Rick Rubin To Be Removed From Sony?

Music guys just hate going to the office.


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Reports speculate that Sony Music will be removing Rick Rubin as co-head of Columbia Records. The legendary producer, who founded Def Jam, took the post in 2007.

Fox News’ Roger Friedman reports that Sony executives are unhappy with several of Rubin’s moves, such as producing a hit album for another labels, such as Metallica‘s Death Magnetic on Atlantic Records.

Sony executives also supposedly cite Rubin’s move to an expensive office in Beverly Hills, which he allegedly does not use.

Finally, it was revealed that Rubin had been recording tracks with rival Universal Music Group’s act U2.

The report indicates that Sony plans to “offload him to a side label deal, and remove him from the main company.

Rubin has been known as an innovator in the music industry for over 20 years, having signed historic acts such as Public Enemy and The Beastie Boys, among others. He has worked with a myriad of artists such as Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Shakira, Dixie Chicks, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Run-DMC and Johnny Cash.

Tru-Life Paid $300 Stacks to Leave Def Jam

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After responding to XXL’s milk carton via YouTube earlier this week, Tru Life caught up with XXLmag.com to explain his situation with Def Jam and Jay-Z.trulifemarquee

Tru, who signed with Roc La Familia, Jay-Z’s world music subsidiary imprint under Roc-A-Fella, explained his new relationship with the label since Hov’s departure from the Roc’s parent company, Def Jam.

“I was Roc-A-Fella all day first off, let’s get that clear,” the L.E.S. rapper told XXL. “I signed to Roc La Familia but I was always Roc-A-Fella. I was just Latin, but when that folded it was easy, they just moved me over to Roc-A-Fella. I’m a smart business man so when I found out Jay-Z was gonna leave – cause I got the heads up, cause that’s my big homie – I didn’t wanna stay there either at Def Jam.”

“As far as Def Jam is concerned, I didn’t wanna be in an upside down situation,” Tru continued. “I had seven deals on the table before I took that deal and I only took it because of Jay-Z. So I felt like if he’s leaving, I wanna leave too.”

But don’t get it twisted. Tru made it clear he got paid before he packed up. “It was also in my contract that if they didn’t put out my album, they had to give me $300,000,” Tru revealed. “So being the smart businessman that I am I took that $300K, they did it under the radar so nobody really knew, but I been was off of Def Jam for a while. We did it before Jay-Z actually left. I left Def Jam, but I’m still with Roc-A-Fella, I’m still with Jay-Z. Me and Jay was just out in Vegas balling out, spending stacks. You can ask Jay.”

[video] Dame Talks Future Moves

Damn, it hurts to see a man with such an inflated ego like Dame humbled by his own shortcomings. Everyone that arose out of Def Jam with a superhuman ego has been deflated to former images of themselves, from Dame, to Jay, to X, to Irv, to Ja and the list goes on and on.  It’s like Def Jam is a Buddhist conversion farm for some of these dudes, they all come in like Ari Gold from Entourage and leave on some Swami sh*t like Rick Rubin.  F*ckin’ hilarious, sad, but hilarious.

[audio] Jay-Z HISTORY


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Alright, rappers should be relegated to only one Obama montage video, especially if your song doesn’t capture the magnitude of the moment.  No mediocre tributes to the first black president, especially from Black Republicans.  I know this song isn’t about that but trust me the video will be.  I’m sorry folks, but I am not feeling how this project (Blueprint 3) is rounding out.  And I’m not impressed by the stadium music pitch either, tell it to the judge.  My dude been putting out silly-puddy ever since he got wifeyed up.  But please, this a democracy so tell us what you think.  


I really think this negro think he’s the fifth Beatle or something. C’mon take your ass back to Marcy to get a sampling of what the true meaning of “swag” is.  The true definition of a “swag” aesthetic is making something out of nothing, making a hundred dollar outfit look like its worth several stacks.  These dudes is out of touch with reality and it is starting to embarassingly shine through.   

Jadakiss Kisses Title of Album Goodbye

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D-Block‘s Jadakiss has decided to change the title of his long-awaited album to The Last Kiss after receiving negative feedback from retailers.
In a recent video Jada confirms the rumors on being forced to change the project’s original title Kiss My Ass.

