CBS honcho wants Charlie Back, Sheen in Talks with FOX

Well it seems that Charlie Sheen is ultimately #Winning against all the naysayers with these new reports showing that he is hotter than ever with a 20-Date concert tour selling out and being courted by FOX for a new show, and CBS honcho Les Mooves wanting him back in the fold at CBS.

via Radar Online
The top exec at the Eye network is ready, willing, and able to forgive and forget all of Sheen’s recent antics and continue broadcasting the series, with Sheen back in the starring role, a well-placed insider tells us.
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CBS reporter sexually assaulted by Egyptian mob

This is a terrible attack and no matter how mad these guys are at their former dictator sexual assault should not be tolerated in any place.

via Daily News

60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan suffered a “brutal and sustained” sexual assault at the hands of a large group of men while covering the Egyptian uprising, CBS News said.

It happened during Friday’s jubilation in Cairo‘s Tahrir Square after President Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down.

“A dangerous element” in the crowd surrounded Logan and her crew, said CBS spokesman Kevin Tedesco.

“It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy. In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew,” he said in a statement Tuesday.

“She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers.”

At least 140 reporters have been injured or killed covering Egypt since Jan. 30, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Logan is a fearless foreign correspondent who has reported from some of the world’s most dangerous places.

Logan and her crew had been detained at gunpoint by security forces on Feb. 2, the same day that many journalists were beaten or kidnapped.

[video] CBS Reporter Serene Branson Not Hospitalized after Slurring Grammy Report

They are saying she is okay, so don’t feel bad if you can’t help but laugh at her totally flub her lines for some mysterious reason. More info below:

via Daily News

“Serene Branson was examined by paramedics on scene immediately after her broadcast. Her vital signs were normal. She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home and she says that she is feeling fine this morning.”


ICE Homeland Security Seizes Popular Sports Streaming Website ( Site Moves To New Domain)

Your site gets seized by Homeland security, you get a .me domain and continue business as usual.

via HuffPost

The sports streaming website has had its domain seized by ICE Homeland Security Investigations.

A spokesperson from ICE confirmed that it was a legitimate seizure and that there is an ongoing investigation into the matter.
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[video] Yemen & The War on Terror

Saw this tonight after watching the Jets beat the Patriots and I was surprised about what is going on in Yemen. Think we have gun control problems? This report went into depth about that side of the world and the so-called ‘war on terrorism’. You must learn.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yemen & The War on Terror ,
Steve Kroft reports on the U.S.’s new partner in the war on terror, Yemen, a known al Qaeda hideout and recently the source of several explosive packages sent to America. 

Legendary CBS Investigative Reporter Harold Dow Passes Away

I have the tragic news to report that legendary CBS correspondent, journalist, and investigative reporter Harold Dow has passed away from yet unknown causes earlier today.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dow the past week and working with his wonderful wife Kathy Dow on a movie called Payin The Price. I did not know him well but he was loved and respected by his family and he just had the look and attitude of the coolest man on the planet. I would like to send my love and heartfelt condolences to Kathy and Danica Dow and the rest of his children in their time of tremendous need. To the legendary Mr. Harold Dow, your great work will never be forgotten and we thank you for constantly paving the way for black journalists to succeed at the highest levels. You will be sorely missed.

Here is just but one of the great pieces of journalism from Mr. Harold Dow about the legacy of Medgar Evers and President Barack Obama.

As Barack Obama becomes the first African American U.S. president, CBS News’ Harold Dow highlights the life of Medgar Evers, a black civil rights activist who was assassinated in the 1960s.

Japan child robot mimicks infant learning

via Breitbart

The creators of the Child-robot with Biomimetic Body, or CB2, say it’s slowly developing social skills by interacting with humans and watching their facial expressions, mimicking a mother-baby relationship. robo_baby1

A bald, child-like creature dangles its legs from a chair as its shoulders rise and fall with rythmic breathing and its black eyes follow movements across the room.

It’s not human — but it is paying attention.

Below the soft silicon skin of one of Japan’s most sophisticated robots, processors record and evaluate information. The 130-cm (four-foot, four-inch) humanoid is designed to learn just like a human infant.

“Babies and infants have very, very limited programmes. But they have room to learn more,” said Osaka University professor Minoru Asada, as his team’s 33 kilogram (73 pound) invention kept its eyes glued to him.

The team is trying to teach the pint-sized android to think like a baby who evaluates its mother’s countless facial expressions and “clusters” them into basic categories, such as happiness and sadness.

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Craigslist Prosititution Task Force Busts Online Tricks

via wcbstv

A Westchester County couple with two children is the latest targets in a crackdown on prostitution.

Police told CBS 2 HD on Friday that the couple used craigslist to find clients for their bordello in the ‘burbs. craigslist_art

Richard Salvatore and Rachel Grome are husband and wife — now accused as pimp and prostitute.

They are a team that allegedly used the popular Web site to market services that involved illegal sex.

Cops said they hosted “Johns” at their townhouse in a quiet Rye Brook neighborhood.

“I feel like craigslist has really brought 42nd Street and Times Square right into people’s home,” Rye Brook Police Chief Gregory Austin told CBS 2 HD.

Austin said it’s keeping area departments busy.

