Flavor Flav Opens Up Fried Chicken Franchise

I am all for Flavor Flavor opening up a business, but are we not at fried chicken overload in this country? Fried foods have been proven to be the precursor to heart disease, obesity, and a bunch of other ailments, and the last thing people need is another fried chicken joint.
via Eater

Rapper and reality show star Flavor Flav is opening a fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa. Why Clinton, Iowa, which even Flav admits is “way out here in the middle of some place”? His business partner, Nick Cimino, is from Clinton, and it was his idea to open the restaurant, which is located next door to a KFC. Flav had previously sold his chicken wings at a restaurant Cimino owns in Las Vegas.

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Obama Refuses to be Pimped By The Clintons


 The nerve of some people.  Will someone please pull the Clinton’s coat…the Dynasty is no more.  Why are they trying to juxtapose the reality of the race by making executive decisions to make the front-runner a running mate (VP) when they haven’t won a damn thing!  Obama went on the defensive quick and said why would you want someone who wasn’t fit to govern on day one in charge of the number two spot, which can become the number one spot in the blink of an eye or the tug of a trigger?  Another fine example of Clintonian tricknology.  Apparently Slick Willie needs a refresher course because his trickery doesn’t seem to be the velvety smooth variety we’ve been told the Clintons have become legend for, although I must admit that double combo of Farrakhan and the red phone in the same week was brilliant fear-mongering.  For this story in its entirety CLICK HERE.Peep the vid here… 

Oh No This Negro Didn’t! Hillary needs to muzzle her attack dogs!

When will the people say enough is enough?  The nerve of this ‘man of the clothe!’ How dare he polarize the “black”vote by suggesting that people exercising their god-given right to make their own decision regarding where they want to place support for their presidential candidate are in the “wrong” or disloyal?  Since when was it universally understood that “black” America would unanimously support Hill and Bill because they played political pandering to the old stogies of the Civil Rights era and the Plantation Overseers that play the pulpit every Sunday, charged with programming susceptible Negroes on how to do everything like as if everyone is “sheeple” instead of rational thinking human beings.  Shame on you.  But more trifling than anything is to suggest that just because Obama comes from a bi-racial background he is less qualified than a full blooded Caucasian woman from middle America.  Beware of racial politics this election year and the well greased Uncle Tom’s that have been bought and sold years ago precisely for a point in time like this. 

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