[video] My 600-LB Lifeā€”Junk Food Junkie Marla Fries Chicken in Bed

I saw this episode and this has to be the first time I have seen somebody frying chicken in bed. She actually made fried chicken history when we thought we had seen it all. I also have never seen anyone throw french dressing on fried chicken either.

Marla is so heavy she cannot stand up. Bedridden, her true weight is unknown but estimated at 800-lbs.
Marla must face the facts about her health and the toll it takes on her supportive family if she is to save her health.


[video]My Biggest Insecurity: Loose Skin

Here is a real deal story on what happens after you lose a tremendous amount of weight and is left with a huge amount of loose skin. Kudos to this dude for being brave enough to talk about this subject.

“Obviously this is not ideal,” Glaude says. “What I would have wanted after losing 160 pounds … is the perfect body, right? But that’s not the case, and that’s okay. You should never let loose skin or anything else stop you from going for your dreams. My dreams are to be really happy in my skin. And I am, loose skin and all.”

This motivating story was picked up quickly by r/Fitness, where feedback was all positive for Glaude. From kudos on the weight loss, to acknowledgment of his courage, to flat-out propositioning and flirtation, yesterday was a good day for Glaude. And with the way he’s inspired us, we hope his journey is yielding constant happiness and this experience is a breakthrough for his confidence.