[video] FARRAKHAN Exposes ROTHSCHILD Bankers and their NEW WORLD ORDER Agenda

Enough Mimi posts for the week. Time for some knowledge. You wanna learn some valuable lessons about the greatest country on Earth? Sit back and watch this video and open your eyes to how international bankers and the privately owned Federal Reserve control this government and how it has been orchestrated by the Rothschilds. This video is some years old but rings true to today without a doubt. Everything spoken in this video is 100% the truth whether you want to accept it, or ignore it.

Snoop Dogg & T.I. Support Peace Movement At Nation Of Islam Event

via SOHH

Snoop Dogg, T.I., Doug E. Fresh and more participated in the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day convention over the weekend as a show of solidarity and a call for peace.ti-snoop

Snoop was among many who made the trip to Illinois in support of Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Snoop appeared at the Nation of Islam’s annual convention in a Chicago suburb. Wearing sunglasses, a dark suit and a tie, Snoop Dogg spoke briefly in front of a crowd of thousands Sunday and praised the Chicago-based movement’s Minister Farrakhan. (USA Today)

Despite occasional violent lyrics, the West Coast rap veteran proclaimed his pledge of peace.

“I’m already in the Nation, that’s why I’m here,” Snoop said in an interview. “I’m an advocate for peace. I’ve been in the peace movement ever since I’ve been making music. My whole thing is not about trying to push my thing on you. It’s just about the way I live, and I live how I’m supposed to live as far as doing what’s right and representing what’s right. That’s why I was here today.” (BBC News)

Snoop also made a donation and Tip appeared at the conference via video. Continue reading

[video] Farrakhan on Obama: ‘The Messiah is absolutely speaking’

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Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, another powerful Chicago-based political figure associated with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and other long-time associates of Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama, is leaving no doubt about what he thinks of the leader in the campaign for the White House.

He says when Obama talks “the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”

You can watch it for yourself on a newly posted YouTube video.

Addressing a large crowd behind a podium Feb. 24 with a Nation of Islam Saviour’s Day 2008 sign, Farrakhan proclaims, Continue reading

Farrakhan Ethers Mike Wallace (Throwback)

Dayum, I ran into this clip over at Playahata.com while doing some research of Rev. Wright. Min. Louis Farrakhan tore CBS’ Mike Wallace a new one in regards to America’s “holier than thou” position it likes to take on when talking about “foriegn” aggressors. Classic. During a time when debate is so unbalanced on network TV you are almost begging for one of these stations to get Farrakhan and Rev. Wright in the same room with Bill O’ Reilly and Sean Hannity. Pay per view anyone?