[video] Russell Simmons: I Ain’t Never Had a Rap Beef & I Ain’t Scared of Nobody

Gonna give Russell credit for keeping it 100 here when he speaks on the impact of Chuck D on Def Jam and Hip Hop culture on a whole.

The burning question most hip-hop heads have is: Why did Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons split up? While talking to DJ Vlad, Russell explained that they went on to work on different projects and focused on other artists. As for Simmons ultimately walking away from his position at Def Jam, the mogul says that he built it and gradually started pulling away from his post while juggling his other business ventures, and relied on the people who were smarter than him, who he believed in.

Watch the full interview above to hear Russell explain why he’s never had a rap beef, Chuck D inspiring the Million Man March, and much more.

Chuck D Calls Out Hot 97 for “Sloppy Fiasco” its made of Hip Hop

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Definitely wanna hear Ebro’s response to the points Chuck is making, who has never held his tongue when it comes to how he feels about the current state of Hip Hop music. I would also like to hear Chuck address the fact that this current crop of ratchet reality television was practically built from Flavor Flav’s “Flavor of Love” which spawned everything we see now in terms of urban reality show programming.

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“The look on my face after I heard what a sloppy fiasco @hot97 in NYC has made of HipHop. #culturalCrime,” Chuck D said in the Twitter post.

One of Chuck’s followers responded by saying Hot 97 has to “pay the bills like everybody else.” To this, Chuck said: “yeah slavery paid bills too, correct?”

He elaborated: “bottom line is you make sht better than how you found it. You buy a house, don’t take care of it, a town is calling u out..”

Bono Writes Tribute Poem to Elvis, Refers to Him as “White Nigger”

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Few would dispute that Bono knows how to write a song, but can the U2 frontman pen a poem? bono

This morning, he offered his skills up for public scrutiny by unveiling an ode to Elvis Presley on Radio 4.

In his familiar gravelly voice, the 49-year-old rock icon delivered a fast-paced, 14-minute tribute to The King.

Recorded two years ago, but written in 1994, the poem, entitled American David, contained an array of strange and risqué rhymes set to a musical backing track made up of Elvis tunes and other pop culture recordings from the last 50 years.

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Pre-Order Chuck D’s Comic Book Series Titled Public Enemy


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Chuck D co-wrote a comic book series called Public Enemy that spans six chapters. Some of the issues are sold out already but for those of us who missed out (including myself), you can order the whole collection along with an EP with tracks from Public EnemyR.A. The Rugged Man andILLUSlink

To the general population, PUBLIC ENEMY, is a world-famous, pioneering, revolutionary, HIP-HOP band that have toured the globe, selling hit records for over twenty years. Unbeknownst to most though, they are also members of a secret, global network of freedom fighters called the Underground Railroad, that help those in need ld and fight injustice, corruption and oppression wherever it may surface. In this first story-arc, collecting the first five issues of the hit series, our heroes must face an enemy unlike anything they have ever experienced. The evil Executives and their New World Order are about to unleash their master plan for world domination. Before they can succeed though, they must eliminate a young boy named Vincent who holds the key to their ultimate secret weapon. Unfortunately for the Executives, Vincent is a Public Enemy fan and he has sought out their help to expose the evil plans of the Executives. In a desperate attempt to destroy their enemies, the Executives devise a plan that will eliminate Vincent, Public Enemy and their Underground Railroad allies in one clean swoop as they set out to take over the world. In this epic battle for peace and justice Public Enemy and the Underground Railroad fight for their lives and the freedom of the world, as they are torn apart, imprisoned and hunted down by the government in a desperate fight for their lives. Continue reading

dead prez’s “Pulse Of The People” Tracklisting


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M1 and Stic.man [click to read], collectively known as dead prez, have collaborated with DJ Green Lantern [click to read] to create their most recent project Pulse Of The People. The project is just the third album in the independent album series, Turn Off The Radio.

Pulse Of The People features artists such as Styles P [click to read], Chuck D and Bun B. DJ Green Lantern produced the whole album and it will be released off Invasion Music Group/Boss up Inc. label.

We titled the album Pulse Of The People because we have our ear to the ground. We’re listening to the pulse of the people from the ground up,dead prez group member M1 stated to HipHopDX at a listening session earlier this week.

Dead prez and DJ Green Lantern linked up after participating in the Rock The Bells tour. The album Pulse Of The People is set to release June 23rd.

Track Listing:

Runnin Wild
Don’t Hate My Grind featuring Bun B
Warpath featuring Ratfink
Gangsta, Gangster featuring Styles P
Afrika Hot!
NYPD featuring Johnny Polygon
Summer Time
Refuse to Lose featuring Chuck D and Avery Storm
Life Goes On
Stimulus Plan
My Dirty Valentine

Chuck D Launches Sellaband, Digital Artist Storefront


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Chuck D , Public Enemy’s front man, has remained one of the most iconic figures in the rap world even after he stopped topping charts. His latest project, Sellaband has already been making noise in different parts of the world, but it is now being launched in the United States.

Sellaband is a new concept that allows independent musicians to get money from fans in order to record new music. Fans can chose how much they give an artist for his recording of new music. Skeptics may doubt the monetary gains made, but it has already generated more than two million dollars since it began in 2006.

Sellaband’s European presence is strong. Partners AOL Europe, Amazon and ArenaFest have agreed to have two Sellaband acts in each of their concerts this summer.

“SellaBand’s business model takes music to a whole new level by linking fans directly to musicians and leveraging those relationships for the creation of new music,” said Chuck D through a statement. “It’s an ‘everyone wins’ solution and is the new, new frontier and will completely redefine the way the music business operates.”

Chuck’s BTN Eastlink is in charge of all North American operations of Sellaband. For more information on Sellaband, visit http://www.sellaband.com

Chuck D Launches New Multi-Service for Artists

Chuck Bringz Tha Noise

via Allhiphop

Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D has announced the launch of a new company that aims to revolutionize the way the Hip-Hop community conducts business across the globe.

The rapper’s new business, The Bring The Noise Eastlink Media, Management, Music Group (BTNEastlink), will offer a wide range of business and digital media services for artists under one roof.

The new firm represents a union of several interests supported by Chuck D and the Public Enemy family over the years, in an effort to meet the total needs of the company’s entertainment and technology clients.
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Hip Hop Legends Form Like Voltron to Offer New Model


Hip Hop Legends Chuck D and DMC are joining forces out in Las Vegas kicking off the Consumer Electronic Show to launch beyond.fm a platform being described as a user-friendly web hub for purchasing or licensing of music, videos, photography and podcast/radio programming.  Their aim is to make the experience more personable as opposed to the music industry’s hostile approach towards downloadable music. Below is an excerpt describing the revolutionary process being offered by beyond.fm

For each song, video, photo and podcast sold through Beyond.fm, the musician receives 80%. All music purchased from Beyond.fm downloads in CD Quality (320 kbps) MP3 format. The Musician takes the business model into his/her own hands and goes “beyond” the traditional record label model and markets their full assets directly to the consumer including music, ringtones, videos, photos, stories, podcasts, live events, charity events, electronics, etc.   

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