[video] Fans Smashing Each Other With Beer Bottles During Fight After Cowboys Vs Chargers Game!

Four obvious things of note in this fight after the Cowboys and Chargers game which will most likely be going viral.

The first slap was actually thrown by a woman (who is lucky she did not get her ass kicked in the process).

The big white guy took a bottle to the head and it did nothing.

The smaller guy took a bottle to the head and looks like he was seriously injured.

The guy whose arm caught a tiny flying piece of glass, needed wipe off the blood and stop being ‘so dramatic’ like the guy who filmed all of this said correctly in the video.

Lastly it is safe to assume that alcohol played a major role in this incident.

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Researchers work on ‘sober’ pill that works no matter how drunk you are

So if this keeps you sober what will be the point of drinking in the first place?

via MNN

Imagine a pill that could instantly sober you up no matter how much you’ve had to drink, or a hangover cure that worked minutes after swallowing it. Hardened drinkers rejoice: researchers are about to begin human trials on an “alcohol antidote” that may soon offer a cure to alcoholism, reports New Scientist.
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[video] Teenager gets drunk. Fights mother.Get’s VIOLENTLY close-lined by Phoenix Police officer.

He could of killed her straight up. In no way am I condoning her wild behavior but that was more than excessive.

via Buzzfeed

A video of a Phoenix police officer slamming a 15-year-old girl to a wall surfaced on the web. The incident happened on January 2011, when the teenager was caught drinking at school. Police were called when the teenager got into a physical fight with her mom. The officer is now being investigated for alleged excessive use of force.


[video] Cop BODY SLAMS woman in SOUTH BEACH

Definitely should be reprimanded for slamming this woman, because if a regular was to do this he would be arrested immediately. To suggest he get arrested is just not reality and won’t happen by any stretch of the imagination. Found this on Thisis50 and they have three other videos of people getting arrested, which is normal for South Beach party goers who get drunk and forget the police are there waiting to lock you up in an instant.