[video] Russell Simmons X Rick Rubin On Public Enemy

Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin discussion on the impact of legendary group Public Enemy is accord with the 30th anniversary of hip hop powerhouse Def Jam. Still not feeling the omission of Professor Griff because he was integral to their success and him being left out is a travesty in itself. With that being said, Public Enemy changed the game, as Russell alludes to in this interview with Noisey for their Back and Forth series.


Chuck D Calls Out Hot 97 for “Sloppy Fiasco” its made of Hip Hop

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Definitely wanna hear Ebro’s response to the points Chuck is making, who has never held his tongue when it comes to how he feels about the current state of Hip Hop music. I would also like to hear Chuck address the fact that this current crop of ratchet reality television was practically built from Flavor Flav’s “Flavor of Love” which spawned everything we see now in terms of urban reality show programming.

via HiphopDX

“The look on my face after I heard what a sloppy fiasco @hot97 in NYC has made of HipHop. #culturalCrime,” Chuck D said in the Twitter post.

One of Chuck’s followers responded by saying Hot 97 has to “pay the bills like everybody else.” To this, Chuck said: “yeah slavery paid bills too, correct?”

He elaborated: “bottom line is you make sht better than how you found it. You buy a house, don’t take care of it, a town is calling u out..”

Flavor Flav Opens Up Fried Chicken Franchise

I am all for Flavor Flavor opening up a business, but are we not at fried chicken overload in this country? Fried foods have been proven to be the precursor to heart disease, obesity, and a bunch of other ailments, and the last thing people need is another fried chicken joint.
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Rapper and reality show star Flavor Flav is opening a fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa. Why Clinton, Iowa, which even Flav admits is “way out here in the middle of some place”? His business partner, Nick Cimino, is from Clinton, and it was his idea to open the restaurant, which is located next door to a KFC. Flav had previously sold his chicken wings at a restaurant Cimino owns in Las Vegas.

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MTV: Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem Get The ‘Simpsons’ Treatment

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via MTV

Later this month, “The Simpsons” will jump into its 21st season with yet another entry in the fantastic “Treehouse of Horror” franchise. To celebrate the upcoming milestone and to pay respects to some great hip-hop icons, Format and Moxy Creative have teamed up to produce a series of limited-edition posters that depict 10 famous rappers “Simpsonized.” The results are pretty great. As you can see in the posse shot below, some real heavy hitters are represented: Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Flavor Flav, Andre 3000, Eminem, Eazy-E and Fat Joe have all been converted into cartoon versions of their former selves.

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Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Candace ‘Black’ Cabrera

After being visually assaulted with repeated repeats of Flavor of Love Family Reunion I’m still scratching my head and asking why did Flav pass up on this? Candace “Black” Cabrera’s was the hood’s candidate, we was all rooting for babydoll. I mean I’m all for the “black” family and all and it was admirable to see Flav keeping it funky with his babymoms but I mean c’mon homie, you could’ve at least picked this over ‘Thing Thing.’ Flav, you get the GAS FACE of ’08. [Pic Gallery after JUMP]

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Hip Hop’s Hottest Honey’s- Shay “Buckeey” Johnson

Source : Bossip/Cutie Central

Man that Flavor Flav knows how to pick em’ or does he ? Because who in their right mind would not pick Shay “Buckeey” Johnson in any contest. The Flavor of Love alum has keep her self busy with mucho magazine and television appearances since being wrongfully booted of the show in season 2.We here salute Shay and wish her the best in her pursuits and rate her an ‘WOW!!!'(Flavor Flav voice).

Flav Looking For Tracks to Sprinkle Some Flavor On


The Return of Flavor Flav season is in full swing over at VH1. In conjunction with his new show, which debuted earlier this month, the good folks over at VH1 are extending an opportunity for producers to submit what will become the next track Flav will be rapping on. Tracks should be submitted to FlavorOfLoveWorld.com by March 13 and Flav will pick three finalist out of the lot. Fans via online voting on April 1 will pick the best of the three producers. The contest is open to residents of the United States who are 18 years and older. This contest is reminiscent of VH1’s “The Score” which was a tie in to “VH1’s Hip Hop Honor.” The contest allowed participants to enter original tracks that would be used to scored the hit awards show. Apparently both contests are part of a bigger initiative rolled out by MTV Networks called “Addicted To Noise.” More details on this platform will be available shortly.

Flav is Headed Back Into Your LivingRooms


America’s favorite passtime has returned for a third go-around…that’s right folks Flavor Flav is reloading with a Flavor of Love Part3.  Still on a quest for “Mrs. Right” the folks at VH1 were so considerate to give Flav another chance at love after Ms. New York dominated reality TV last season with her runaway hit show, I Love New York 2.  Viewers can get a preview of the cast and a glimpse of video clips of the show at FlavorOfLoveWorld.com, VH1’s supported social network that will keep fans closer to the cast for the very first time.  The show premiers on Monday, February 11 at 9PM.  Below are some of the girls that will be featured this season: 


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