Oliver Stone’s W. (Trailer#2,Movie Posters, Movie Images)

Could this movie be anymore on time?  I have two questions though.  Will we actually get a chance to see W. snorting coke and is part 2 a must due to the fact his doomed legacy has been lengthed by the current fiscal crisis.

Anyway Latino Review has obtained these fresh images and posters from the sure-to-be hit movie W. from Oliver Stone.  On second thoughts who really wants to relive this hell we have endured for the last eight years.

Rice Chimes In On Racism


Now that Barack has aired out America’s dirty secret and publicly stated that “Racism” is still a thriving institution in this country, other people has willfully crossed the bridge and began to pitch rocks of their own. Condeleezza Rice, not wanting to be left out of the burgeoning discussion on race has went on record speaking about what she describes as a “birth defect.” She explains that “blacks” haven’t benefited from the fruits of their labor because they were inherently deprieved as a result of free labor aka slavery. “Black Americans were a founding population,” she said. “Africans and Europeans came here and founded this country together — Europeans by choice and Africans in chains. That’s not a very pretty reality of our founding.” In this interview with Washington Post reporters Rice also said, “descendants of slaves did not get much of a head start, and I think you continue to see some of the effects of that…That particular birth defect makes it hard for us to confront it, hard for us to talk about it, and hard for us to realize that it has continuing relevance for who we are today,” she said.