[video] Freeway Ricky on His Role in the Reagan Iran-Contra Drugs & Weapons Scandal

Still on the fence about Freeway Rick aka The Real Rick Ross and the damage he caused the black community and how it decimated black families for decades. But these  Vlad TV interviews are fascinating and how matter of factly he speaks about the drug trade.

Former drug kingpin Freeway “Ricky” served nearly 15 years of what was originally a life sentence for his involvement in the Iran-Contra during the Reagan administration. After he was released from jail for a separate case, fellow drug lord Oscar Danilo Blandón reached out to him for one last job. At this point Ricky had stopped selling cocaine, but was asked to introduce Blandon to a deal, which ultimately turned out to be faulty. “People’s head are popping up at out cars and it was a set up,” Freeway Ricky says of the day he was arrested for his ties to the Contras. “I wanted a 20-year deal, and they offered me a plea where I plead guilty, and if the judge wanted to give me 20 she could. If she wanted to give me life, she could. I said ‘Nah, I’ll take my chance on appeal.'”
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[video] Obama commutes 46 drug offenders’ sentences

Don’t be fooled by this people this is just window dressing. The Prison Industrial Complex is in effect and moving right along incarcerating thousands upon thousands each day with no plan for rehabilitation.

President Barack Obama has commuted the sentences of 46 drug offenders, citing his belief that “America is a nation of second chances.” CNN’s Jim Acosta reports.

[video] DMX looks for HELP on DR. Phil

This guy went from multi-platinum rap superstar to being a ratings juggernaunt reality show train wreck. My have the mighty have fallen. Check him out on his second Harpo produced (Oprah’s television production company) talk show appearance after the debacle that was Iyanla’s Fix My Life first try at helping DMX. I guess he will be on Dr. Oz next.

Coolio Busted with Crack


via TMZ

We’re told the rapper was going through a security screening to get to his Southwest Airlines flight when a screener found crack cocaine on his person.

Sources close to the situation tell us Coolio — real name Artis Leon Ivey, Jr — got physical with the screener at some point during the incident.

He’s being held on $10,000 bail.

UPDATE — It looks like Coolio was headed to Tulsa, Okla. to play a gig tonight at the Flytrap Music Hall. His co-headliners: Tone Loc and Shock G of The Digital Underground. Holy 90s!!!

[Interview]:Bringing Whitney Houston Back


via Parade.com

Move over Britney, Whitney Houston is ready to take the title of comeback queen. And David Foster, the legendary hit-maker for stars ranging from Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion to Madonna and Michael Jackson, is finally talking about his reunion with the superstar. whitney

Foster collaborated with Houston on the blockbuster soundtrack single “I Will Always Love You.” He knows fans are wondering if she’s ready to resume her hugely successful career after years battling her personal demons.

Q: You and Whitney are finally together again. How is she doing?

David Foster: I was in the studio with her last week. She’s in great shape and she looks good. We have this fantastic song that Diane Warren wrote and we went in and recorded it. It went really well. Her work ethic was exactly the way it was when we did the song for The Bodyguard. She worked incredibly hard for two nights and we came up with something really good.

Q: Whitney has been through some tough times. Do you think she has her life and career back on track?

DF: I think she’s going to have a great album out within the year. Whitney is a girl that everybody would like to see come back and, in this case, it really would be a comeback. A lot of people say, ‘Come back? I never left.’ But Whitney did leave and she hasn’t recorded in about 10 years, I believe. So this truly would be a comeback.

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“Whitney Made Me Do Coke”- Bobby Brown

Source : Page Six/NY Post

Bobby Brown has an autobiography due next month and he is literally blaming Whitney for driving him to hardcore drug use including crack cocaine. This is sure to be a blockbuster and will be tabloid fodder for months and maybe years to come. This especially has ironic timing with a much delayed Whitney Houston comeback and album supposedly on the horizon (believe it when I see it).

“I never used cocaine until after I met Whitney. Before then, I had experimented with other drugs, but marijuana was my drug of choice,” states Bobby

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Keisha Cole finale breaks BET records

Keisha cole & steven hill

BET made out like bandits with the finale of KEISHA COLE: THE WAY IT IS.  The controversial reality show pulled in 2.9 million views and 2.0 million homes tuned in.  The blockbuster show now stands as the #1 series in BET history!  Next to BET’s 2007 Hip Hop Awards the final episode stands as the second highest rated show in BET history, period!  Damn, New York better watch her back…Keisha’s coming for that number one spot!  For more on this story, click HERE