[video] This Is Jim Jones Pt. 6 ( Jim Jones Speaks On His Break Up With Cam’Ron & Pushng Byrd Gang) “I Was Havin Problems With Cam Before I Went On Stage With 50”

The first ten times I heard this story it was of interest now its pretty much drawn out.  Prophet Jones says he foresaw the breakup in a vision and told Cam.  He also says he envisioned a reunion, which has yet to materialize.  Dame speaks on the parallels the breakup had to his split with Jay, which rendered him a sideline witness to the Death of the Diplomat Dynasty.

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Jim Jones Says He Hopes More Rappers Go Broadway


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Jim Jones [click to read] has taken his act to a stage, but not one we may have come to expect. Instead of a regular stage he normally performs on, he’s taken his act to the theater stage. He recently worked on Hip-Hop Monologues: Inside the Life and Mind of Jim Jones.

While many believed he went into this to pursue another avenue of expression, Jones admitted that it had nothing to do with artistry.

“I’m not one of the people who say I do things for the craft of it,” Jones said in an interview, according to Associated Press.

“Even though when I get on camera you think that (I’m) a crafty individual, but I’m all about the money and whatever it takes for me to get that money, I’m going to master that,” he said.

He also said he hopes other rappers can follow his lead into Broadway.

“I should hope I’ve created a new lane for rappers who are woody enough to complete a task like this to go into a whole other form of revenue,”he added.

The play was featured at New York’s 37 Arts Theater.

In related news, a free screening of This is Jim Jones, the documentary, will be shown this Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia.

Saturday, April 18th

Sound Shop
816 Oak Street
Atlanta, Ga 30310
2:00 PM

[video] Cam Shoots Down Reunion, Juelz Confirms

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alright, here is the (edited) video to the audio that many are describing as the proverbial ‘nail-in-the-coffin’ for the Harlem Diplomat Reunion. Cam, emphatically states that dreams of a reunion have been permanently shattered by Jim’s continuous bloopers, the latest being him denying that Killa had a phone conversation with him. Honestly, we all know Cam can stand on his own and build up any movement around himself but what will Jimmy and Juelz do? As fate would have it, their solo careers are some what stagnant and any attempts to recreate the flame that was once Dip Set has fallen on deaf ears, to say the least.  The MTV clip below is Juelz response, which still sounds a tad bit salty: Continue reading

[video] Jim Jones “This Is Jim Jones” Documentary Preview

OK, time for some marketing suggestions.  Instead of putting out “Death of a Dynasty” or another Jim Jones album for that matter, Dame Dash should’ve regrouped and packaged the story that the whole world was interested in hearing and that is the demise and fall of one of the strongest camps in Hip Hop, Roc-a-Fella Records.  This doc looks compelling, I would pay some snaps to go see this.  All the elements are there; betrayal, jealousy and unprecedented arrogance (gotta love it!).  Jim Jones almost writes his own obituary by illustrating that he has become the Dame Dash to Cam’Ron’s Jay-Z, meaning that the magic, the chemistry that was Dip Set will never be the same once these dudes are seperated just like the Roc will never be the Roc without Jay & Dame as one unit (sorry ‘Ye).

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[video] CAM’RON- I Hate My Job

I actually had to look at this a few times before I saw the cleverness in it. Shot in Ohio, Cam has taken himself off of 140th and Lenox and injected himself into the daily conversation being had around America. This is a song for the working man, a “recession” anthem but not in the same vein of Jeezy, which is what you’d expect from Killa. I know Cam has something in the stash, so I will let him pass on this one. Plus, he’s getting back to the humor we miss in Hip Hop.

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BREAKING NEWS: Shots Ring Out @ Max B Concert

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A concert featuring former Dipset member Max B. was halted when gunshots rang out at S.O.B’s in New York tonight (July 22).

Witnesses told AllHipHop.com that an entourage of men entered the club just a few hours ago, during Max B.’s performance then shots were fired inside the club.

“They came in 25 deep, a couple of songs were playing and a guy was in Max’s face in VIP making gestures,” one witness told AllHipHop.com. “One thing led to another and the whole crew bumrushed (ran up to) the security and VIP and everyone started fighting. That’s when a single shot was let off.” Continue reading

Jersey City Mayor Shoots Down Jim Jones Event

Jim Jones

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It has been reported that the invitation for rapper and hip-hop mogul Jim Jones to perform at a Jersey City school on National HIV Testing Day has been rescinded, with city officials saying his work promotes violence.

Officials say they nixed the invite from the city Department of Health and Human Services when they read some of Jones’ lyrics.

Jones has been very candid about losing his father and uncle to AIDS. City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill said that while the June 27 event has been canceled, the city is offering free HIV testing at several locations through the end of June.
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Dip Set vs Soccer Moms

 Customers looking to get their hands on Hannah Montana got the shock of their lives when they popped in their purchased CD and heard Juelz Santana.  Somehow, someway the Diplomats ended up on copies of Disney distributed Disney Channel Hits.  The shoppers who said they purchased the CD’s in Toys R’ Us say they object to the profanity and subject matter in Dip Set’s music and this was totally unsuitable for little Becky and Peggy Sue.  At press time Disney hasn’t returned any calls for comment…we’ll keep you posted!