“I had to change the name of my album. Kiss My Ass wasn’t testing well at retail,” he admitted. “Not even with the exclamations or none of that. So we had to switch it to The Last Kiss.”

With the new name in effect, Jada also revealed the overwhelming concern people had on him possibly retiring.

“Some people asked me is it my last album, nah, it’s just, the first album was Kiss The Game Good-Bye, the second one was The Kiss of Death so this one was The Last Kiss,” Jada explained. “It’s the closing of a trilogy. It’s the last time I’m going to name one of my albums, it’s the last time “Kiss” is going to be in the album titles.”

While corporate America may have made the raspy rapper change the forthcoming disc’s title, Jada still plans on using the original title on another format. Continue reading

The Blueprint 3 Tracklisting

This is supposedly the track listing for The Blue Print 3, which reportedly has leaked. Interesting collabos, you got there Jiggaman! Now hold up, I thought Kanye was suppose to be helming this entire project?

1. “Wake Up New York (Intro)”
2. “Most Kings”
3. “Hades (Lucifer part two)”
4. “Eternal Jewels” (feat. and prod. by Jay Electronica)
5. “Blueprint 3″
6. “Lucy” (feat. Chris Martin)
7. “The Audacity of Dope”
8. “S-L-U Part Two” (feat. Nas, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy)
9. “Election Night (We Believe in Obama)”
10. “Just Memories”
11. “Apostate” (feat. and prod. by Eminem)
12. “Oasis”
13. “My Brothers Keeper” (feat. Scarface)
14. “Brooklyn Lost”
15. “Weeds and Concrete”
16. “Without Rain…”

Ludacris Inducted into Georgia Music Hall of Fame

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Trailblazing Atlanta rap star Ludacris added another precedent to his resume, as he was honored this past Saturday (September 20) as the first Hip-Hop artist inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

The ceremony featured Ludacris being honored alongside legends of the rock and R&B world in Widespread Panic and Keith Sweat.

Born Chris Bridges, Ludacris initially got his start working as DJ Chris Lova Lova for Atlanta radio station WHTA. Continue reading

[video] Janet ‘In Control’ of Fan @ Show

She told you to call her Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty, and now you have the footage to see that side of Janet that apparently only Mr. Dupri has been privy to. Well, damn Janet when sales get low is this how far you go? I’m not hating I’m just saying you waited your whole life to tweak your freak bone?  She could’ve been moved in on Madonna’s fan base if this is what she’s working with.

Def Jam Exploring Film Options

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With music channels such as BET and MTV showing more reality shows and less music videos, Def Jam is thinking about taking its artists to the movies. The label experimented with the concept in July by placing Rihanna‘s single “Disturbia” in theaters as a preview to promote her album Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded. Now Jeff Straughn, Def Jam‘s VP of strategic marketing, has ideas of getting artists like Rick Ross and Young Jeezy on the big screen too.

“We could put a Young Jeezy in front of a movie like The Dark Knight or some other R-rated or urban leaning movie,” Straughn tells Billboard magazine. “Then we might put Duffy in front of an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ultimately we want to take a variety of content and sprinkle it across the right screens.” Continue reading

Rick Ross Still In Denial

The Boss remains stubbornly defiant STILL in the face of mountains of evidence mounting against him, discrediting his claims of living the “life” in the streets of M.I.Yayo at least during the mid 90’s when records show he was a Miami Dade C.O. These denials are gonna be the straw that broke the camels back.

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Hip-Hop star Rick Ross has hit back at recent reports surrounding his previous employment with the Florida Department of Corrections.

During an interview on Friday (July 25), Ross addressed the latest developments as “rumors” and maintained that he is a victim of a massive smear campaign.

Speaking to Phoenix, Arizona Hip-Hop station Power 98.3 (KKFR-FM), he responded to the question of his past employment by simply saying “Don’t believe the hype.” Continue reading

[Op-Ed] When It Rains It Pours on Poor Ricky Ross

This Rick Ross fiasco just won’t seem to blow over,  in fact it intensifies daily like the fires out in Cali.  Once the rabid blogosphere gets hold of a story of this magnitude then you can forget it, the violins start playing and the morticians get called in.  The irony is that blogs rose to prominence by exposing and burying bullsh*t politicians, now with the advent of the urban blogger and the investigative work being done by TMZ and TSG (The Smoking Gun) the head of a rapper is the most prized trophy in the world of entertainment.

