[video] The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory! (in under 5 minutes)

Must watch. Fitting that we have former mayor of NYC, loud mouth Rudy Giuliani, all over the news spouting his racist rhetoric about President Obama and the black community in general, who has consistently used the tragedy of 9/11 to remain relevant. I am willing to bet he would call the 9/11 Truthers, a bunch of unpatriotic idiots who also don’t love America. The recent death threats he has supposedly received should be a wake up call that everybody with a brain hates Rudy.


[video] Busta Rhymes Speaks on Illuminati

This is sort of comical on both ends. I agree with Busta that the importance of rappers in controlling the minds and actions of the human race is minimal at best. I will always say that those who control the money, gold, and oil call the real shots. There are also a bunch of rappers who have referenced the illuminati in songs because they know it is an issue that generates headlines and in todays fractured social media landscape you gotta throw some controversial stuff in order to get some attention and the illuminati controversy is what’s hot right now.


[video] Anderson Cooper Fires Back at Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists

Knowing this government and its torrid history, who is to say either way this could never happen? I would certainly hope that the conspiracy guys were wrong because my mind could not wrap around them going to these lengths for whatever agenda they have planned for the American people. Check below the cut to see the original video which purports the Sandy Hook murders to be a collaboration between mainstream media and the government.

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[audio] Glenn Beck doubts Osama is dead

He makes his case as to why Bin Laden is not really dead.

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“There is something bothering me and it has to do with the helicopter crash. Getting Osama Bin Laden out, and the fact that we know that Wikleaks says that al-Qaeda has nukes. And here we have the head of al-Qaeda and we shoot him. Reports coming from the Pentagon, he was unarmed. Now why would we shoot a guy? Did we get the information? Could we have done anything with that? Were poll numbers involved, or are we seeing a show? Is it possible that Osama Bin Laden has been ghosted out of his compound, and we’re seeing a show at this point? Watch the other hand. Watch the other hand.”

via Politicus USA

Jessie Ventura Investigates HAARP (Parts 1-4)

Source: Allhiphop

HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was developed by international oil companies as a high-powered way to communicate with submarines utilizing extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves to penetrate the ocean. When the U.S. military realized its potency, it bought HAARP.
Jesse Ventura in his new TV show Conspiracy Theory investigates HAARP which is housed in a massive 35 acre, 180 tower complex in Gakona, AK.

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Barack Obama Forced to Deny Abandoning ‘Change’ Amid Insider Appointments


via Times Online

Barack Obama defended his decision to pack his new Cabinet with veteran Washington insiders and former Clinton officials yesterday after a campaign in which he promised change.

The President-elect responded after naming the former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, a veteran of the Carter and Reagan Administrations, as the head of a new economic panel to stop “groupthink” infecting his inner circle of White House financial advisers.

There have been mounting concerns, particularly from the liberal wing of his Democratic Party, that Mr Obama has pivoted sharply to the centre-right with his choice of top Cabinet posts.

His main economic advisers have close ties to the Clinton White House and Mr Obama has already chosen Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State. His chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, once served Bill Clinton, and more appointments still to be announced will include a slew of officials who served in the most recent Democratic Administration.

“What we are going to do is combine experience with fresh thinking,” Mr Obama said at his third press conference in as many days. He said he would be foolish, at such a “critical time in our history”, to pick people who “had no experience in Washington whatsoever”.

He added: “What I don’t want to do is somehow suggest that because you somehow served in the last [Clinton]administration you are barred from serving again.”

Mr Obama said he was forming an economic recovery advisory board, with Mr Volcker to head it, to give independent economic advice from outside the White House. “Sometimes policymaking in Washington can become a little bit too ingrown, a little bit too insular,” Mr Obama said. “The walls of the echo chamber can sometimes keep out fresh voices and new ways of thinking.” Continue reading

9/11 Rumors That Become Conventional Wisdom

As the candidates slug it out to take on the most monumental task in the history of the world, as we embark on the seventh anniversary of 9/11 let us not forget the MANY unanswered questions that linger around these events and how the majority of the world view the ‘US’ role in the attacks. It is not only the ‘Muslim’ world that has credible questions about the validity of these attacks, there are legions of Americans and Europeans who have been at the forefront, presenting scientific research and eyewitness accounts that dispute the “official” line about what took place on that Tuesday morning seven score years ago. With everything the Bush Administration has demonstrated so far, why would people find ‘this’ hard to believe.  Wake up before it’s too late.  We now return you to your normal broadcast.

via NY Times

CAIRO — Seven years later, it remains conventional wisdom here that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda could not have been solely responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and that the United States and Israel had to have been involved in their planning, if not their execution, too.

This is not the conclusion of a scientific survey, but it is what routinely comes up in conversations around the region — in a shopping mall in Dubai, in a park in Algiers, in a cafe in Riyadh and all over Cairo.

“Look, I don’t believe what your governments and press say. It just can’t be true,” said Ahmed Issab, 26, a Syrian engineer who lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. “Why would they tell the truth? I think the U.S. organized this so that they had an excuse to invade Iraq for the oil.” Continue reading

[Conspiracy] Black Free Thinker Reveals Dark Facts about Obama

note :If you love Barack Obama please brace yourself for these strong statements, and whether you agree or disagree we aim to also give non-mainstream opinions a chance to be heard and vetted on Street Knowledge Media.

I discovered this article by noted black scientist  Phil Valentine who has been around for years and is highly regarded in  international circles for his work in hygenic science and metaphysical health. Mr. Valentine is one of the few black scholars who has not wholly jumped on the Barack Obama bandwagon.

He tells a story of secret relationships and dealings concerning Sen. Barack Obama that we the general public are not and never will be privy too. He goes into detail and some of the highlights are below:

via Dr. Phil Valentine Blog

  • -His mother is a JEWISH cousin of vice-president Dick Cheney’s wife Lynne Cheney..
  • -ANYONE purporting to be SERIOUS contenders for the office of the presidency must first pass ‘THE BLOOD TEST’— that is, they must be related in some way to the white ruling hierarchy of the aristocracies of Europe; and;(2) they must be initiated into, and/or have served in some way to maintain the super-structures and forward the agendas of the white supremist New World Order.

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[Video] America: Freedom to Facism by Aaron Russo

Like it or not “conspiracy theory” is quickly becoming a cottage industry. Not only does it fuel Hollywood with plenty of ammo to chose from, but it also lives in the minds of an expanding majority of people who just don’t believe what they are being told by their government or shown on corporate owned and operated TV. I saw this clip over at Kaos Effect, an excerpt of an interview with the late Aaron Russo, producer of Trading Places and most recently America: Freedom to Facism.

Without lending my opinion on the various theories that are touched upon in this clip, including 9/11, the Amero (which is currently being traded so its not a rumor) and mass chipping of the population, I can say that if something makes sense to you and tweaks your interest start digging a little further and you may find the TRUTH which, is sometime stranger than fiction.