4,500 year-old tomb of previously unknown pharaonic queen found in Egypt

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Somebody get Ridley Scott and Rupert Murdoch on the phone cause those don’t look like white people to me.

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Czech archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of a previously unknown queen believed to have been the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago, officials in Egypt said Sunday.

The tomb was discovered in Abu Sir, an Old Kingdom necropolis southwest of Cairo where there are several pyramids dedicated to pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty, including Neferefre.

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[video] Pro-Mubarak Supporters Ride on Camels, Horses Whip Protesters

I heard some official on CNN say these guys were from the tourist areas and were angry that tourism is being destroyed for months to come. This footage is absolutely riveting and if you guys do not think this shouldn’t be covered extensively on this blog you are buggin. Anyway check out what happens to the last guy on a horse to come charging through whipping people.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Egypt Shuts Down Internet Amid Violent Protests

You guys surprised? I am not because that same killswitch exists here if things were ever go to massive protests across this country.

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Egypt’s apparent blocking of Twitter and Facebook amid fierce protests this week was nothing: Now it appears they’ve blocked the entire internet, as well as text messaging. It’s got the whole world watching and wondering: What’s next?
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Egypt tells Britain to “Give us back Rosetta Stone”

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Egypt’s top antiquities official will head to Britain tomorrow in his quest to goad the British Museum into returning the Rosetta Stone. Dr. Zahi Hawass calls the stone an “icon of Egyptian identity,” and says the museum doesn’t really value it. “They kept it in a dark, badly lit room until I came and requested it” in 2003, he tells the Times. “Suddenly it became important to them.”

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[video/audio] Despicable Me Trailer + Pharrell Soundtrack Cut

Is it just me or will every film from hereon have something to do with Egypt (KMT)? I guess its just another one of those peculiar coincidences or something. First in the Transformers they desecrated the last remaining 7 Wonder of the World, and now in this flick they have stolen the Great Pyramids. Debuting in 2010, here’s the trailer to 3-D Despicable Me with Pharrell handling soundtrack duties. 


Pharrell Williams- Despicable Me


Nubia:Lost civilisation of Egypt


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The Sun Temple at Abu Simbel is a popular tourist attraction which has featured in well-known films like Death on the Nile and The Mummy Returns but had it been left where Ramses II built it 15 centuries ago, it would now be under water.

Fifty years ago this year Egypt and Sudan asked for international help to save ancient sites threatened by the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

“It was going to submerge all the area of Nubia – monuments, people, the landscape, everything,” says Costanza de Simone from the United Nations’ culture agency, Unesco.

“So the two governments launched an appeal to Unesco.

“The work brought people from all over the world into Nubia, people with different backgrounds: archaeologists, engineers and geologists. They had to invent new methods and techniques.

“It changed the vision of how to preserve cultural heritage.”

Moving the statues at Abu Simbel
The Abu Simbel temple was cut up and moved between 1964 and 1968

Over two decades the race to carry out large-scale excavations uncovered thousands of artefacts and huge monuments were carefully cut into blocks and dismantled before being rebuilt in new locations.

The most famous are the temples of Abu Simbel and Philae.

“The Nubia campaign was very important,” says the head of the Egyptian supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass.

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Al Qaeda message Blames Obama, Egypt for Gaza Violence

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(CNN) — An audio message reportedly from al Qaeda’s deputy chief vows revenge for Israel’s air and ground assault on Gaza and calls the Jewish state’s actions against Hamas militants “a gift” from U.S. President-elect Barack Obama.al_zawahiri

The speaker, identified as Ayman al-Zawahiri, addresses Muslims in Gaza. He said the violence “is one part of a series of a crusade war against Islam and these air strikes are a gift from Obama before he takes office, and (Egyptian President) Hosni Mubarak, that traitor, is the main partner in your siege and killing.”

The message, posted Tuesday on various Islamist Web sites with a picture of al-Zawahiri next to an image of a wounded child, urges militants to rally against Israel.

“My Muslim brothers and mujahedeens in Gaza and all over Palestine, with the help of God we are with you in the battle, we will direct our strikes against the crusader Jewish coalition wherever we can.” Continue reading

Satellites Unearthing Ancient Egyptian Ruins

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(CNN) — Archaeologists believe they have unearthed only a small fraction of Egypt’s ancient ruins, but they’re making new discoveries with help from high-tech allies — satellites that peer into the past from the distance of space.art_temple_dg

“Everyone’s becoming more aware of this technology and what it can do,” said Sarah Parcak, an archaeologist who heads the Laboratory for Global Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “There is so much to learn.”

