[video] ‘There are real law enforcement problems’ with Freddie Gray Death – US Marshal

What the f*ck happened to this brother? The Mayor of Baltimore needs to cut the bullsh*t and get to the bottom of this or her city is gonna be an inferno soon. Another black man meets his death at the hands of police.

The Baltimore Police Department is coming under growing criticism following Freddie Gray’s death in police custody. Concerns include the use of excessive force and the failure of officers to follow police protocol. Ben Swann spoke to former US Marshal Matthew Fogg, who said there wasn’t enough evidence even to arrest the 25-year-old.

[video] Teenager gets drunk. Fights mother.Get’s VIOLENTLY close-lined by Phoenix Police officer.

He could of killed her straight up. In no way am I condoning her wild behavior but that was more than excessive.

via Buzzfeed

A video of a Phoenix police officer slamming a 15-year-old girl to a wall surfaced on the web. The incident happened on January 2011, when the teenager was caught drinking at school. Police were called when the teenager got into a physical fight with her mom. The officer is now being investigated for alleged excessive use of force.


Caught on Tape: Teacher Sent Home For Excessive Force in Breaking Up A Fight

Sorry I really don’t see where he used excessive force. He was breaking up a fight and I think he was justified due to the circumstances. Check it out for yourself.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“A Pulaski County Special School District teacher put on administrative leave after a parent claims he used excessive force on a student and it’s all caught on tape. The incident happened after the teacher stepped in to break up a fight.” – 16