DJ Envy is an agent of the white supremacist corporate power structure by Byron Crawford


So DJ Envy wants to get guns off the street but has said nothing about getting guns outta Hip Hop.šŸ˜

via Byron Crawford

Yesterday, in one of the sadder non-Peter Rosenberg-related moments in the history of black radio, DJ Envy of Power 105’s the Breakfast Club tried to make a case for stop and friskā€”this while more or less unarmed black men are still being shot and killed by the police on the reg.

You can tell these remarks weren’t off the cuff, because Envy, Charlamagne tha God, et al. were citing statistics that they couldn’t have just pulled out of their asses. Like the fact that in the last year of stop and frisk NYPD confiscated 890 illegal guns. Since they’ve gotten rid of stop and frisk, they’ve only found like 200. But as Angela Yee pointed out, it’s not like there’s been a huge increase in shootings.

Byron Crawford

Yee and Charlamagne took the opposite position, that stop and frisk served no purpose other than to funnel more and more black men into the prison-industrial complex, but it was obvious they were all just reading from a script and that any of them could have argued either side of the issue, as the TIs saw fit.

Speaking of which, whoever came up with this bit may have felt it was best that Envy argue in favor of stop and frisk because he’s a known cornball brother and lightskinted to the point where 5-0 might not bother harassing him, thinking he’s a cracka-ass cracka.

Charlamagne tha God, on the other hand, is still a shade darker than a brown paper bag, thus precluding him from entrance to some HBCUs, despite having undergone skin-bleaching treatments.

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[video] Darkskin Activist Rashida Strober SLAMS Charlemagne: “BI*** WHITE WOMEN ARE NOT NUBIAN QUEENS”

The Dark Skin Activist Rashida Strober slams Power 105.1 radio jock Charlemagne for his idiotic oxymoronic statements that ‘white nubian’ queens were in. This is all not surprising coming from a man who recently bleached his skin after being teased mercilessly by the public at large for dark spots on his face. Colorism is a serious issue in the black community and I commend Rashida for having theĀ cojones to tackle this issue head on.

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[video] Charlamagne Claims He Doesn’t BLEACH his SKIN

So chemical peels are different than skin bleaching? Both pull theĀ melanin over your skin so go figure. He does admit that it was internet comments that pushed him to get the procedure done.

Charlamagne tha God’s skin has gone through a noticeable change over the last few months, with some of his fans and haters calling him out for skin bleaching, a claim The Breakfast Club host adamantly denies. He feels that only “idiots” honestly believe that. He actually began seeing a dermatologist regularly who put him on a skin regimen to improve his skin discoloration.

Hear all of what tha God had to say about rumors of skin bleaching above.


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.22.00 PM

Definitely did not see this coming. Though he was often ridiculed for having dark blotches on his skin never would I have thought he would get plastic surgery and bleach his skin. Hit the jump to see the newly knifed up and significantly whiter Charlemagne who gets playfully ridiculed by co-host Angela Yee in some random video.

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Freeway Helps Kick-Off “Rebirth of Hip-Hop” Concert Series In New York

via SOHH

Philadelphia rapper Freeway has been tagged to help kick-off “The Rebirth of Hip-Hop” concert series to bring awareness to humanitarian issues.freeway

Hosted by radio personality DJ Envy, the events will help heighten awareness of HIV/AIDS, homelessness and poverty, in association with Habitat for Humanity and Life Beat Aids Awareness Organization.

Aside from Envy and Freeway, the first concert will feature various independent artists including Sinsay, Triple C’s Torch, Lexx9Eleven, DJ Bedtyme, Sic Osyrus and many more throughout the night. Participants will also be eligible to compete for a variety of grand prizes.

“The Rebirth of Hip-Hop” concert begins Wednesday, January 28 at 9 p.m. in New York’s Don Hills Concert Hall 511.

In related news, Roc-A-Fella’s Free and Beanie Sigel recently hit the stage with Nike to provide fans a “Brotherly Love Concert” in Philadelphia last month.

Presented by Nike’s All Conditions Gear (ACG), the show’s aim was to promote unity amongst Philly rappers and also featured appearances by Jadakiss, E-Ness and more.

Star Loses Judgement Against NY City Councilman

Star & Buck S.O.L.

via SOHH

A Manhattan federal appeals court ruled against former Power 105 personality Star‘s claims that a New York City Councilman defamed him when he called him a “sick, racist, pedophile” after the shock jock made controversial remarks about DJ Envy‘s young daughter and wife.
According to the Associated Press, yesterday the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found city Councilman John Liu within his rights for remarks stated against Star (born Troi Torain) in 2006.

Star had appealed and filed suit against Liu after lower court Judge George B. Daniels also concluded that the councilman was within his constitutional rights. The appeals court noted that under New York and federal law, expressions of pure opinion rather than statements of fact are protected by the Constitution.
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Radio Hosts Stoop to New Lows as Remy & Shooting Victim Air It Out On Air

Remy Ma & Shooting Victim Makeda

The travesty continues…on the morning of the 14th, both Remy Ma and shooting victim Makeda Barnes-Joseph called into New York radio (Hot 97) to state their case. The radio hosts, DJ Envy and Miss Jones took this opportunity to stoop to new lows by ridiculing the young lady who was “allegedly” shot by Remy. Not only were they accusing her to be ‘out for the money’ but while she was explaining her ordeal you could hear them ad-libing her vocals with sounds of gunshots and snickering laughter. Jonesy, as she is so passionately referred to, stated her bias from the gate by telling Makeda that Remy was her girl and she was riding with her rendition of the event. Even though this girl was clearly hysterical on the phone, pleading with someone to show some compassion and hear her story these buffoons up at the radio couldn’t extend her an ounce of decency.
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