This is Deeper Than Rap: Freeway Ricky Ross to be Released from Prison on 5/4

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Just as superstar rapper Rick Ross is celebrating the release of his new album Deeper Than Rap, the real Rick Ross will be celebrating his release from prison next week.CRACK 0521 PT has confirmed that “Freeway” Ricky Ross, the drug king pin who was at the center of a CIA cocaine-dealing scandal, will officially be released from prison on Monday (May 4).

Ross oversaw an Los Angeles based multi-state drug operation in the early 1980’s, which earned upwards of $2 million dollars per day at its height.

In 1996, he was sentenced to life in prison, after he attempted to purchase over 100 kilos of cocaine from an undercover federal agent.

Ross’ sentence was later reduced through appeals and after a series of explosive articles by the late Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb.

Webb wrote a series titled “Dark Alliance” for the San Jose Mercury News, which exposed the C.I.A.’s role in importing cocaine into black communities to fund Contra rebels fighting in Nicaragua, as part of the Iran-Contra scandal. Continue reading

[video] Rick Ross Wants War With Eminem? “Eminem Your A Monkey. Your Really A Honkey. But Thats Racial” + Says 50’s New Name Is “Wood Face” + Clowns On Whoo Kid

It’s official, shots fired! Ross decides to take the fight to Eminem by calling him a “Monkey” also as well as a “Honky” for the racial implications. He calls 50 “Wood Face” and says the Unit got dropped off of Interscope. This ongoing saga needs to get picked up by a network already.

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BAWSE! Rick Ross Captures #1 Spot, Asher in Distant Second


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The numbers are finally in and it seems as if’s projections were pretty much on par. Miami Boss Rick Ross grabbed the top spot in his debut week, hustling up over 157,540 copies of his third Def Jam release Deeper Than Rap, while suburban newcomer Asher Roth sold 65,380 discs of his breakthrough album Asleep in the Bread Aisle, according to Nielsen’s SoundScan. [View XXL Projections Here]

Ricky Ross didn’t surprise anyone by landing at the top slot on the Billboard 200, his third consecutive no. 1 album since his debut LP, 2006’s Port Of Miami. While Deeper Than Rap didn’t sell as much as his predecessors, Ross made sure to stay in the public eye leading up to its release by sparking a beef with 50 Cent. Fueled by his lead single, “Magnificent” with John Legend, DTR features cameos from a who’s who list of collaborators including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T-Pain, Nas, Ne-Yo, Robin Thicke and Foxy Brown, among others.

At no. 5 is PA native Asher Roth. The latest great white hope fell about 5k units short of the projections, yet still scored a pretty impressive first week sales figure considering he is a new act. Not to mention the fact that as reported last week, the label under shipped Asleep in the Bread Aisle to stores.

Holding on to the Top 10 in his third week is Yonkers MC Jadakiss with his Def Jam debut The Last Kiss. Jada managed to sell 30,400 copies of the disc this week, bringing his total to 210,120. Continue reading

UPDATE: Trick Daddy Reacts To “Valley Of Death” Diss, “He’s Known I’ve Had Lupus For 10 Years”


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Trick Daddy has reacted to Rick Ross’ “Valley of Death” record where the Miami “Boss” is heard referencing Trick’s battle with lupus.

Opting out of dissing Ross on a song, the rapper discussed the disease’s seriousness.

“Millions of people are stricken with lupus,” Trick said in an interview. “I have stayed out of the bullsh*t, I will continue to stay out of it. Ross had been with Slip-N-Slide Records as long as I have been with Slip-N-Slide Records. He’s known I’ve had lupus for 10 years. I was referred to my doctor by Ted Lucas who is the head of Slip-N-Slide Records. I would like to apologize to everyone suffering with lupus. I would like to apologize for the insults.” (MTV)

Ross raps that Trick is not telling the truth about his diagnosis.

“Caught a little case, buddy had a little cheddar,” Ross raps on “Valley of Death.” “Pled out to 15, poured his life in a letter/ Very first line he called Trick Daddy stupid/ Said he had AIDS telling people that it’s lupus/ Not the one just to jump to conclusions/ I’m getting money, small talk can be a nuisance.” (Rap Radar) Continue reading

[audio] Rick Ross- VALLEY OF DEATH


Rick Ross- VALLEY OF DEATH (produced by DJ Toomp & T.I.)


This is the track where Ricky comes clean about his sketchy past as a C.O., even though he dances around directly copping to the claim. He also lines up Curtis and Trick for some shots.  I tell you one thing, unlike his foes, he can’t be accused of putting out lackluster material.  It truly is Deeper Than Rap.

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Deeper Than Rap (Executive Produced By Rick Ross) [The Official Short Movie][WSHH Exclusive]

Sorry to bust the bubble, but this made absolutely no sense.  No character development, no plot, just a bunch of black men killing each other. How original. Maybe with some type of reason as to how this relates to Ross’s album would have done some justice to the rich texture used by my fellow director Rik Cordero.  (To be totally honest boys and girls the kid would have had to go).  I don’t think this right here pushes any more units of Deeper Than Rap for the executives at Def Jam, when the real sensation has been 50’s Pimpin Curly and Saturday Morning Cartoons. Epic (Def Jam Three/21 Media) Fail.
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[pic] Rick Ross’ DEEPER THAN RAP Album Cover

Just by the change in lingo I can tell that the BOSS Ricky Ross has been aiming for the female market something fierce.   By the look of things, I guess the suites up at Def Jam are waging their bets on the ladies showing love for the big fella, cuz the street cred is on life support. Well, here goes…I hope homie ain’t beltin’ out tunes on this one!

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