Wheelie-popping motorcyclist tops 150 mph, pauses to use cell phone

This kid definitely needs to use his talents in a more positive way. What is confusing is if you beat the police why stop to make a phone call. Probably stopped to call his friends to tell them the story. Damn video of this would have killed. I added a video of a high speed chase that did not go so well below:

via Star Tribune

According to the patrol:

The wild and woolly 35-minute scene began shortly before 4 p.m. Sunday, when a state trooper spotted the motorcyclist on Interstate Hwy. 29 in Fargo “riding a wheelie past several other motorists.”

The trooper, in pursuit, radioed for help. A second trooper also couldn’t stop the motorcyclist, whose “speeds exceeded 150 mph as the suspect fled out of the Fargo area on I-29 southbound” and “weaved through traffic in [a] construction zone, creating a gap between himself and the trooper.”

About 4:30 p.m., with the chase suspended, a Cass County deputy in Minnesota found the motorcyclist “sitting in the ditch talking on his cell phone” south of Moorhead.