Lebron Takes Out Full Page Ad Thanking His Hometown of Ohio

He is still a country boy and it is time for the people of Ohio to stop hating him for being a man and doing what he thought was the best for him, his career, and family. Hit the jump for the rest of the ad.

via Newser / Ohio.com

LeBron James took out a full-page ad today in the Akron Beacon Journal to thank his hometown fans: ‘‘Akron is my home, and central focus of my life,’’ says the ad. “It’s where I started, and it’s where I will always come back to.” James, who jumped ship to the Miami Heat from Cleveland, will be back home this weekend for his annual charity bike-a-thon, the newspaper notes.

‘‘You can be sure that I will continue to do everything I can for this city, which is so important to my family and me,’’ his ad says. ‘‘Thank you for your love and support. You mean everything to me.’’

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[video] Michael Jordan speaks on Lebron James, Free Agency, and Salaries in the NBA

Funny thing is how Michael is talking like he did not become worth $400 million dollars during his tenure as a player with huge contracts and endorsements just like James, Wade, and Bosh.Time also for Charles Barkley to shut up because he is probably jealous of the fact that Lebron put himself in a position to win. Everyone who says he should of stayed with an inferior team is absolutely crazy.

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[video] Dwayne Wade Cops His Moms a Church

Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade delivered on a late Mother’s Day gift and blessed his momma with her very own church. Pastor Jolinda Wade, experiencing redemption from a life of drug use and drug dealing, officially cut the ribbon on the Chicago house of worship, dedicated to her from her All-Star son, Dwayne.