[video] South Sudan famine – one million children at risk of starvation

The most vulnerable people on earth are the most abused by crooked dictators installed by the U.S and Europe. Colin Kaepernick brought light to the subject and gave voice to a Gofundme poised to help out.

More than a hundred thousand people are already on the verge of starvation. Millions more are at risk – as famine takes hold across south Sudan. It’s caused not just by drought – but, says the UN – by the country’s government which is still spending millions on arms.

Our Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson has been to an emergency feeding station near Kapoeta to the south east of South Sudan’s capital Juba. From there he sent us this report – which contains some distressing images

[video] All Lives Matter Supporter Jerry Rice Slammed for Popeyes “Wingovations” commercial


Did Jerry sell out or nah? If you ask Black Twitter it is a resounding yes. Imagine the cringe-worthy meeting between Jerry and the marketing executives at Popeyes when they loaded up the Powerpoint presentation and showed him the chicken helmet. Safe to say Colin Kaeperknick was nowhere in the vacinity. To see the actual commercial hit the jump..

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