CBS honcho wants Charlie Back, Sheen in Talks with FOX

Well it seems that Charlie Sheen is ultimately #Winning against all the naysayers with these new reports showing that he is hotter than ever with a 20-Date concert tour selling out and being courted by FOX for a new show, and CBS honcho Les Mooves wanting him back in the fold at CBS.

via Radar Online
The top exec at the Eye network is ready, willing, and able to forgive and forget all of Sheen’s recent antics and continue broadcasting the series, with Sheen back in the starring role, a well-placed insider tells us.
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[video] Charlie Sheen’s Korner Ep 2: Torpedoes of Truth

After the panned response of episode #1 of Sheen’s Korner he is back with Ep. 2, where he talks to advisor Bob, about where the direction of his new show is going. He rails against the Howard Stern format he tried with his band of losers. Unlike the first episode this was recorded on a web cam as Charlie laments to Bob that he is better ‘solo’. There has also been news of this possibly being the beginning stages of a Sheen talk show somewhere in the very near future on HD Net owned by billionaire Mark Cuban.

Charlie Sheen Demands Obama Reopen 9/11 Investigation In YouTube Clip

Source: Breitbart

Charlie Sheen addresses the President about 9/11 in a special video message, shortly after releasing his “20 Minutes with the President,” specifically addressing 20 key points that need to be answered by a truly independent investigation.

Sheen’s message is a call to action, not only for President Obama to address the pertinent issues, but for activists everywhere to pressure their representatives and leaders, wherever they may be, to ‘be on the right side of history’ and take back the country through peaceful revolution and true grassroots dissent.


Twenty Minutes with the President –…

Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up –…