[video] ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Stevie J — Arrested for Owing $1 MILLION in Child Support

This fool on reality television supposedly opening new businesses and was oblivious that he owes over $1 million bucks in back child support and that the authorities are watching right along with urban America? More plotlines for Mona Scott.

via TMZ

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Stevie J just learned a hard lesson about being a baby daddy … you rack up a million-dollar child support debt and you go directly to jail.

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Humanity Was On the Brink Of Extinction 70,000 Years Ago, Saved By Africans

famine wrought the motherland

Scientists are saying through the use of mitochondria DNA evidence they are theorizing that a natural disaster (widespread drought) brought the population of the planet down to a number dangerously close to extinction. But rather than fall off the face of the Earth, the small pocket of 2,000 survivors migrated out of Africa and re-populated the planet some 70,000 years ago.

Paleontologist Meave Leakey, a Genographic adviser, asked, “Who would have thought that as recently as 70,000 years ago, extremes of climate had reduced our population to such small numbers that we were on the very edge of extinction?

“Tiny bands of early humans, forced apart by harsh environmental conditions, coming back from the brink to reunite and populate the world. Truly an epic drama, written in our DNA.”

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