[video] Lebron James’ High School Teammate says “2 Pac is the Single Most Overrated Rapper of All Time”

After a decade and half of adoration for 2 Pac since his death, I have recently heard some compelling arguments against the true legacy of Tupac Shakur.

Being childhood friends/former teammates with the best basketball player in the world has it perks, but it won’t guarantee you a spot on an NBA roster. So what do you do to put food on the table for your family? Romeo Travis has spent the last 8 seasons playing professional basketball overseas. No matter where in the world basketball takes him, the city of Akron (OH) will always be his home.

“SHOOTIN’ THE SH*T” is an original video series where professional athletes have real conversations about sports, culture and everything else happening in the world.



[audio] DJ Green Lantern & dead prez present “Pulse of the People”



01. WRBG 0:11
02. Runnin’ Wild 4:28
03. Don’t Hate My Grind (Feat. Bun B) 4:54
04. Warpath (Feat. Ratfink) 3:39
05. Gangsta, Gangster (Feat. Styles P) 4:01
06. Afrika Hot! 3:22
07. NYPD (Feat. Johnny Polygon) 3:11
08. Summer Time 3:54
09. Refuse To Lose (Feat. Chuck D & Avery Storm) 3:32
10. Life Goes On 4:13
11. Helpful 2:26
12. Pulse 0:49
13. $timulus Plan 4:58
14. My Dirty Valentine 3:28

dead prez’s “Pulse Of The People” Tracklisting


via HipHopDX

M1 and Stic.man [click to read], collectively known as dead prez, have collaborated with DJ Green Lantern [click to read] to create their most recent project Pulse Of The People. The project is just the third album in the independent album series, Turn Off The Radio.

Pulse Of The People features artists such as Styles P [click to read], Chuck D and Bun B. DJ Green Lantern produced the whole album and it will be released off Invasion Music Group/Boss up Inc. label.

We titled the album Pulse Of The People because we have our ear to the ground. We’re listening to the pulse of the people from the ground up,dead prez group member M1 stated to HipHopDX at a listening session earlier this week.

Dead prez and DJ Green Lantern linked up after participating in the Rock The Bells tour. The album Pulse Of The People is set to release June 23rd.

Track Listing:

Runnin Wild
Don’t Hate My Grind featuring Bun B
Warpath featuring Ratfink
Gangsta, Gangster featuring Styles P
Afrika Hot!
NYPD featuring Johnny Polygon
Summer Time
Refuse to Lose featuring Chuck D and Avery Storm
Life Goes On
Stimulus Plan
My Dirty Valentine

dead prez Announce New Album ‘Pulse of the People’


via Allhiphop

Hip-Hop duo dead prez have announced they have combined with DJ Green Lantern to release Pulse of the People, the third installment of their independent album series, Turn off the Radio.

Pulse of The People will be produced by DJ Green Lantern and released via his Invasion Music Group in conjunction with dead prez’ label Boss Up Inc.

The group’s third album will feature appearances from Chuck D., Bun B., Styles P., K’Naan, and Johnny Polygon.

DJ Green Lantern and dead prez entered the studio in February, after developing chemistry on the Rock the Bells Tour. Continue reading

Preview of Mos Def’s new UNDRCRWN clothing line

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Mos Def x UNDRCRWN. Mos Def has partnered up with street wear label UNDRCRWN for the release of his new clothing line designed in conjunction with UNDRCRWN creative director Dustin Canalin. The collection is inspired by the Dead Prez album “Revolutionary But Gangsta” and drops on the UNDRCRWN site this Wednesday. There will be fourteen pieces total in the collection. Check out a preview of the rest of Mos Def’s collection after the jump.

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Dead Prez: Radical Hip Hop in a “Post” Racial World


via Huffington Post

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s election and inauguration as America’s 44th president, many once outspoken rap artists have forsaken the political approach to hip-hop. However for groups such as Dead Prez, the inauguration wasn’t the end of politically conscious rap; it was the beginning of new challenges. I caught up with Dead Prez in Los Angeles, one of many stops on their current tour:

Things are changing rapidly. We’ve just seen the introduction of the new African president of world imperialism. This is something historic for this period in the world, in history, and times reflect that. Times reflect hardship. 40-50% joblessness.

I asked band member M-1 what he thought about the surge then slump in rappers being politically involved:

Hip-hop was seen as an asset, certainly to a campaign like Barack Obama who could use those kinds of influences to make hip-hop a tool for influencing the popular vote to his candidacy, and it worked… A lot of rappers went willingly, but a lot of rappers also used it as an opportunistic way to get another job, or have another way to keep their careers alive.

Music artists’ keeping their careers alive is always a challenge. With so many rising and falling stars in the music industry what challenges does a group like Dead Prez face in keeping their style of hip hop amidst the mainstream blinging?

The thing is, it’s not a style. What we’re maintaining is integrity and we’re maintaining principal, which is hard to do in a place where everybody is trading in principal for a brand new piece of the pie everyday.

So how does Dead Prez maintain the money and the message in hip-hop? Continue reading

Is ‘Conscious’ Hip Hop a Fallacy?

Check this article out by John McWhorter talking super-greasy about ‘conscious’ Hip Hop

via New York Sun

Goodbye to crowded cities. Why not spread people outward where they could take deep breaths and stretch their legs? This sounded like wisdom incarnate.

But architectural critic Ernö Goldfinger, with his outsider’s perspective as a Hungarian, understood that this idealization of the suburb was just one way of thinking. He wrote:

“The tendency to industrial concentration is brushed aside as one of the evil consequences of modern ways and not as it should be treated, as one of the basic means of efficient production.”

Today, Goldfinger reads as hip to the “urban density” gospel we now take as a hallmark of civilized thought, speaking up against what we now condemn as suburban sprawl. “All the authors seem to be smitten with a kind of agoraphobia,” Goldfinger noted. What the suburbanist boosters thought of as truth merely was opinion.

This brings to mind, of all things, the “civilized” consensus on hiphop. Criticize the violence and sexism, and get ready for a tsunami of emails hotly objecting, “It’s not all like that!”
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Rock The Bell Tour Has All-Star Hip Hop Lineup

Rock The Bells Tour Will Be Rockin This Summer

[Source: SOHH]

Editor’s Note: Oh, I’m rocking with Rock The Bells this summer!

Hip-Hop fans can look forward to a star studded line up at this year’s Rock The Bells festival, as the long list of impressive performers was recently announced.

This year’s line-up of artists include A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, De La Soul, Rakim, Method Man & Redman, Raekwon & Ghostface, Immortal Technique, dead prez, Murs and Kidz In The Hall, with a special reunion performance by The Pharcyde.

The jam packed festival will also feature a slew of up and coming acts taking the stage as well including Spank Rock, Santogold, Kid Sister, Wale, Flosstradamus, Jay Electronica and The Cool Kids. Cypress Hill front man B-Real and battle rhymer Supernatural are set to host the festivities.
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dead prez Concert Erupts Into Mini-Riot in Washington


Honestly earlier in the week I overlooked this link because I just thought it was re hatched footage of the riot (fracas) that dead prez sparked over in Africa, but when I finally slowed down and read the thread I realized this was something entirely different. In honor of Sean Bell and the countless others who will never have live footage as their testament to the unlawful practices of “law” enforcement we post this YouTube click of police attacking a crowd of protesters in Washington State after a dead prez concert.

Fight The Powers That Be

Check this clip out from QD3 titled “Rappers vs. Bush” capturing Hip Hop artists voicing their contempt for the current administration and their thoughts on the political process…classic

“If you don’t vote you’re not going to die, you’ll just live terribly”                                                                                           -Killer Mike