Is this the worst piece of airbrushing ever? Mel B’s hips disappear in new advert

I am glad someone cleared this up because when the first pics released after she had her child she had great a body and very shapely hips. I guess the hour glass figure has not caught on.

via Dailymail UK

Mel B has managed to keep in great shape since her Spice Girls heyday, but this new promotional shot for Ultimo’s latest range seems to be taking the mickey.

The 33-year-old appears to have lost her hips, which now seem out of proportion with the rest of her full figure.

What makes the airbrushing job worse is that the mother-of-two has appeared in scores of other shoots with her more realistic figure.


The contract, which she took over from Sarah Harding, is believed to be worth as much as £500,000, however, so she may not be complaining too loudly.

Mel, aka Scary Spice, threatened to sue Loaded magazine eight years ago when they airbrushed out her bikini from a cover shoot and replaced it with a swarm of bees over her private parts.

Today her body is looking better than ever, and she recently said she was ‘seriously considering’ a £1million offer to pose for Playboy.

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