50 Cent Cleared In House Fire Incident

Take that Ricky!

Take that Ricky!

via XXL

50 Cent has officially been cleared of any wrongdoing in the fire that destroyed that Long Island Mansion that housed his son Marquise and the mother of his child, Shaniqua Tompkins.

The rapper’s site, thisis50.com, reports that “the police department and insurance investigators ruled that there is absolutely no proof or evidence suggesting that Curtis Jackson or any affiliated parties were involved. Curtis Jackson has just been cleared of all the accusations. The investigation will continue until the guilty party is found.”

As XXLMag.com previously reported, the $1.4 estate was suspiciously set ablaze in May 2008 sending both Tompkins and Marquise to the hospital. While Fif was in the process of trying to get Tompkins evicted from the house prior to the incident, he denied having anything to do with it, instead pointing his finger at his ex. Tompkins did the same, with resulted in both filing restraining orders against one another.

As of press time there are no further details.

[video] Obama vs. Curtis- Black on Both Sides?

Kudos to Byron Hurt for producing this clip which takes a look at the dichotomy of Barack Obama and 50 Cent, and what they both represent in terms of ‘black male masculinity.’ He successfully poses and answers the lingering questions that have been on the tips of tongues ever since Curtis became the poster boy for “thuggism” in America, only to be rivaled by the updated, overnight emergence of Barack Obama, the new HNIC. Does one cancel out the other? Do they both compliment one another? What do they have in common?

This comparison is interesting in that above all things, 50 has always represented the true ethos of the “Black Republican” in Hip Hop, coincidently enough him being born on George Bush’s birthday almost made them bedfellows and Curtis has expressed his approval of Dubya’s gangsterism on more than one occasion. He’s even gone as far as to endorse Hillary over Obama. Maybe he knew that the coming of the Age of Obama really means the ending of an era for the Super Thug. Nonetheless, this clip is on point.

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[audio] 50 For President

Curtis is reloading as he preps his next project, Before I Self Destruct. On this cut its Curtis annoucing his platform for president.  Oncoming Recession? No problem, 50 says its nothing a lil’ opium can’t solve.  So here is a prelude to the cook-up he’s whipping up in Detroit with Dre and Em, for all you fiends.


50 Got the Block on Lock…Literally

via Def Sounds

Whether or not you like Curtis Jackson, you can’t deny the fact that the man’s hustle is ridiculous. Between the advance money he used to start his own record label, the deal he drafted with Ecko for the G-Unit brand, the lucrative vitamin water investment and the movie roles he’s picking up—this is a man who is handling his celebrity, marketability and business life with balls so big they scrape the surface of the Earth (PAUSE).

Though 50 has caught heat from political leaders so frustrated with their inability to change things that they blame him for everything, he is a man that’s providing a positive image for the youth of America to follow. 50 Cent makes it okay for kids to stop cooking and selling meth, and step their business game up. But don’t fall for the hype, it’s not just the troubled youth and their drug-infested neighborhoods that have something to learn from 50, it’s every one interested in joining a new phenomenon known as the Creative Class. Look it up on Wikipedia.

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Curtis Is Having His Worst Week Ever; Baby Moms Piles On

50 Cent and son Marquise

Now in life, especially in journalism they say there is always the story behind the story. With that said, I find it unsettling that celebrity is such an intrusive medium. Now just because we invest our energy in an artist doesn’t mean we need to know every single thing about their personal life because if you leave out one detail than the scales can be tipped to make the picture look lopsided. Case in point, this past week’s fiasco’s starring Curtis Jackson. I’m the first to admit we don’t know everything, but from what we do know 50 is a weird dude. First we find out the best friend of Curtis’ idol (Mike Tyson) was the one who tried to rub him out in the first place (jump starting his career nonetheless). Isn’t it kind of eerie to know that Curtis is occupying the same crib that Homicide used to chill in? Even sometime slept in? Then you had the Young Buck incident which many feel was juvenile and a low-blow, not to mention the ‘stick close to me’ comments. To end the week with a cherry on top you have the ongoing drama between him and his baby mama.

The rabbit hole runs deep on this one because you have an ongoing arson investigation in the mix with loose implications implying this dude may have (allegedly) been responsible for trying to burn the crib down that housed his seed. Now baby moms (Shaniqua Tompkins) is on TMZ exposing Curtis for the father he never was (after Curtis got her served with papers). No baseball, basketball games with Marquise. Nothing? Now, it ain’t my place to judge no man, but damn Curtis. Two weeks ago we just reported that this negro might be the first rapper to crack the elusive Billionaire’s Boy Club bubble. It reminds me of what my grand moms used to always say; “What use is it if a man gains all the gold in exchange for his soul.” And just to think we ain’t even a week removed from Father’s Day. Barack Obama was talking bout niggers like this!

CLICK [HERE] for the TMZ interview with Shaniqua.

50 Cent Gets MTV Reality Show


via Billboard
MTV has a slew of projects in the works for summer and fall, including a reality competition from 50 Cent, a search for the next female singing superstar, a rock-themed “Making the Band” spinoff and, as previously reported, a reality show about rapper T.I.

The untitled 50 Cent project is an elimination reality show following 16 contestants as they compete to learn and master the skills that took 50 Cent from the streets to corporate America. The rapper will whittle down the contestants each week, with one winning a full scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate business program.
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Inspired By Curtis, The Game Launces ThisIzGame.com

West Side

[Source: Woohah]

Capitalizing on the trend that has become rapper’s making their own social-networks, West Coast representer The Game is creating, ThisIzGame.com, an obvious jack of Curtis Jackson’s own ThisIs50.com As we reported yesterday ThisIs50 is Ning’s most popular site on their do-it-yourself social network platform. The Game is gearing up to release his third album, LAX, due to land on store shelves June 24th. (As of presstime the site only had a frontpage up and there is no telling if this will be a social network or just a website to promo his upcoming project.)

Social Network Platform NING Receives $60 Million In Funding

The King of Ning

Coinciding with a cover story this month in Fast Company, Ning, the social network platform that plays hosts to customized social-network sites such as Thisis50 and The Urban Blogger, has just announced it has secured $60 million in its fourth round of funding raising its value to half a billion dollars. The funding is in response to their rapid growth rate. The CEO Mark Andreesen is reporting that they are including 1,000 new sites on their network a day and they are home to over 230,000 sites at presstime. In a nod to the strength of Hip Hop, they are openly acknowledging that Thisis50 is their most famous social hub. Makes you wonder if Curtis has any stock in this company. Also noted was their need to secure funding in case of financial uncertainty this winter, in light of the pending recession.

American Gangsters! Deniro & Curtis Grace the Cover of Vibe


Robert Mario De Niro Jr. and Curtis James Jackson III. No matter what roles they play, no matter what else either of them do—have families, run businesses, write, direct, and produce—De Niro and Jackson are both gangsters. They’ve both made lives of portraying them—50 in real life, onstage, and onscreen, De Niro mostly onscreen—perfecting the pose and madness and especially the cold souls of men who have street mentalities, who have little to no remorse about living lives infused with violence and crime, murder and mayhem.Jackson, based on his criminal record, his rap records, and the film autobiography, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (in which he played himself), apparently has more tangibles, as an actor, to draw from. But De Niro, who won both his Oscars for playing men who kill at will (young Vito Corleone in Godfather II and Max Cody in Cape Fear) clearly has his mysteries…for the rest of this story CLICK HERE