The latest evidence comes via The Smoking Gun.  Now for anyone unfamiliar with these dudes, that’s like saying the feds are on your case.  They follow the paper trail like T.I. and their conviction rate is unanimous.  So now it’s Ross’ word against the mountain of evidence being piled up against him and the only thing he counters with is a stiff denial and two lame ass freestyles.  If nothing else the Big Homie showed us he had flow and an uncanny ability to pull his whole city up with him to the top of the game.  That takes talent, vision and testicular fortitude, all BOSS characteristics.  But lying to the laymen is not gonna win you fans in the court of public opinion.  I mean afterall, the man did tell you he know “Noreaga, the real Noreaga/He owe me a hundred favors!” and Noreaga been behind the wall for decades.

So let me be clear on this, I’m suppose to be mad because (1) he didn’t sell millions worth of coke, or (2) he had the nerve to play into the shallow minds of the Hip Hop consumer by falsifying a lifestyle to live up to the namesake of arguably one of the biggest dope pushers in America, Freeway Ricky Ross? If you would just stop and listen to how ignorant that shit sounds that would tell you a lil’ something about Hip Hop’s state of affairs, and Ross get your story together for christ sakes. You mean to tell me you never expected to be exposed? You can’t be that high homie.

Rick Ross’ Second Annual “Be Out Day” Slated for August 6

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To date, Rick Ross Be Out Day is Rick Ross Charities, Inc. Signature Event which assist parents with preparing for the back to school experience by distributing backpacks and school supplies while providing an entertaining day at the park with complimentary food, drinks, health screenings and entertainment. The presentation of the annual Rick Ross Charities, Inc Scholarship Award is presented at Be Out Day as well. In 2007, Miami Carol City Senior High School Graduate Juanita Williams was the scholarship recipient and the event was attended by over 2500 children and families. Recording Artist Flo Rida, Yung Joc, Brisco, Gorilla Zoe, DJ Khaled and a host of others assisted Rick Ross with entertaining the many children and families attending Be Out Day. Continue reading

Nas’ “Untitled” Album on Pace to Be Number One

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Nas’ new Def Jam album may not have a title, but it will have a home at No. 1 on The Billboard 200. The veteran rapper is on course to notch his fifth topper on the big chart, as he leads Nielsen SoundScan‘s Friday Building chart with 113,000 copies.

That total represents un-weighted sales at nine leading music merchants, through close of business Thursday. Those accounts — Trans World Entertainment, Apple, Best Buy, Circuit City, Borders, Starbucks, Target, Anderson Merchandisers and Handleman Co. — account for about 80% of the U.S. album market. Anderson now services all Wal-Mart stores.

Nas’ interim total is a tad behind the 116,000 that another rapper, Rick Ross, rang on “Trilla” on the Friday Building chart in March, on the album’s way to a chart-topping total of 198,000.

The artist’s last No. 1 album, “Hip-Hop Is Dead,” arrived in late December 2006, selling 354,000 copies during Christmas week.

ALIFE X NaS Collaborative Tee & Lighter

Note: I had to fight through hell & highwater to get mine (they was trying to convince brothers that mediums and smalls was a good look) but god is good.  Shout out to Shari for pulling SKM in.

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To commemorate the release of NaS’ new album on Tuesday, July 15th 2008, ALIFE has come together with the rapper himself to produce a wicked collaborative T-shirt and lighter set. Here’s the catch, only 100 packs of these have been made, and sold exclusively at ALIFE NYC on the day the album is released. For more details on the drop, visit www.alifenyc.com.

LL Cool J Signs Exclusive Deal With SEARS for Clothing Line


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Sears has signed a deal with rapper/actor LL Cool J to produce a new clothing line.

The apparel collection, which hits retail outlets in September, will be carried across 450 Sears stores, with plans for increased distribution for the holidays. The line will include apparel for juniors, kids and young men. The success of the offering could lead to expansion, such as accessories, according to Sears, Hoffman Estates, Ill.

