[video] Trump, Clinton aides clash over use of “White Supremacists” in Presidential Campaign

The irony of this conversation kills me. I say they all are guilty of white supremacist ideology. The fact that Hillary’s camp is trying to marginalize white supremacists to be this little group of people who are active on the Breitbart website is a joke. With that being said the lesser of two evils would of better served this country.

Four weeks after the election, tensions between top operatives at the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns erupted during a Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics discussion that was intended to record history by drawing out the internal deliberations of both campaigns.

Bobby Shmurda Super Fan Martin Shkreli Has Been Busted for Securities Fraud

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.24.39 PMA day after trolling the Hip Hop world with his desire to bail out incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda, and purchasing the Wu-tang album for a reported $2 million, Marty Mar came crashing down today when he was arrested for securities fraud . Marty came into our consciousness when it was discovered that he was jacking up the price for an AIDS medicine by something like  5000%.

via Slate

Shkreli is currently the chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, which this Summer purchased the rights to Daraprim, a 62-year-old drug used to treat a potentially deadly parasitic infection, and promptly began charging $750 per pill.

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[video] 7Dayz (The true story of Tupac’s last seven days) [Indiegogo Trailer 2015]

Go HERE to get the full story and opportunities to support this movie.

My name is Gobi M. Rahimi and I had the honor of directing and producing Tupac Shakur’s music videos during his time at Death Row Records.
A few weeks before Pac was shot, I wrote the letter that Tupac signed, firing Suge Knight and his lawyer David Kenner. After that, the tension between Tupac and his label soared to new heights.
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Sony Pictures Exec. Amy Pascal Begs Public Not To Read Racist Emails

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.40.34 PM

This is a fascinating story that I hope you guys are paying attention to because this is just the beginning of impending cyber warfare against corporations the world over. They have made their demands known and will continue to pull off the veil of these multi-national corporations who have wielded unbridled power for far too long. I got my popcorn. Lastly, I hope that Amy wakes up and realizes that Al Sharpton’s influence is waning and doesn’t speak for us. Burn Hollywood burn.

DEADLINE: Did you apologize to the president?
PASCAL: I don’t know Barack Obama. I worked really hard for him in both of his campaigns. I am inspired by him. I…I’m embarrassed, deeply.

DEADLINE: Rev. Al Sharpton just came out with a statement highly critical of your comment. How do you react to that?
PASCAL: I know I screwed up. So I called him and we spoke. And we are going to try to use this as an opportunity to make things better.


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[video] The FBI War on Tupac (Must Watch)

This is a Must Watch for everybody.

Jeff interviews author John Potash, topics include: the corrupt oligarchy, Tupac Shakur, Tupac was an an activist before becoming a rapper, FBI war on Tupac Shakur, Black Panthers as community activists, Huey Newton, Black Panther Cubs, Mike Tyson, entrapment, targeting of political musicians, Death Row Records was a US intelligence front, conspiracy and cover up, MK Ultra, CIA and drugs, Afghanistan, Kurt Cobain, Jimmi Hendrix, and much more.








X-Men Director Bryan Singer Accused of ‘Jerry Sandusky’ Sexual Teenage Boy Fetish

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 8.35.58 AM

So we have another Jerry Sandusky on our hands with Bryan Singer ,who was so talented, that Hollywood decided to ignore his morbid fetish of sexually abusing young boys.

via Daily News

Egan, whose lawyer filed suit against Singer in federal court Wednesday, was originally from Nebraska and came to Hollywood with his family in his mid-teens. His suit alleges that Singer sexually abused him between the ages of 15 and 17 in the late-1990s. The accusations include forced sodomy.

Egan said his mother reported the alleged abuse to police back in the 1990s and even contacted the FBI.

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FBI Breaks the Law: Illegally collecting telephone records

Put all your trust in the government and you will continue to be led astray.   The Washington Post reports that the FBI illegally collected more than 2,000 U.S. telephone call records between 2002 and 2006 by invoking terrorism emergencies through lies and bullying the phone companies.

Source: Washington Post

E-mails obtained by The Washington Post detail how counterterrorism officials inside FBI headquarters did not follow their own procedures that were put in place to protect civil liberties. The stream of urgent requests for phone records also overwhelmed the FBI communications analysis unit with work that ultimately was not connected to imminent threats.

A Justice Department inspector general’s report due out this month is expected to conclude that the FBI frequently violated the law with its emergency requests, bureau officials confirmed.

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FBI Lists 25 Most Dangerous Streets in the US


via Uptown Life

I beg to differ. I’m suspicious of any list coming from the FBI especially if they are still listing 125th and St. Nick as a hotspot, this list needs an update. This is probably just another disingenuous attempt to drop property value on inner city blocks so developers can sweep in and disenfranchise some more minorities. After all, its just business as usual.

