Does Lack of ‘Enjoyment’ Make or Break ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’?: A Response to Justin Charity’s Complex Article

Photo Credit: Jason Speakman

Photo Credit: Jason Speakman

My big bro, Majesty, here at Street Knowledge Media asked my thoughts on Justin Charity’s Complex article “Why Did Everyone Claim to Enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly'” yesterday. This was my response via text message, with a few changes that I made later upon further reflection:

“Exactly. I don’t understand why people can’t just let music be music. What is Charity’s criteria for ‘enjoyable?’ If he agrees that it was an important album, why critique it by how ‘enjoyable’ it is, months later? What may make it enjoyable to many people could be the fact that it is Black-centered, incorporated elements of jazz and funk, and had substance. I think this article was published strictly to generate traffic to the blog through controversy. The bubble gum bullshit is never critiqued in this manner, only the positive music.

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Ecko Hanging on by a Thread, Drowning in Debt


via NY Post

Hip-hop clothing designer Marc Ecko — who famously bought Barry Bonds’ controversial record-breaking home-run ball and put an asterisk on it — is now in danger of being caught in a squeeze himself.

Ecko has hired investment bank Peter J. Solomon to help refinance at least $170 million in debt owed to two key business partners, sources told The Post. With lenders scarce, sources say his empire may be dismantled as he sells off assets to pay creditors.

After a disastrous holiday season that forced heavy markdowns at department stores including Macy’s — where Marc Ecko is the largest supplier of young men’s clothing — sources said the company owes more than $100 million to Li & Fung, a global trading company that helps manufacture Marc Ecko’s inventory.

To make matters worse, Marc Ecko has defaulted on a term loan of more than $70 million from a syndicate led by commercial-lending giant CIT, sources said. Continue reading

MARC ECKO nears $200 MIL debt, company remains “confident”



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Hip-Hop clothing designer Marc Ecko‘s financial records have emerged showing his company is nearly $200 million in debt.

In an attempt to begin re-payment on two loans, Ecko has reportedlyresorted to refinancing officials.

Ecko has hired investment bank Peter J. Solomon to help refinance at least $170 million in debt. The debts are owed to a couple of important business partners. If he can’t find a willing lender, Ecko may have to sell off some assets. Like many fashion outfits, the Marc Ecko brand took a hit during the past retail season. Sources say the company owes more than $100 million to Li & Fung, a global trading company that helps manufacture Marc Ecko products. He also also defaulted on a term loan of more than $70 million from a syndicate led by commercial-lending giant CIT and although he won forbearance on the loan, CIT will have to be paid by summer. (Luxist)

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[explicit] DMX Sh*ts on Groupies, Well Vice Versa

WARNING: Remember that skit on Life After Death, where BIG recalls the scandalous requests groupies make? Well, Darkman X had some similar experiences he would like to share.  This sh*t is graphic, no pun intended.

Complex: Have you ever been with a groupie?

DMX: Is that a serious question? With as many baby mothers as I got, what do you think? What is a groupie? What do you call a groupie?

Complex: The girls that hang around after a big show or concert.

DMX: Yeah, that’s everywhere though. It’s notorious, if I go to the mall, you know, it’s like—outside, you know? Anywhere.

Complex: Well, where there any memorable ones?

DMX: Yeah, there was one that took a shit and didn’t wipe her fucking ass, man. I remember that bitch. She had a big ass, too. Continue reading

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Melissa Jimenez

Source: Complex

With the heat index sweltering to a hundred plus here in the Big Apple we had to find a “Hip Hop Honey” that complimented that same aesthetic. What we found was Melissa Jimenez, the R&B siren most famously known for her syrupy vocals on Beanie Sigel’s classic “Feel It In the Air.” On the verge of “bubbling over” in her career we decided to highlight this self-described “bubble head.” Enjoy.

WTF? Is Nas’ Complex Magazine Photoshoot Borderline Suspect?

via Nahright

Now am I being close-minded by saying the realm of metro-sexuality should be left to Common and Kanye and our in-house “Hero” Nas/Nas Escobar/Nastradamus shouldn’t allow himself to be caught in these compromising positions especially in the climate that he is immersed in, talking revolutionary about the vigors of cooning and the importance of individual expression? Now if this is truly who he is, more power comrade but if he’s just adorning some threads to become another “personality” he so often morphs into..not a good look, home-skillet! There is such a thing as trying “too-hard.” Boy, this dude loves controversy, or so it seems…LOL, LMAO, SMH

Jim Jones: Thin Line Between Love & Hate


The good folk over at Complex conducted an interview with Dipset Capo, Byrd Gang Boss Jim Jones, who elaborated on why he has a deep-seeded disgust for his nemesis Jay-Z.  He lets on to the fact that it is indeed a  very thin line between love & hate.  Not only did he admit that Jay was once his favorite, but he actually liked Success off of American Gangster with Nas.  He also speaks on an encounter he had with Cam on New Years Eve, at a bank of all places.  He speaks on his admiration for Dame as a businessman, his upcoming projects and answers questions about the origin of his “swag.”  Below are some excerpts from the interview but peep how Jones acknowledges the effect of going “viral” :

 How important is Internet marketing now?Jim Jones: Very important. Everything is viral! I just learned that word the other day?everything is fucking viral. I guess that’s the Internet, MySpace and YouTube and, all that type of shit.

When’s the last time you spoke to Cam?_

Jim Jones: Last time I saw him was Christmas Eve, we were both in the bank doing bank withdrawals. In the best place we could ever run into each other, in the bank ’cause we’re getting money, ya dig? That’s that Diplomat shit right there. Ain’t that the best place to run into somebody, like “What’s up? I’m coming to get a quick $30K, what you coming to get,” he’s like “I’m about to get a quick $40K,” I’m like shit we’re still getting money, I can’t get mad. That’s just for Christmas, just for the pocket.

C: Did he mention anything to you about going on stage with 50?(Click here)

Jim Jones: Jones: He can’t tell me what I can do. I’m a grown man, I’m a boss of this shit, what I do for my own career and what I do for publicity is what I do. I always have my own edge, and there’s a method to my madness. It works for me and it works for us at the end of the day. I got a song with Game right now, so nobody can tell me what the fuck to do, and when to do it. I do what the fuck I want to do if it makes sense for me, and where I’m goin’. As long as it’s not going to taint the brand, you can’t tell me shit

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