anthony Adams (Jocko Sims); illegal Guatemalan immigrant Cesar Uman (Luis Chavez); and cocky, hot-tempered detective Axel Finet (Nick Tarabay).

[Op-Ed] Three Reasons Why Hip-Hop Needs Cam’ron (by King Jerm)

via Nappy Afro

After seeing the response of my last column, I decided to bring it back again. This time we are discussing why Hip-Hop needs Cam’ron. I know a lot of you are shaking your heads right now, but trust me, WE NEED CAM! That is what has been missing over the last year. A lack of Cam spells a lull in Hip-Hop, and he might just be what the doctor ordered to get the game going back in the right direction.

1. Swagger is at an all time low. With all these rappers talking about “Swagger Like Us”, no one has swagger like Cam! We all know Cam invented “Swag Rap” so how can they have swag if they don’t have Cam? Maybe Jay needs to holler at Cam for his version of “Swagger Like Us” if he really wants to do big numbers. Cam used to rock seven chains at any given time with a purple mink coat, with some fur lined Air Force Ones, and driving a purple Lambo! Now who has swagger like that?

2. Rappers need a makeover. Look at the current trend in Hip-Hop, you have the “Rockstar” look, the “Hipster” look, and you got that “80’s” look, but neither one of these styles can compare to the style that Cam brings to the table. Who else had the hardest dude on the block wearing pink? In fact, who is the reason that pink became fashionable for guys? Cam is the answer to both of those questions. Dudes wasn’t wearing purses when Cam was the “epitome” of fashion in Hip-Hop!

3. There isn’t any comedy in Hip-Hop anymore. You people remember when Cam was beefing with someone. Why was that some of the funniest material you ever heard? “How is a camel riding another Camel?” Or this one: “you look like a gorilla with rabbit teeth!” Say what you will about Cam and his rhymes, but the guy comes with straight comedy to his foes. Remember when he had O’Reilly all hot under the collar on his own show. “You mad…you mad…you mad!” The game needs this humor again.

I gave you my reasons why we need Cam’ron, and I hope he is reading this and gearing up for his big comeback. After hearing some of his latest material, I hope he takes it back to the blueprint on what made him a household name in the first place. Cam if you are listening…WE NEED YOU BACK! COME BACK AND SAVE HIP-HOP!