[video] NYPD Assault ‘Dance Dare’ Prankster (Updated)

I guess the tried, tested and true system of the NYPD investigating itself has kicked in after this video went viral.

via TMZ

The NYPD is looking into why an officer got physical with a guy who was filming a viral video for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The dancer is Alexander BOK, and he bills himself as “your favorite prankster” … that is unless you’re one of the cops he attempted to bust a move on in the middle of a NYC street.

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[video] Halle Berry on Ellen doing the “Halle Berry”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Well I’ll be damned.  Now I know Bryan Leech and Big Teach are marketing geniuses but no one could’ve predicted this one.  Talk about free promotion.  Hurricane Chris slips through the cracks with his ode to Halle, which got the biggest co-sign possible, from daytime juggernaut Ellen Degeneres.  Am I smelling hit in the making?