Sony Pictures Exec. Amy Pascal Begs Public Not To Read Racist Emails

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This is a fascinating story that I hope you guys are paying attention to because this is just the beginning of impending cyber warfare against corporations the world over. They have made their demands known and will continue to pull off the veil of these multi-national corporations who have wielded unbridled power for far too long. I got my popcorn. Lastly, I hope that Amy wakes up and realizes that Al Sharpton’s influence is waning and doesn’t speak for us. Burn Hollywood burn.

DEADLINE: Did you apologize to the president?
PASCAL: I don’t know Barack Obama. I worked really hard for him in both of his campaigns. I am inspired by him. I…I’m embarrassed, deeply.

DEADLINE: Rev. Al Sharpton just came out with a statement highly critical of your comment. How do you react to that?
PASCAL: I know I screwed up. So I called him and we spoke. And we are going to try to use this as an opportunity to make things better.


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[video] Ruby Dee “Don’t Lie To Your Mother” American Gangster Movie Clip (October 27, 1922- June 11, 2014)

I was on the set of American Gangster watching this scene being shot and all on the crew were mesmerized and in awe, even director Ridley Scott and Denzel when we watched it back in the monitors. Her brilliant work in this film got her an Oscar nomination and she was in her early 80’s at the time and Ossie had passed a couple of years before. She will be eternally missed and never ever forgotten. Rest In Power, the great Ruby Dee!

– Fab Five Freddy

Wife of ‘American Gangster’ caught selling 2 Kilos of Cocaine

Life imitating art, or art imitating life? Whatever it is she is looking at some serious time.

via Huff Post

In a recorded conversation on May 11, Julianna Farrait allegedly told an informant she had two kilograms (4 pounds) of cocaine in Puerto Rico and that another suspect had an additional eight kilograms (18 pounds) for buyers, according to the complaint.

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Bid To Win a Denzel Washington Autographed Sony VAIO Notebook PC Used in the Upcoming Movie The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3


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NEW YORK, June 12 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Corporation of America, in partnership with charity auction site, is auctioning off an autographed Sony VAIO Notebook PC that appears in the upcoming Sony Pictures movie The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. The computer has been signed by Denzel Washington, who stars in the film.

The auction is being held exclusively on, and will run through June 25, 2009. In addition to the autographed and fully-functional VAIO Notebook PC, the winner will also receive a pair of tickets to any upcoming Sony Pictures Entertainment movie. Fans interested in bidding can also link to the auction site through

Proceeds from the auction will benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which is dedicated to enabling all young people to reach their full potential through programs and services that enhance the development of boys and girls as well as providing safe places for them to learn and grow. Active supporters include corporations and celebrities, such as Sony Electronics and Boys & Girls Clubs of America national chair Denzel Washington. The Taking of Pelham 123 opens today, Friday, June 12. It stars Denzel Washington as New York City subway dispatcher Walter Garber, whose ordinary day is thrown into chaos by an audacious crime: the hijacking of a subway train.

John Travolta stars as Ryder, the criminal mastermind who, as leader of a highly-armed gang of four, threatens to execute the train’s passengers unless a large ransom is paid within one hour. As the tension mounts beneath his feet, Garber employs his vast knowledge of the subway system in a battle to outwit Ryder and save the hostages. But there’s one riddle Garber can’t solve: even if the thieves get the money, how can they possibly escape?

Denzel Washington statue unveiled as part of Black History Month


via Las Vegas Sun

In honor of Black History Month, Madame Tussauds Las Vegas unveiled Denzel Washington on Thursday as the newest addition to the wax museum family.

The Academy Award-winning actor’s work has been celebrated for his portrayals of real-life leaders like Malcolm X.

The new statue is the centerpiece of a Black History Month exhibit honoring significant African-American figures in American history, from Michael Jordan and Jamie Foxx to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Oprah Winfrey.

“We tried to take the figures that made more of a significance in the African-American community,” Madame Tussauds’ consumer sales manager Kurt Moseley said. “Everyone in here is pretty much famous in their own right.”

The museum unveiled the Jamie Foxx figure for Black History Month last year and made him a part of the exhibit again this year. It’s featured among 11 other figures, including President Obama.

The museum is home to more than 100 figures in American history, each valued at more than $300,000. The Black History Month exhibit, in the “Spirit of America” room, will be on display until the end of the month.

Louis Farrakhan Speaks on B.E.T, Rupert Murdoch, the music & movie industry

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Not for those with weak stomachs.  He held on to this purposely during the election as to not hurt Barack Obama, because the media would have found a way to connect Obama to this fiery speech.  Do people really want to hear this now or since we have a new president and we have to start anew is this the old way of making people aware?

Please people we need comments on this. I don’t care what is your gender, race, or creed. Don’t be a pussie speak out!!!!

Denzel Makes Moves to Save School’s Sports Program

via Real Talk/WCBS

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (CBS) ― It’s no act: a Hollywood superstar is upset about plans to cut the sports programs in a local New York school district. Now he’s digging into his own pocket and making a personal plea to save the team.

“I am a direct result of the athletic programs in Mount Vernon. That is why I am here today.”

Those are the words of Oscar winner Denzel Washington, who isn’t pulling any punches when talking about the budget crisis that could force his hometown to cut all school athletic programs. Continue reading

Denzel Connected to Ludlum Thriller


A-list actor Denzel Wasington, who recently was photographed by the LA paparazzi looking a wee bit drunk, has been attached to a new spy thriller by deceased author Robert Ludlum who is responsible for the mega-successful Matt Damon helmed ” Bourne” series. The thriller called “”The Matarese Circle,” sounds like another great vehicle and potential franchise for Hollywood.

The project, revolves around two secret agents — an American and a Russian — who must work together to fight a mysterious group of killers known as the Matarese. The twist: The agents, Bradley Scofield and Vasili Taleniekov, have been nemeses for years, with each responsible for killing someone close to the other. According to those familiar with the pitch, Washington would play Scofield.

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