By partnering with a celebrity like LL Cool J, who has earned 10 platinum albums and two Grammy Awards, the struggling retailer hopes to reach multicultural shoppers, particularly African Americans. Sears said LL Cool J’s line represents shoppers who desire authentic, affordable streetwear.
Continue reading

Nas Debuts “Be A NIGGER Too” Cinematic Video [pic gallery]

Nas Is Coming

STREET KNOWLEDGE was in the house last night for the debut of Nas’ “Be A Nigger Too” cinematic video. Directed by Rik Cordero and starring the multiple antics of Ephraim “Fetti” Benton and supporting cast (Danny Hoch, John Cho, Gbenga Akinnagbe) the controversial clip to the controversial first single off of the controversial album formerly known as “Nigger” is sure to have editors up at BET and MTV on the edge of their seats. Cordero borrowed from the theme first explored in Spike Lee‘s 25th Hour, positioning Nas in front of a mirror a la Ed Norton where he goes in on himself, painting everyone as NIGGERS with one fell swoosh. The cinematic effects were captivating and the hanging scene will have viewers gasping in disbelief.
Continue reading

Niggardly Nas: URB Magazine Interview

Be a N*gger Too

Nasir Jones continues his media campaign for The Album Formerly Known as N*gger. This is an URB magzine interview which raises some interesting questions about the controversial topic that won’t seem to go away

“I can understand if they were talking to a certain artist who just makes stupid music all the day long, you know, that doesn’t really say anything, but I try to say some shit. I definitely know it’s a hell of a responsibility when I have an older generation of fans. I’m trying to be clear what I mean in the music. I’m definitely trying to have that responsibility but at the same time, this is my way of strapping up my bombs and committing a so-called terrorist act against an enemy that has been evil to my people, your people, whoever. This is all I can do. I’m not a wicked man; I can’t strap up a bomb and do that shit. But with my music, this is how I fight. It’s my therapy. So, let me be, let me say what I wanna say. That’s all I’m saying.”

CLICK [HERE] for the rest of this ARTICLE

[audio] Rick Ross feat Pharrell- “Get Down”


Source: Nahright

According to Nahright, this is off of Ross’ next album. Pharrell got a sixteen on it and the BOSS does what he does best. Listening to homie I can’t help but think that he would of been a phenomenal choice to play B.I.G. (no disrespect to Gravy). Not only has he captured to plus-size swagger that B.I.G. exemplified but his vocal cadence is the most similar to Biggie’s than any other crop of MC’s out there, yeah southern drawl and all, HE got it!


Dupri Signs Online Sensation Phatfffat…Dupri To Market Through YouTube


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Music mogul Jermaine Dupri has found his next superstar on the internet and hopes to capitalize on a groundswell of support online.

Under the name Phatfffat, Dondria Nicole has garnered hundreds of thousands of viral views of her singing on video platforms like YouTube and her appeal prompted the veteran producer to sign her.

“The fans are getting the whole album in two months. I’m giving them access to the entire process of making the album,” Dupri said in a post on his blog for The Huffington Post.
“We’re showing everybody how we get down in the studio. I’m posting raw, uncut video on YouTube that keeps the audience involved in her life and expands on what she already started. The people who follow her are investing their time and sending messages and feedback on the music by the thousands. They care about what she does next.”
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Nas Does About-Face, Changes Title of Album To “Nas”

No More Nigger

via EW

A representative for Def Jam has confirmed to EW.com that hip-hop artist Nas has made an eleventh-hour decision to change the title of his new album from N—– to simply Nas. The Queens rapper sparked a heated debate last fall when he announced the provocative title for his upcoming ninth record, but last October, Island Def Jam Music Group chair Antonio “L.A.” Reid publicly denied widespread reports that label execs were uncomfortable with his decision. “We stand firmly behind and beside our artists with pride and with pleasure,” Reid told MTV News at the time. “Anything Nas wants to do, I completely stand beside him.”

