[video] Are You The Planet’s BEST DJ?? Well Then DJ RED ALERT is looking for YOU!! Enter For a Chance to Win $250,000

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VIOLATOR MANAGEMENT’S C.E.O. Chris Lighty is very pleased to announce the signing of a breakthrough entertainment project for music industry pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert. DJ Red Alert will be the central figure in an unparalleled new cross-platform production developed by Antony van Zyl, which integrates a filmed reality show format with a web based social network, a virtual world platform, and mobile applications.

“This is a new beginning of globalization for media entertainment, designed to reach out to individuals around the world – not just demographics” said Executive Producer Antony van Zyl. Kool DJ Red Alert, always a pioneer, added “This is why I love what I do as I go to the next level.”

The contest is to find “The Planet’s Best DJ”, and will feature a wide range of styles, from Hip-Hop, to Techno/Trance, House/Electro to Reggae, Salsa to Swing, reflecting the global popularity of the DJ movement.Starting on the social network (http://www.planetsbestdj.com), contestants, hosts, and fans can submit videos, develop support groups and get in the mix through the site where DJ Red Alert and others will select the semifinalist’s right from the site. Continue reading