1) Cincinnati – Central Pwky./Liberty St.
2) Chicago – State St./Garfield Blvd.
3) Miami, 7th Ave./North River Dr.
4) Jacksonville – Beaver St./Broad St.
5) Baltimore – North Ave./Belair Rd.
6) Kansas City – Bales Ave./30th St.
7) Memphis – Warford St./Mt. Olive Rd.
8) Kansas City – Forest Ave./41st St.
9) Dallas – Route 352/Scyene Rd.
10) Richmond – Va., Church Hill
11) Memphis – Bellevue Blvd./Lamar Ave.
12) Dallas – 2nd Ave./Hatcher St.
13) Springfield, Ill. – Cook St./11th St.
14) St. Louis – 14th St./Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.
15) Little Rock, Ark. – Roosevelt Rd./Bond St.
16) Philadelphia – Broad St./Dauphin St.
17) Tampa – Amelia Ave./Tampa St.
18) New York – St. Nicholas Ave./125th St.
19) Chicago – 66th St./Yale Ave.
20) Baltimore – Orleans St./Front St.
21) Cleveland – Cedar Ave./55th St.
22) Orlando – East-West Expy./Orange Blossom Trail
23) Detroit – Mt. Elliott St./Palmer Ave.
24) Chicago – Wallace St./58th St.
25) Chicago – Winchester Ave./60th St

F.B.I. and States Vastly Expand DNA Databases


via NY Times

Law enforcement officials are vastly expanding their collection of DNA to include millions more people who have been arrested or detained but not yet convicted. The move, intended to help solve more crimes, is raising concerns about the privacy of petty offenders and people who are presumed innocent.

Until now, the federal government genetically tracked only convicts. But starting this month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will join 15 states that collect DNA samples from those awaiting trial and will collect DNA from detained immigrants — the vanguard of a growing class of genetic registrants.

The F.B.I., with a DNA database of 6.7 million profiles, expects to accelerate its growth rate from 80,000 new entries a year to 1.2 million by 2012 — a 17-fold increase. F.B.I. officials say they expect DNA processing backlogs — which now stand at more than 500,000 cases — to increase.

Law enforcement officials say that expanding the DNA databanks to include legally innocent people will help solve more violent crimes. They point out that DNA has helped convict thousands of criminals and has exonerated more than 200 wrongfully convicted people.

But criminal justice experts cite Fourth Amendment privacy concerns and worry that the nation is becoming a genetic surveillance society.

“DNA databases were built initially to deal with violent sexual crimes and homicides — a very limited number of crimes,” said Harry Levine, a professor of sociology at City University of New York who studies policing trends. “Over time more and more crimes of decreasing severity have been added to the database. Cops and prosecutors like it because it gives everybody more information and creates a new suspect pool.” Continue reading

Rogue FBI agent who inspired ‘The Departed’ jailed for 40 years for killing witness set to testify against the Mob

via Daily Mail UK

A rogue FBI agent has been jailed for 40 years for killing a witness who was about to testify against the Mob.departed1

A judge told FBI agent John Connolly he had ‘crossed over to the dark side’.

The former agent’s decision to switch sides was said to be the inspiration  for  the character played by Matt Damon in the hit film ‘The Departed.’

Damon played a Massachusetts State Trooper detective who supplied his Mob   connections with information.

During a two-month trial in Miami, Florida, a jury heard that Connolly, 68, was on the Mafia payroll – receiving money from notorious Mob leader James ‘Whitey’ Bulger  who ran the Winter Hill gang in Boston in the 1980s.

Bulger is the FBI’s second-most wanted fugitive after Osama bin Laden and is being sought for involvement in 19 murders.

The court heard that Connolly would supply his Mob connections with tip-offs about police raids and leak the names of informants.

He was convicted of the 1982 murder of businessman John Callahan, whose bullet-riddled body was found in the boot of a car at Miami  Airport.

Connolly told his mob connections that 45-year-old Callaghan was preparing to give evidence against the notorious Winter Hill gang in Boston.

A ‘hit’ was taken out on the father-of-two before he could implicate Bulger.

Connolly has denied being a corrupt agent.

He said: ‘I never sold my badge. I never took anybody’s money. I never  caused  anybody to be hurt, at least not knowingly, and I never would.’

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FBI to Probe Fatal Shooting by New Orleans Police

As tensions mount, Hip Hop needs to find its voice to call out the indiscriminate practice of police killing “black” men.  It is inaccurate to say Obama is inheriting two wars when he takes office. How quickly do we forget about the “War on Drugs” or the “War on Poverty?” These are actual engagements that have budgets, bureaus, and goals attached to them.  When is enough enough?  This is atrocious.   

via Nola.com

The FBI will probe the New Year’s Day fatal shooting of a 22-year-old man by New Orleans police, considering whether it could be a civil rights violation, a spokeswoman said Monday.