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CBS Pumps Up to Compete with Hulu

 via NY Times

One month ago, CBS has redesigned the previously clunky site to showcase the thousands of new and old television episodes that it offers, from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” to “Charlie’s Angels.” And on Monday, the company is expected to announce distribution deals with PBS, Sony, MGM and Endemol that will expand its free advertising-supported online library.tv1

Many Web users are already familiar with Hulu, Fancast and other Web sites that bring the television experience to the Internet. In the land grab for the online TV audience, CBS hopes to define itself by adding a community layer to the videos and by encouraging user interaction.

CBS, the most-watched TV network so far this season, already puts the most recent episodes of its shows on Those shows will be available on as well, but Anthony Soohoo, who oversees the entertainment and lifestyle categories for CBS Interactive, said he did not intend for the site to be “tied to the success of our shows.” Continue reading

YouTube Partners with CBS for Long-Form Content

via Media Week

YouTube has undertaken a major shift in strategy, as the online video giant will begin streaming long-form professionally produced content, starting with a host of show from CBS’ library such as Star Trek and Beverly Hills 90210.

And unlike the majority of YouTube clips, this content will carry pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ad spots.

Executives at the Google-owned property said the decision to break from the site’s traditional emphasis on short video clips was based on demand from its own user base and the fact that long form Web viewing has proven popular on other sites such as YouTube has been quietly exceeding it’s previous nine-minutes-or-less limit for video length by offering several documentaries and excerpts from political debates, and it’s users have responded positively, said officials. Continue reading

Samuel Jackson Snags TV Deal w/ CBS

Sam Jack

via SOHH

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson recently signed a two-year pact; that will have the accomplished thespian develop and executive produce a series of projects for CBS Paramount through his production company Uppity Films. Another television studio was interested in a deal with the box office star, but Jackson opted to go with CBS after a meeting with studio president David Stapf.

“Samuel Jackson is not only a fan of television but a really astute historian who knows it well,” Stapf told THR. “He knows wherein lies a good story, and he’s going to be a fantastic producer who is interested in all the genres on television.”
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Couric to Make “Major Announcement” on Today


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Okay it seems as if Katie Couric is ready to leave her post at CBS nightly news and kick Meredith Vieira back to The View. She is set to make an make a major announcement in her old stomping grounds of the Today show.

Not really sure what she is gonna announce but people in the media world are watching this very close, because the experiment of her being the first woman to anchor an evening news broadcast has failed miserably.I think she is outta there and looking for a new job!!

Check the thinly veiled swipe Matt Lauer takes a Meredith Vieira for calling in sick too many times and her uneasy reaction to Katie coming back. (I will get back to some more Hip Hop in the next post.)

Farrakhan Ethers Mike Wallace (Throwback)

Dayum, I ran into this clip over at while doing some research of Rev. Wright. Min. Louis Farrakhan tore CBS’ Mike Wallace a new one in regards to America’s “holier than thou” position it likes to take on when talking about “foriegn” aggressors. Classic. During a time when debate is so unbalanced on network TV you are almost begging for one of these stations to get Farrakhan and Rev. Wright in the same room with Bill O’ Reilly and Sean Hannity. Pay per view anyone?

The Politricks of Politics- A Street Knowledge Editorial


On the eve of the Year of the Rat, I smell a rat.  I can’t help but notice the systematic blackout of the “surge” being waged by Camp Obama.  The same media outlets who claim that Democrats are ignoring the Bush Administrations success in their Iraqi surge, have decided to stop reporting on the historic, monumental advancements of the Obama campaign.  In less than a week Obama has closed the gap on Hillary Clinton to become tied in some polls and in others he has taken the lead but news reports not only neglect to report this but they have spun the story to read that Hillary has caught up to him as if she was the one trailing!  Now I can’t help but note had this been a white candidate there would have been a teleprompter interrupting the Super Bowl to chat up the sportsmanlike comparisons of such a formidable opponent as Barack Obama and the obvious comparisons to the underdog Giants coming from behind to rattle the crowd favorite Patriots.  And just like the pundits seemed to have count all of their eggs before they hatched in regards to the Patriots taking it home they seem to have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar in regards to Hillary taking the Big Game.  Now Big Media doesn’t seem to know how to handle the spectacle of Obama possibly stealing the nomination.  After Tuesday’s landslide South Carolina victory, it was predicted that Hillary had a 25-40% lead on Obama.  Not only does the USA Today, Wall Street Journal & The Suffolk University poll have Obama ahead but he acquired endorsements from Caroline Kennedy, Ted Kennedy,, Stevie Wonder, Maria Shriver and La Opinion, the country’s largest Spanish newspaper.  The talking heads said in order to contend on Super Tuesday in markets like California where the Hispanic populace holds the keys to victory he would need something gigantic like this.  Well, after pulling it off you would think this would be front page news wouldn’t you?  Nope.  What began as a love affair is now turning into a public grimace as the Media realizes there may be a possibility of one of politics major upsets.  Is it racism, favoritism, elitism?  Irregardless of the outcome, it remains incumbent upon the news to report the entirety of the story through a fair and balanced lens.  When they start doing the opposite in the eyes of the public then they no longer serve the public’s interests and they should be replaced or erased.  Turn off channel zero!