[video] Jessie Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty To Misuse of $750,000 of Campaign Funds, Faces 4 Years Behind Bars

My how the mighty have fallen. No remorse for this guy. Takes in campaign funds, uses to buy Micheal Jack  memorabilia and a bunch of personal shit? Definitely not singling him out because he is just another  another cog in the machine of a fractured and inherently corrupt political system here in the good ole USA. What makes this worst is his wife seems to gotten her hands dirty and possibly faces some prison time and I believe they have children. Colossal failure.


[video] Brooklyn Police Go Hard: Police Officer Beats Man With A Stick In New York! (Victim Would Of Gotten 15 Years In Prison If It Wasnt For This Footage)

CBS reports “Brooklyn man facing charges for assulting a police officer has been vindicated after an anonymous video surfaced showing the man not as the aggressor, but as the victim”

Editor’s Note: As a victim of police brutality who also was vindicated due to video of my assault, I can only wonder how many thousands of individuals who don’t have video as proof are lingering in this country’s prisons because their word wouldn’t hold up next to a corrupt, filthy cop. Shame, shame, shame.

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