Kanye West Coons for Fashion Elite, still Slammed By Fashion Week Creator

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This is what happens when you coon and buffoon and try and impress a group of people who will never like you no matter what you do.

via Rollingstone

Kanye West debuted his Adidas Originals collection last week in Manhattan, and the reviews have been decidedly mixed. But the rapper-designer’s harshest critic could be New York Fashion Week creator Fern Mallis. “I’m kind of over Kanye,” she recently told Page Six. “I mean, I’m not a fan of his music, and the attitude and the agenda is not my style.” Now West has responded to Mallis’ criticisms via Twitter – using a zen-like tone.
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Levi’s CEO says “Don’t wash your blue jeans…”

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I never washed my denim jeans, always took them to the dry cleaners.

via CBS SF

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIF. (CBS SF) — You know that feeling of sliding on jeans fresh out of the dryer.
What if you could avoid the tummy sucking hassle of squeezing into a pair of jeans by never washing them again?
In a move to promote sustainable practices, Levi Strauss & Co’s CEO Chip Bergh said that’s exactly what jean owners should do.

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[video] EXPOSED! Rappers Who Brag About Money Are Actually Broke and Bankrupt

Label whores beware. If you don’t know any of this stuff you might be living under a rock or never have logged onto TMZ because this is their daily fare for several years. This guy who put together this video together, obviously has an axe to grind against the rap community and materialism based on his tonality and sarcasm throughout but I will concede he makes some valid points. Take a look for yourself and draw your own conclusions as to if you think what he says is the truth.

Erykah Badu Named New Face of GIVENCHY’s Spring Campaign


Definitely a great choice. This should also be a serious wake-up call to those designer brands that it’s time and inevitable that they will have to add much more models of color. The fact that white models are used pretty much exclusively is garnering more and more backlash and their own customers will speak out and demand to see models who look like them. Change happens slow but this is at least a bold move by Riccardo Tisci .

via Daily Mail
R&B singer Erykah Badu has been signed as the face of Givenchy’s spring 2014 campaign in reaction to a fashion industry tendency to use predominantly white models on the runway.
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Exclusive: Florida Marlins Custom New Era 59/50 Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks brings you some Miami flavor with this just dropped Florida Marlins Custom New Era 59/50 Fitted done in “Miami Hurricanes colors.” It is all hunter green with the bill all in orange. The embroidered marlin logo on the front of the hat is in hunter green, orange, white with the “F” in black. The back of the hat has the embroidered m.l.b. log in orange, white, and yellow. It is limited to just 30 total pieces. Go represent the Marlins and the “U” only and exclusively at www.rocknjocks.com

Exclusive: New Jersey Nets & Florida Marlins New Era Custom Fitted

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Rock-N-Jocks keeps dropping New Era Custom Fitted after New Era Custom Fitted. Here are two that have just been released. First up is the New Jersey Nets Custom New Era Fitted. This hat is all navy blue with the top of the bill in navy blue and the bottom of the bill in orange. The embroidered nets logo on the front is in orange, yellow, radiant red and outlined in white. The embroidered nets logo on the back of the hat is in orange and yellow. Next up is the Florida Marlins New Era Custom Fitted. This hat is done in all wheat with the bill in all light sky blue. The embroidered marlins logo on the front of the hat is done in light sky blue and white. the back of the hat has the embroidered m.l.b. logo in white and light sky blue, and wheat. Both are only limited to 30 total pieces. Go gets both and many more exclusively at www.rocknjocks.com

Tech Togs: Nine Geek Chic Outfits

via PCWorld

Depend on your gadgets? Designers are making technology crucial to another area of our lives: our closets. From the practical to attention-getters, wearable technology offers new alternatives to standard geekware.

iPod Holder Meets Swanky Suit

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The Celio Club Suit—an iPod holder disguised as a tailored suit—lets you hear your favorite music and look hot. The jacket has specially designed pockets to hold an iPod flatly in place. It also has a special fabric touchpad that runs vertically along the breast label inside, which allows you to turn the iPod on, control the volume, skip forward or back, and auto-lock the device. Friends won’t guess that your newfound je ne sais quoi is stylishly hidden access to your own personal soundtrack. Image credit: QIO Systems, Inc.

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If your typical uniform is jeans and your favorite Star Trek, Digg or Twitter T-shirt, the Philips Lumalive shirts may pique your interest. By uniting LED tech with simple tees, the Philips Lumalive shirts can emit vibrantly colored messages, images and animations. And if you spill something on your shirt, the batteries and electronics are easily removable and re-attachable so you can clean up your act. You’ll need to contain your excitement for a while though—these tees aren’t being sold in department stores quite yet.Image credit: Philips Continue reading

Exclusive: Milwaukee Brewers custom New Era Fitted

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Rock-N-Jocks just got in this Milwaukee Brewers custom New Era Fitted which is a great match for the Nike Air Yeezy’s (Kanye West shoes). The hat is all black with the “Brewers glove logo” embroidred in hot pink, traced in white, with a yellow ball in the middle of the glove. The bill of the hat is all hot pink. The new era flag on the side of the hat is embroidered in yellow. The back of the hat has the m.l.b. logo embroidered in hot pink, white, and yellow. This is limited to only 30 total pieces. Go get yours only and exclusively at www.rocknjocks.com

[pics] Enyce Fall 08

Enyce Fall 08 Collection

Enyce Fall 08 Collection

The saying goes be careful what you as for. Well, with that just the other day I was having a convo with mt bedren about clothing lines that have stood the test of time from back in day.  When we got around to Enyce I was like what ever happened to them dudes? Then homie quickly advised me that Enyce is embarking on a comeback for the Fall of 08.  I remember they was early in the game with the graphic tees and the earth tone color sweat suits.  Now that those styles have become the industry standard lets see how the fellas switch their game up.  These are a few frames from their upcoming collection. Props to Steve over a gofiguremag.

Alphanumeric Gassed Tee

via Hypebeast

In a response to America’s high gas prices, Alphanumeric has designed this thoughtful t-shirt symbolizing the effects of how the raising gas prices has a suffocating effect on not only the economy but on everyone in the world. The t-shirt which will come in two colors will be available on August 1st but pre-orders are now available at Robust Flavor for $26 USD.

Inmates Showcase Designs at Prison Show

The models are strutting past and the celebrities are carefully eyeing the collections, but it\'s not at every fashion show that you see prison guards by the catwalk.

via Reuters

By Marie-Louise Gumuchian

MILAN (Reuters) – The models are strutting past and the celebrities are carefully eyeing the collections, but it’s not at every fashion show that you see prison guards by the catwalk.

Security was tight as usual at Milan’s San Vittore prison on Wednesday, where female inmates, launching their own womenswear line, showcased a collection of three white wedding dresses in a glamorous fashion show in the jail’s courtyard.

Having learnt tailoring skills from a local cooperative that aims to help women behind bars, prisoners and former inmates displayed stylish dresses alongside creations by Italian big names like Giorgio Armani, Prada and Alberta Ferretti.

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