Washington DC approves Medical Marijuana

I will not be making any Marijuana/Barry Obama jokes in this post, so don’t ask!
via Toke of the Town

The D.C. Council on Tuesday approved amendments to a medical marijuana law first passed in 1998 by 69 percent of District voters. Congress had blocked implementation of Initiative 59 for more than a decade, until it lifted its ban last year.

With Tuesday’s vote, the District of Columbia joins the 14 states across the country which already allow qualified patients to use medical marijuana without fear of arrest.

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HIV and AIDS cases rise 22 percent in D.C.



A new report by D.C. health officials says that at least 3 percent of residents in the nation’s capital are living with HIV or AIDS and every mode of transmission is on the rise.

The findings in the 2008 epidemiology report by the D.C. HIV/AIDS Administration point to a severe epidemic that’s impacting every race and sex across the population and neighborhoods.

Scheduled to be released Monday, the report says that the number of HIV and AIDS cases jumped 22 percent from the nearly 12,500 reported in 2006. Almost 1 in 10 residents between ages 40 and 49 are living with HIV, and black men had the highest infection rate at almost 7 percent.

The report says that the virus is most often transmitted by men having sex with men, followed by heterosexual transmission and injection drug use.

‘Leading Artist Say Obama Makes Room For New Black Superheroes’


via FoxNews

FOXNews.com asked leading artists, authors and editors in the comic book industry about the absence of black superheroes and the impact President Obama may have.

Here’s what they had to say: Jerry Craft, creator of the “Mama’s Boyz” comic strip: “Without people like Oprah Winfrey coming into America’s homes there would be no Barack Obama. Because of people like her and Denzel Washington and Will Smith, America realized that they can let us into their homes and not have to worry about us stealing their TVs.” Spike, creator of the “Templar, Arizona” series: “I think it’s a mistake to market any character, new or old, as ‘the black superhero.’

If you want to draw parallels, consider Obama. He never ran as ‘the black candidate,’ and he hasn’t got any interest in being ’the black president.’ His skin color is incidental to his identity and motivations, not the core of them.” Zuri Stanback, creator and artist of the “Epiphany Park” series: “In general, having a black president will help continue the destruction of negative black stereotypes. There will be an increased desire to have more accurate depictions of the diversity, values and intellect that exist within our community. We are not just a collection of singers, dancers, athletes and thugs, and that will be better reflected in mainstream pop culture in the near future.” Continue reading

[Op-Ed] Why “Black” America Must Be Patient with Obama


via Newsweek

As soon as my jam-packed plane hit the ground in Washington, I instantly felt a kind of shift in the air. D.C. has long been called the “chocolate city” for its large number of African-American residents. But on this particular weekend—the historic one before the swearing-in of the first African-American president—the city was transformed into a sort of chocolate Disney World. The streets were filled with thousands of smiling, almost giddy, brown faces. Young and old wandered joyfully and endlessly in the freezing cold, searching for any souvenir with Barack Obama‘s face on it. “This is what hope looks like,” I remarked to one of my friends as we walked by a man selling T shirts with a picture of the White House and the slogan THE BLACK HOUSE.

Ever since Barack Obama and his family hit the national scene two years ago, African-Americans have balanced our greatest hopes against our fears of disappointment. Would he run? Would he win the nomination? Would he, could he, win the presidency? On the broadest level, Obama has fulfilled our dreams just by taking office. African-American boys I know in South-Central Los Angeles who wore cornrows and once dreamed of nothing more than living to the age of 18 without being shot down are now entering barbershops to ask for the no-nonsense Obama haircut. Teenage girls I mentor who once yearned only for a date with someone who lived “the thug life,” are now giving the nerd in the front of the class a second look. Continue reading

[Op-Ed] Yes We Can…A Tribute to KINGS


By PMoor

Nothing but the highest order of homage is due to the incoming President of the United States of America, the esteemed senator from Illionois, Mr. Barack Obama.  We are less than twenty four hours away from witnessing an event that will forever CHANGE the fabric of time by symbolically representing the end of a universal lie told about the inferiority of the sons of Africa.  The global diaspora is littered with them, them being migrators and travelers who carried civilization to all four korners of the globe.  It was foretold in their tradition that the student would betray the teacher though, and assassinate him, if not in the physical like kung fu but in the spiritual via his “character” like politics.   

So character assassination became the order of the day and agencies have been created to perpetruate little white LIES on a grand scale.  For one individual to come along out of the halls of the Senate, none the less and turn that entire lie on its head in a fraction of the time that it took to create the “Matrix of Lies” if you will, that hat trick is nothing less that pure genius.  Continue reading

D.C. Toasts Obama with 5 a.m. Last Call

via Washington Times

These are heady times. champagne-toast

Hoping to tap in to an inaugural bonanza, the D.C. Council Tuesday night voted in favor of extending last call to 5 a.m. and allow bars and restaurants to serve food around the clock during inauguration week.

