DJ Clue Hosts Virtual Rapper Comp

They are accepting submissions over at I AM STAR, a virtual competition for rappers who wanna be featured on DJ Clue’s next mixtape. There are 32 brackets open for competitors who battle it out for the top spot. The rewards include a song and freestyle featured on the CD plus five stacks for their pockets. Will this be the future of digital A&R’s? Remember, Clue did break plenty of acts via his Cluemanatti brand.

New Jay-Z Joint Surfaces During Camel Hunting Season


I have to honestly say I was expecting this.  After awhile you become knowledgable that every time Jay comes under attack he responds with new material to take the negative attention off.  Then they concoct a new album to change the discussion.  I doubt if The Blueprint 3 is a real project and I bet this ain’t even new, but its worth a listen nonetheless. Off that DJ Clue, I Am Legend

CLICK HERE for the link to “Ain’t I”