Images from space have been around for decades. Yet only in the past decade or so has the resolution of images from commercial satellites sharpened enough to be of much use to archaeologists. Today, scientists can use them to locate ruins — some no bigger than a small living room — in some of the most remote and forbidding places on the planet.

In this field, Parcak is a pioneer. Her work in Egypt has yielded hundreds of finds in regions of the Middle Egypt and the eastern Nile River Delta.

Parcak conducted surveys and expeditions in the eastern Nile Delta and Middle Egypt in 2003 and 2004 that confirmed 132 sites that were initially suggested by satellite images. Eighty-three of those sites had never been visited or recorded.

In the past two years, she has found hundreds more, she said, leading her to amend an earlier conclusion that Egyptologists have found only the tip of the iceberg.art_columns

“My estimate of 1/100th of 1 percent of all sites found is on the high side,” Parcak said.

These discoveries are of no small significance to the Egyptian government, which has devoted itself anew to protecting archaeological sites from plunder and encroachment.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities has restricted excavation in the most sensitive areas along the Nile — from the Great Pyramids at Giza on the outskirts of Cairo to the carvings of Ramses II in the remote south. Continue reading

King Tut’s Father ID’d in Stone Inscription


OK, so they tell us something that “we’ve” known all along, does that make “them” geniuses?  Now, if they would only return the body then everyone will be happy campers, f*cking tomb raiders!

via Discovery

Dec. 17, 2008 — An inscribed limestone block might have solved one of history’s greatest mysteries — who fathered the boy pharaoh King Tut.
“We can now say that Tutankhamun was the child of Akhenaten,” Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, told Discovery News.The finding offers evidence against another leading theory that King Tut was sired by the minor king Smenkhkare.

Hawass discovered the missing part of a broken limestone block a few months ago in a storeroom at el Ashmunein, a village on the west bank of the Nile some 150 miles south of Cairo.

Once reassembled, the slab has become “an accurate piece of evidence that proves Tut lived in el Amarna with Akhenaten and he married his wife, Ankhesenamun,” while living in el Amarna, Hawass said. Continue reading

Stolen Antiquities Returned from NY to Egypt

Antiquities Returned

OK, so when the hell is the rest of the world gonna return the stolen artifacts from Egypt that make up the majority of these museums collections?

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NEW YORK (AP) – Dozens of ancient artifacts stolen by a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot were returned to the Egyptian government on Wednesday during a ceremony in Manhattan.

Officials said the items, including several small urns on display at the ceremony, came from the Ma’adi archaeological site outside Cairo and date to 3600 B.C. or earlier.

“When (the military officer) stole these items from Egypt, he robbed a nation of part of its history,” said Peter J. Smith, head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s New York office. “The repatriation of the Ma’adi artifacts reunites the people of Egypt with an important piece of their cultural heritage.”

Also on hand were Egyptian Ambassador Hussein Mubarak and Attiya Radwan, head of the Central Department for Upper Egypt Monuments. Continue reading

King Tut Comes to Atlantis, I Mean Atlanta


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ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — “Now, come, travel back in time. See where and how these rulers lived,” Harrison Ford’s deep voice beckons just before double doors swing open into a labyrinth of galleries displaying more than 130 ancient Egyptian artifacts.

The recorded introduction a la “Indiana Jones” welcomes visitors to a new exhibit featuring treasures from boy king Tutankhamun’s tomb and artifacts tied to rulers spanning 2,000 years of Egyptian history.

“Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs,” presented by Emory University’s Michael C. Carlos Museum, premieres in the United States on Saturday at the Atlanta Civic Center.

An array of objects associated with rulers dating from Egypt’s Fourth Dynasty into the Late Period (about 2600 B.C. to 660 B.C.) makes this the largest and most encyclopedic exhibit featuring Egyptian pharaohs presented in the U.S., according to exhibition curator David Silverman, who has worked on other exhibits focusing on Tutankhamun.