But in an interview with MTV News last week, Nas suggested that he was facing renewed pressure: “Everybody is trying to stop the title…. Record stores are gonna have a problem in this day and time selling a record with that title. Who knows what’s gonna turn out and be on that title? Who knows what that title will be?” The politically-charged self-titled CD is due in stores July 1. For more of Nas’ thoughts on his new music, check EW’s summer music preview coverage in print on Friday.

Def Jam and Sony Ericsson Offer Loaded Phone


Device maker Sony Ericsson and European handset retail giant Carphone Warehouse announced a partnership with venerable hip hop and R&B label Def Jam Records to introduce the W910i Walkman, a limited-edition, white-and-gold mobile phone preloaded with video and audio content from artists including Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Nas.

The W910i will be available exclusively from Carphone Warehouse’s U.K. locations beginning Tuesday (4/8). “Joining our unique Def Jam artists with Sony Ericsson in this way allows us to reach a targeted audience in an interesting and relevant way, while at the same time entering a new, non-traditional music retail space to market our acts,” said Kim de Ruiter, commercial and new business manager with Def Jam’s British parent firm Mercury Music Group, in a prepared statement.

Editor’s Note: This deal is similar to the offering that will reportedly be made by Apple which will offer pre-loaded iPod‘s jam-packed with thousands of tunes from your artists of choice. Sweet!

Sheek Louch Needs Love? “Good Love” WTF


 Now the homey Sheek gets love on this site, he has always given us interviews when we needed it. Now my beef is that he really needs to hit us with some of that raw dope he is known for. With an album named Silverback Gorilla ,I am expecting some hard shit the females wont like. I know he got some of that on the album but wish he would have dropped it first. Anyway hope he does his numbers  and then gets back with Jada, Styles, and drop the Lox album we been waiting for 10 years.

                                          Click here for video from RealtalkNY

Khaled & Ross Secure Distribution for their Movement


According to Def Jam recording artist Rick Ross the port of Miami is the center for all distribution, well slighty.  That is if you’re shopping for yayo, but if you’re shopping a project called M.I.Yayo then you have to come up north to acquire sound distribution and both the Boss Rick Ross and DJ Khaled have done that for their respective ventures.  First, Ross partnered with Boston based Traffic Entertainment for distribution for his coke documentary M.I.Yayo, a gritty depiction of the affects, cause and antics of Miami street life during its billion dollar cocaine heydays. According to Traffic Ent. President Joseph Mansfield,  

“Many distributors were reluctant to take a chance on a project from a rap artist that is not music related. I have full confidence that this project can carry itself via the content, it is powerful, and that is why Traffic Entertainment took the risk, now the industry will see that the higher risk the bigger the reward.”

Ross said,

“It is incredibly shocking, and many think Miami is South Beach, that’s it. The world wants to know the real deal and this is it with M.I.Yayo.”

Expect M.I.Yayo to be cooked up, wrapped up and ready to go on March 25th at all major retail. Check http://www.maybachmusicgroup.com for updates or to purchase. Trilla in stores soon. Riding the wave of success is DJ Khaled, Robin to Ross’ Batman who just secured a deal with Def Jam for distribution of his label, you ready yall…We The Best. So those who were begging the Miami native to retire his trademark ad-lib there is no conceivable way of escaping “We The Best” blaring out of speakers for the next couple of months. What tricks does Khaled have in is deck? Look out for the first artist Ace. Khaled had this to say,

“I’m proud to be a member of the Def Jam family. “Def Jam has been and still is one of the most important institutions in hip hop and music as a whole. I am extremely honored and excited to be a partner with them in We The Best Music. I look forward to creating great music and continuing the success. L.A., Shakir and Lenny S are you ready? I am! Let’s go! Caaaaassssshhhhh Flooooowww!”

Rick Ross and T-Pain “The Boss”

This dropped a little while back but it still deserves a post. This song is fire and T-Pain proves once again that he is the new go to when you need a bonafide hit.  The egg heads at Def Jam better not mess up this project as they have done with the latest Def Jam releases that have performed poorly in the market place. Boss!!

