[video] 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti-(First look trailer)

I wonder if the Hillary Clinton supportin’ Black Fem Mafia will put their coins up? Somebody get Feminista Jones on the phone cause I need answers.

From the producer of the hit film series Hidden Colors, a new documentary film about the Haitian revolution called 1804 will be released in Fall 2017.
Support the Indiegogo campaign by going to the official film site at http://1804movie.com

Black feminists refuse to take credit for sabotaging Birth of a Nation by Byron Crawford


Somebody get Feminista on the phone.

If Birth of a Nation was going to be a success, it would have been from white people going to see it. But word got out that it was a movie about a slave that went nuts and went around killing white people, without any scenes in which the black guy has magic powers or a white guy is the real hero, and they were like, “Uh, no thank you.”

Black feminists sabotaged Birth of a Nation, and now they’re upset because people are blaming them for the film’s poor performance at the box office. What sense does that make?

Inconsistency, thy name is Shaniqua.

Birth of a Nation hit theaters this past Friday, i.e. a week ago today, and apparently not very many people went to see it. It grossed $7.1 million at the box office. Because it costs literally an arm and a leg to see a movie in the theater these days, that means only a small handful of people went to see it.
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Obama Brings Flush Times for Black News Media

via NY Times

WASHINGTON — For the nation’s black magazines, newspapers, and television and radio stations, the arrival of the Obama administration has ushered in an era of unprecedented access to the White House.obama_ebony


President Obama gave Black Enterprise magazine his first print interview and gave a black talk show host one of his first radio interviews. This month, he invited 50 black newspaper publishers to meet with him at the White House. And at his news conference Tuesday, he skipped over several prominent newspapers and newsmagazines to call on Kevin Chappell, a senior editor at Ebony magazine.

It was the first time an Ebony reporter had been invited to question a president at a prime-time news conference.

“We have, at last, an equal seat at the table,” said Bryan Monroe, the vice president and editorial director of Ebony and Jet magazines. “We’re not going to get everything we need. But now we definitely can be heard.” Continue reading

Does Obama Have an “Ethnic” Preference when it comes to Media?

0808_OBAMA Cover

via LA Times

While the New York Times awaits a postelection sit-down with President Obama, Ebony magazine already nabbed its interview, the first given when Obama was still the president-elect.

Once Obama was sworn in, he granted one of his first Q&A’s to the editor of Black Enterprise magazine. His first known radio interview went to host El Pistolero, followed last week by a friendly phone-in to another giant of Spanish-language radio, Los Angeles-based Piolin.

It may not qualify as a pattern, much less a new world order, but the nation’s first African American president has signaled that he may shake up the traditional protocols of Washington journalism.

But Obama’s forays into sometimes marginalized ethnic media outlets also renew a strategy dating to the Reagan administration and earlier — finding alternatives to reach around the mainstream media and speak to loyal constituents.

I suspect these niche operators will also be used by the Obama administration — maybe something like President George W. Bush used evangelical Christian radio — because the White House believes they are more likely to funnel the chief executive’s message with little scrutiny or criticism. Continue reading