Top US Security Chief Warns Stop Using Slogan “War On Terror,” Says Muslims Interpret It “War On Islam”


Another attempt to look pass the obvious and focus on the bullsh*t. Muslims think that Bush is declaring a war on Islam because he said he was reigniting the Crusades, so rightfully so they are to interpret every maneuver as an attack against Islam, well one facet of it anyways.


The west needs a more comprehensive strategy to counter al-Qaeda propaganda and the US should stop using the term “war on terror”, according to a top intelligence official.

Charles Allen, the senior intelligence official at the Department of Homeland Security, says the phrase is counter-productive because it creates “animus” in Islamic countries.

“[It] has nothing to do with political correctness,” Mr Allen said in an interview. “It is interpreted in the Muslim world as a war on Islam and we don’t need this.”

President George W. Bush made “war on terror” one of his stock phrases in the wake of the September 11 attacks in 2001. But there is disagreement in Washington, including among his own administration, over whether officials should use the term.

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