Millions of visitors are expected to descend on the city to celebrate Barack Obama’s presidential swearing-in on Jan. 20. The council hopes to accommodate the throng by allowing licensed restaurants and taverns to serve drinks later and to keep their doors open 24 hours a day for the whole week.

At the request of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, a Democrat, the legislation excluded nightclubs, which would have had to continue observing the current closing hour of 2 a.m. However, council member David A. Catania, at-large independent, moved after the vote to remove the nightclub exclusion from the bill, and his amendment carried 8-5.

Council member Jim Graham, Ward 1 Democrat, who introduced the bill, said the measure will allow the city’s entertainment industry to “engage fully” in inauguration week, which includes Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 19.

Mr. Graham said the measure also will encourage celebrations that are safely indoors. He pointed to the boisterous revelers on election night as an example for the city to try to avoid.

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Mattel Honors Oldest Black Sorority with own Barbie

via Chicago Sun

The women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority really know how to get dolled up — and focus on business.

They’ll show that this week when they hit Washington, D.C., about 35,000 strong, for their biennial convention and get a look at one of their newest members: Barbie.

Mattel Inc. created the limited-edition AKA Centennial Barbie, the first Barbie based on any sorority.

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D.C. Residents Scrambling to Arm Themselves After Supreme Court Lift Ban

I cram to understand why the Supreme Court would overturn a ban on guns for the District of Columbia when just last month the police militarized a section of D.C. and regulated traffic in and out of a zone that was plagued by gun violence.  Why say you are trying to get firearms off the streets but you turn around and allow citizens to arm themselves?  The article below illustrates how citizens are scrambling to arm themselves, but in response to what?  What is the rush for armaments about?

via AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dale Metta, who manages a gun shop just outside the District of Columbia limits in Maryland, has had to turn away dozens of city residents wanting to buy handguns in recent days. Never mind that the U.S. Supreme Court just struck down Washington’s 32-year-old ban on possessing handguns.

“I’d like to sell anything I have,” said Metta. But he won’t just yet – not until the city draws up new regulations.

The Supreme Court’s decision June 26 rebuffed the strictest gun law in the nation.

The National Rifle Association called it “a great moment in American history.” But prospective gun buyers and sellers said they remain on hold, awaiting the response of D.C. officials who are scrambling to draft new handgun regulations that comply with the court ruling.

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D.C Neighborhood Plagued by Violence becomes Police State…

Source: Washington Post

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier announced a military-style checkpoint yesterday to stop cars this weekend in a Northeast Washington neighborhood inundated by gun violence, saying it will help keep criminals out of the area.

Things of this nature has been talked about for years and we are seeing them come to fruition. It is kinda of scary in a sense cause who knows how far these measures will be enacted in violence plagued neighborhood. Here they come:

By Allison Klein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 5, 2008; A01

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier announced a military-style checkpoint yesterday to stop cars this weekend in a Northeast Washington neighborhood inundated by gun violence, saying it will help keep criminals out of the area.

“I knew eventually we’d be a police state,” said Wilhelmina Lawson, who has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years. “They don’t talk to us, they’re not community minded.”

Starting on Saturday, officers will check drivers’ identification and ask whether they have a “legitimate purpose” to be in the Trinidad area, such as going to a doctor or church or visiting friends or relatives. If not, the drivers will be turned away.

The Neighborhood Safety Zone initiative is the latest crime-fighting attempt by Lanier and Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, who have been under pressure from residents to stop a recent surge in violence. Last weekend was especially bloody, with seven slayings, including three in the Trinidad area.

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National Museum of Crime & Punishment Set to Open in DC

History of Crime

via AP

Room by room, you search the house. Then, in a bedroom, a brunette wearing a tank top points a gun at you. You fire – and a green dot flashes on her body. She falls to the ground.

This video firearms simulation is just one of the exhibits at the new National Museum of Crime and Punishment that allows visitors to step into the shoes of those who enforce the country’s laws.

The museum opens Friday, giving tourists the chance to perform an “autopsy” on a bruised dummy or drive a patrol car in a high-speed chase, among many exhibits.

“With most museums you walk and read and walk and read,” museum owner John Morgan said. “Here you walk and read and you do, you do, you do. I think that’s what is going to differentiate us from other attractions.”

Attracting tourists in Washington’s now crowded museum scene may prove to be a difficult task.

The crime museum, which charges about $18 for adults and $15 for children ages 5 to 11, is likely to face competition from several new entries, including the Newseum and the Madame Tussauds wax museum.
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