Smirnoff Mixing It Up With Hip Hop

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With the current rap recession and the record label budget drought, I have a theory that corporate america that will end up being the “white knight” (ah, the irony) for many artists and ambitious projects from here on out….

Remember, in the 90’s, St. Ides was demonized for hawking that liquid-crack via Ice Cube, Geto Boys, Biggie etc? But now we appreciate that the tracks were actually good, and that the Crooked-I was funding artists who weren’t getting Covergirl and K-Swiss ads back then. Last year, Nike paid the big bucks that no one else would to get Just Blaze and Juelz Santana together again, to get Nas/Kanye/Rakim/KRS/and Premier together, and to throw a party with all of the above for their Air Force One anniversary.  So this month, Smirnoff and Cornerstone Promotions (props to Chris Atlas and Rob Stone) are making art and commerce work together for our benefit. To promote the new Smirnoff Signature Mix drinks, they’ve commissioned Common and Just Blaze to remake “The Light,” Q-tip and Cool n Dre to remake Tribe’s “Midnight,” and KRS-One and DJ Premier to remake “Criminal Minded.”  All of the artists will be perform their classics live at the Smirnoff/Cornerstone launch party on Feb, 26th. And then the actual remakes will be available as a free download on

PS: the homie Rik Cordero and Three21Media will also be involved in this project with some goodies to soon come : )

Street Knowledge TV makes it to the FRONTPAGE of ALLHIPHOP.COM!


The world’s most dangerous website ALLHIPHOP.COM, did the inevitable and threw the world’s most dangerous blog, STREET KNOWLEDGE TV, on the front page of their site.  The good folks over at ALLHIPHOP took notice to the explosive super exclusive release of Common’s Full Length film for “TESTIFY.”  This rarely seen 9-minute clip features Wood Harris, Taraji Henson, Kenny Burns and Bill Duke.  Directed by Anthony Mandler the movie is Oscar worthy!  Click HERE for the FULL STORY!

And deep from the archive here goes another treat…its an early Christmas on this side of town!

Common Testify (9 Minute Short Film) Street Knowledge TV Exclusive

Testify” was the fourth single from rapper Common ’s 2005 album Be. The original song clocked in at just above two and a half minutes, it was the second shortest track on Be (after the albums intro). It is produced by Kanye West, whose beat heavily utilizes vocal samples from “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” by Honey Cone. A short film was directed by Anthony Mandler and produced by Boxfresh Pictures. It stars Taraji Henson, Wood Harris, Steve Harris, Kenny Burns and Kevin Black. The full length video premiered during a Making The Video segment and all subsequent airings were a scaled down to a three minute version. The song’s story is about a woman who manipulates a judge and jury to find her partner guilty of a crime she committed. After the case is settled, she starts laughing and reveals that she is the criminal. 2] The song was a critical hit garnering a nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance at the 48th Grammy Awards.