Rick Ross Da Boss & BirdMan Collabin’ On Joint Project



When he’s not anticipating putting up monster Billboard numbers with his sophomore Def Jam release Trilla, Rick Ross is contemplating a full-length collaboration album with The Numba One Stunna Baby “BirdMan” Jr.  The Cash Money frontman plans to hit the lab with the Carol City Chemist to cook up that unadulterated raw that they’ve been able to capture on some of last years bigger crew cuts, usually helmed by DJ Khaled and ending with “We The Best!” The big homie Ross had this to say to HipHopDX: 

“Me and Birdman are working on an album and a movie at the same time,” Ross told HipHopDX yesterday from his traveling tour bus. “We just feed the streets. Me being a fan of the hustle – the grind, [Birdman and I] have the same attitude and hunger coming from streets. He feels the same about me, you already know. We just went in the studio for the hood.”    

Expect them to be serving this “cookup” sometime towards the ending of the year. For the original POST CLICK HERE

Is Def Jam Tumbling Down?


The latest news churning out of the rumor mills reportedly has Def Jam in the hole for $100 mil.  The founding Hip Hop label is experiencing financial woes reportedly after a lackluster year in sales under the helm of former president Shawn Carter. The rumor, leaked by Mahogany Girl of MahoganyGirl.blogspot said and I quote,  

The insider says Def Jam needs some BIG selling records ASAP to start decreasing the labels debt.Bottom line? Rick Ross better do some TRILLA numbers

If this news comes out to hold some truth then the pundits will line up on either side of the fence with some saying Jay is a genius because he left before the “Building came tumbling down” while other will attribute the hard times to Jay’s mismanagement of the House that Russell built and the expenditure of the majority of the marketing budget for projects that never really gained legs and took off like Clark Kent.

Editor’s Note: Either way they got a sale from me when Nas drops.

Jay Finally Fades to Black


After prolonging a long pending divorce with Def Jam, Jay-Z finally called it quits and contemplates what steps to take to move on to newer and greener pastures.  While Jay is being credited for delivering successful albums by Kanye, Jeezy and Rihanna his stint as president is pretty much looked at in the same vein as G. Dub’s.  Critics are calling him a lame-duck, while his devoted constituents swear that Jay could do no wrong.  The speculators are placing bets on whether he’ll be joining Rick Rubin over at Columbia or side with Madonna over at Live Nation as they embark on a music industry revolution.  So, another chapter in the book of the “Lifetimes of Sean Carter” comes to a close while the industry awaits the next page to drop.  Where will he go?  Is he married?  How much is he worth?  If he isnt’ delivering that Blue Magic should we really care?  Well, click HERE if you want the full article.   

Editor’s Note: I find it amusing that the public can’t read between the lines.  All this hoopla about retirements, comebacks, presidency’s and all that and come to find out this negro owed Def Jam albums!  He was an employee all along with a boutique title, the same way they award Negroes with boutique labels.  Gotta give it up though, dude is a marketing genius! 

Joey takes lyrical stab at Jay


 Joe Buddens recently delivered on the long-awaited, highly anticipated Mood Muzic 3, and slipped in a little gift hidden in the (w)rapping.  On track 3, titled, “Talk 2 ‘Em” Joe cuts straight to the point and opens a barrage on Sean Carter: “Campaign’s going full throttle like a race/if you’re feelin’ Funktafied, get a bottle to the face/for you the times are rough too/cuz ain’t nobody buying your albums but you/from the sounds of everything/ i hear you lost it/still rap alright but your ear’s exhausted/fuck your bunch of money/put your ego to the side/and maybe it’s time to study your understudy/i mean, are we hustling or are we grown up/every time i hear you you’re changing your tone up” 

 Ugly…but that’s not all folks…“when the new generation think about Jordan/all they remember is when Iverson crossed him/take off the blazer, loosen up the tie/n*gga fell in love and super man died!”  Ooch!  Joey must’ve been holding on to some emotional luggage for a minute now,whew, he continues…”the new generation won’t forget you we promise/we’ll always pay homage/but lets get one thing understood son/every encore ain’t a good one”  


Sprinkled throughout the CD are other lightweight subliminal shots taken at Jay.  It’ll be interesting to see if Hov bites this time, especially  with the highly contested outcome of their last “silent” war leaned in the favor of Jump-Off Joey.  Click HERE to get to full mixtape, which is definitely worth a listen.   PMoor