Diddy On The Hotseat…Again!


Diddy is having his worst week ever. First LA Times throws out an article about Puff’s involvement with the Quad Studio ambush of Tupac Shakur, now the NY Post is reporting that he just finished his deposition in a Civil suit about the December 1999 Club New York shooting which sent Shyne to jail for 10 years. The plaintiff, Natania Reuben is alleging that Shyne acted in concert along with other members of the Bad Boy entourage in the incident that resulted in her getting shot in the face. If the judge finds any merit to that accusation Puff can be held accountable for the $130 million civil lawsuit. This case is expected to see a trail date sometime in 2009. Speculation is abound that Shyne might take the stand and get a chance to give his account of the events which he’s previously been tight-lipped about, exacting the ultimate revenge against his former boss, Diddy. For the rest of this article CLICK HERE.