Agents from the local FBI office consulted with the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s office in deciding to open the inquiry, said Special Agent Sheila Thorne, a local FBI spokeswoman.neworleanspolice

Relatives of Adolph Grimes III contacted the FBI shortly after he died in the shooting, which New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley described as a “gun battle” involving seven officers.

Nine police officers were reassigned after the early morning incident and the Police Department’s homicide division is conducting its own investigation. Police have said seven officers fired after Grimes shot at officers. Frank DeSalvo, an attorney representing several officers and the Police Association of New Orleans, said homicide detectives on Monday began collecting statements from the officers.

Eric Hessler, an attorney representing the Fraternal Order of Police and several of the officers, predicted Monday night that evidence will show the shooting was justified.

“I’m sure once they look at the facts and circumstances, that they will come to the same conclusion that these officers were justified,” Hessler said. Continue reading

Wanted: 850 New FBI Agents

I wonder why they’re hiring all these new alphabet boys? Maybe got something to do with the fact they’ve got the whole country wiretapped. There must hundreds of thousands of secret indictments on the way.

via CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Despite a bleak economic environment featuring wide-ranging layoffs and rising unemployment, the nation’s premier law enforcement agency is touting “one of the largest hiring blitzes in our 100-year history.”art_fbi1

The FBI posted openings for 850 special agents and more than 2,100 professional support personnel. Officials say it’s the largest FBI job posting since immediately after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The FBI’s unexpectedly large number of job openings results more from attrition and a wave of retirements than from growing government appropriations, Bureau officials told CNN.

The FBI routinely advertises openings for individuals with critical skills in computer science and language fluency. But John Raucci, assistant director of the FBI’s Human Resources Division, says current needs are much more wide-ranging. Continue reading

New Guidelines Would Give FBI Expanded Powers

via NY Times

WASHINGTON — A Justice Department plan would loosen restrictions on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to allow agents to open a national security or criminal investigation against someone without any clear basis for suspicion, Democratic lawmakers briefed on the details said Wednesday.

The plan, which could be made public next month, has already generated intense interest and speculation. Little is known about its precise language, but civil liberties advocates say they fear it could give the government even broader license to open terrorism investigations.

Congressional staff members got a glimpse of some of the details in closed briefings this month, and four Democratic senators told Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey in a letter on Wednesday that they were troubled by what they heard. Continue reading

Blackwater’s Contract Renewed In Iraq For Another Year

Amidst a political firestorm about questionable tactics on the battlefield, private security firm Blackwater USA’s multimillion contract to secure government officials in Baghdad has been renewed by the State Department.

Although the firm is being investigated by the FBI for their involvement in a firefight that resulted in 17 unjustified Iraqi civilian deaths the government decided this shouldn’t stop them from awarding the Moyock, N.C. based outift with a third year extension on a five year contract to provide security for diplomats and bureaucrats located within the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq. The security firm, which has no oversight by the US military is on somewhat of a probationary status while FBI investigators conclude their investigation.

The contracts can be stripped, the company or the individuals who engaged in the gunfight can be brought up on charges still, but the outcome remains to be seen. In the meantime these “independent contractors” who some have described as mercenaries continue to operate behind enemy lines, still receiving upwards to a billion dollars in their dealings with the same federal government in charge of investigating them.

National Intelligence System Is Up & Active


A national intelligence agency is now apparently just a click away. Prior to 9/11 different agencies that span the local, state, national and federal level weren’t required and didn’t have the infrastructure to share information across networks but that has changed with the advent of the $85 million Raytheon developed National Data Exchange (N-Dex). The new intelligence system will enable various police agencies to access millions of criminal records and monitor behavioral patterns in what is being called a “one-stop shop” for crime fighters. So far North Western jurisdictions from Washington to Arizona are actively participating with more additions expected by the end of this month. You can CLICK HERE to read the rest of this article.

FBI Admits To Widespread Snooping


The Director of the FBI, Mr. Robert Mueller testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday (3/5) and alluded to the fact that the feds may have improperly accessed several thousand Americans phone, bank and Internet records in its sweeping investigation of terrorists home and abroad.  The abuse of “national security letters” the devices needed to obtain sensitive data on suspects without the approval of judges have been ongoing for several years according to research done by Congress.  After the Patriot Act was enacted in 2001 there have been an unprecendented amount of requests enabling the FBI to snoop into the lives of Americans.  Here is an excerpt from the explosive article from the New York Times:

Speaking before the FBI chief, Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., urged Mueller to be more vigilant in correcting what he called ”widespread illegal and improper use of national security letters.”

”Everybody wants to stop terrorists. But we also, though, as Americans, we believe in our privacy rights and we want those protected,” Leahy said. ”There has to be a better chain of command for this. You cannot just have an FBI agent who decides he’d like to obtain Americans’ records, bank records or anything else and do it just because they want to.”

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