“A lot of people, when they hear ‘Tut,’ they think of gold, they think of the mummy, and they think of the discovery — all of which is important. But when you think of more than 300 pharaohs, 31 dynasties, [Tutankhamun’s] is only one of them,” Silverman said.Carefully focused pools of light illuminate stone pharaohs, gold and carnelian jewels and objects intended for the afterlife in darkened galleries looking at themes including the family life, religion, court and gold of the rulers. Continue reading

Ancient 4,300-year-old Pyramid Discovered in Egypt



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A 4,300-year-old pyramid has been discovered at the Saqqara necropolis outside Cairo, Egypt’s culture minister said on Tuesday.

Faruq Hosni made the announcement at a press conference in Saqqara, an ancient burial ground which dates back to 2,700 BC and is dominated by the massive bulk of King Zoser’s step pyramid, the first ever built.

Husni said the pyramid, five metres (16 foot) tall, is believed to have been 15 metres tall when it was first built for Queen Sesheshet, the mother of King Teti who founded the 6th Dynasty of Egypt’s Old Kingdom.

The pyramid’s base was discovered “20 metres below the sands and a doorway for the burial place was also discovered,” Hosni said, adding that it seems thieves had looted the pyramid.

Egypt Bans Use of GPS Technology

via Daily Star Egypt

CAIRO: Technology lovers and modern car owners in Egypt consider themselves unlucky because of a government ban on the usage of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Telecoms Law 10/2003 outlaws the import of GPS-equipped mobile phones, and retailers found selling them could lead to the confiscation of their entire stock. The same applies to any kind of commercial use of GPS technology, which includes cars equipped with GPS devices.

Mobile phones like the Nokia N95, N82 as well as iPhones and some 3G phones are banned in Egypt, leaving the market deprived of the latest technology and features that are fast becoming standard in the new generation of mobile phones. Continue reading

[Op-Ed] Is OBAMA The ONE?

With all of this talk about Obama being the “Anti-Christ” or THE ONE (even McCain?) I did a lil’ research to find out what the underbelly of the argument is. His meteoric rise reminds some of the Coming of the Saviour Sun, or the Phoenix in Egyptian folklore and for others they are adherents to his Gospel of Hope and Belief at a time of Doubt and Despair. For them he is more than a candidate, more than just a politician in a cheap suit. I had my doubts and I had my suspicions of him doing his best J.C. (Jesus Christ stupid!) renditions until I came across an archived interview he did in Chicago that delves deeply into the spirituality of the man the whole world is impatiently awaiting: Mr. Barack Hussein Obama! (trumpets sound)

Barack Obama: The 2004 “God Factor” Interview Transcript

30 APRIL 2008
Chicago-Sun Time religion columnist Cathleen Falsani (”God Girl”)

Editor’s Note:
At 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 27, 2004, when I was the religion reporter (I am now its religion columnist) at the Chicago Sun-Times, I met then-State Sen. Barack Obama at Café Baci, a small coffee joint at 330 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, to interview him exclusively about his spirituality. Our conversation took place a few days after he’d clinched the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat that he eventually won. We spoke for more than an hour. He came alone. He answered everything I asked without notes or hesitation. The profile of Obama that grew from the interview at Cafe Baci became the first in a series in the Sun-Times called “The God Factor,” that eventually became my first book, The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People (FSG, March 2006.) Because of the staggering interest in now U.S. Sen. Obama’s faith and spiritual predilections, I thought it might be helpful to share that interivew, uncut and in its entirety, here. Continue reading

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys

Props to our BIG homie Paul over at Next Thing, he’s always on point with pics of the baddest chics on the net. I got the heads up from him about this site where they have the illest catalog of Eye Candy. It was too many to chose from so everyday we gonna give each one of them the solo shine they deserve. This is the first selection in a long line of beauty. This is Azzareya Crystal Curtis, a seasoned vet of the music video genre. She is half Egyptian and Brazilian and she hails from New Jeru. Lawd a mercy. You might’ve seen her in these:
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Will Smith To Star As Last Pharaoh


First he was the last man alive on Earth, now Will Smith may be playing the Last Pharaoh of Egypt, King Taharqa of Nubia who reigned over the 25th Dynasty and controlled both Egypt and Kush. Details are tentative but it is being said that Will will produce and star in this epic tale called The Last Pharaoh. Taharqa is referred to as the greatest ruler of Egypt from amongst its Nubian Kings. Interest in this lost chapter of history has been reignited by the recent story in National Geographic that details the reign of Taharqa and the other Nubian Kings of Egypt. Wow, to think we might see a black president and Egyptians depicted in their right hue in the same year, yeah times a changing. CLICK HERE for more info on this story.

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