The CD Street Hustle Is Alive in NY

please listen to my demo...for $10

please listen to my demo...for $10

I found this NY Times piece about the art of hustling your CD on the street. No middle man, no taxes. Some artist have excelled in this art (Duo Live) and pushed thousands, but the average rapper is lucky if he gets ten off a day.  The stakes are high, but the reward is worth the risk of taking it to the consumer.

via NY Times

For Siddiq Booker, life is full of rejections. Clutching a handful of CDs that bore his dreadlocked visage, Mr. Booker scanned Broadway’s throngs of students, tourists and office workers for anyone he could stop long enough to buy his latest record, which is titled, fittingly, “Hustle to Be Free.” As sirens blared and cab horns honked past Eighth Street in Manhattan on a recent weekday, Mr. Booker, who calls himself Creature, spotted a potential mark among the masses.

“Mr. Beatles,” he yelled to a young man wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with images of the Fab Four. “Check out my album.”

But the man walked on without even glancing at Mr. Booker, who made one last attempt as the man melted into the crowd. “Do it for George, and Paul. I’m a superstar like Ringo.”

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Where’s The Love? Ghostface barks on his fans for downloading Rehab!!


Remember back in the dayz?


Oh the golden days of Hip Hop…remember when fans used to buy CD’s?  Remember that long, long time ago when an artist was able to drop his latest and ring up register sales?  Well, those times are too far in between and some of Hip Hop’s giants are taking hits and letting it get the best of them.  The Iron Man Tony Starks just released a video on his Myspace personally appealing to his fanbase, which numbers in the hundereds of thousands on Myspace to stop downloading his material and go to the stores and cop his sh*t!  Did the Wally Champ show a kink in the armor?  I never thought I’d see the God get extra emotional but I do understand the frustration one must have spending long nights in the studio cooking up a classic just to see it go plastic, but yet ya fans know ya tunes word for word.  Someone has got to tell their favorite artist that the game has changed and in order to stand the wave of the “Ringtone Artist” you have to readjust to change and step into the (new) world, like KRS-One said.   In the meantime please go get that Big Doe Rehab!

We can have a pow-wow nah mean?