Fox News finally fires Bill O’Reilly over sexual harassment lawsuits

Somewhere Maxine Waters is smiling right now and is amongst millions of people who are happy this  misogynistic racist asshole has finally been canned.

via NY Mag

The Murdochs have decided Bill O’Reilly’s 21-year run at Fox News will come to an end. According to sources briefed on the discussions, network executives are preparing to announce O’Reilly’s departure before he returns from an Italian vacation on April 24. Now the big questions are how the exit will look and who will replace him.

Wednesday morning, according to sources, executives are holding emergency meetings to discuss how they can sever the relationship with the country’s highest-rated cable-news host without causing collateral damage to the network. The board of Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, is scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss the matter.


[video] Black Trump Fan Attacks White Protester

Who is cutting checks to have people fight at these rallies? Seems all staged and contrived.

Another day, another protester beaten at a Donald Trump rally. Usually the minorities are the ones being assaulted, but this time was different because the Trump fan was black and the protester was white. Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A Trump protester was punched and kicked several times while being escorted out of a rally in Tucson, Ariz., by police.

Videos show a protester in an American flag shirt holding up a picture of Trump before being punched. Another protester walking right behind him is seen wearing a white Ku Klux Klan-style hood. Police immediately handcuffed the attacker, a black man.

The protestor was wearing a hood while saluting, presumably referring to KKK/Hitler, before he was punched & kicked”*

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The Curious Case of Joseph Kent: Is Peaceful Protest Really the Solution?


Twitter user @POPSspotsports has come forward with some interesting pictures and recollections from his encounter with Baltimore activist Joseph Kent last night. This young man was not only peaceful, he was assisting police and also acted as a mediator between them and the protesters. This is someone who was clearly not anti-police, not a ‘thug’, not provocative, not inciting riots, etc.

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Jessie Williams Slams Critics of Baltimore Protesters, and Rioting

Jessie Williams speaks to the media driven narrative about the protesters and rioting that is happening in Baltimore.

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Fox News Troll Steve Harrigan Cursed Out After Protester Hears “the dignified protesters have left, this is just child’s play now”

This has nothing to with whether or not you agree with the clashes with the police in Ferguson,  this is about the Fox News troll’s (Steve Harrigan) statement that the dignified protesters have left perpetuates that the voices of these young men are to be ignored. If they were treated in this systematic racist society and felt their lives mattered in this country would they be out there rioting? Once again Fox News proves they along with the media in general are just as much as the problem as the officer who killed Mike Brown.



[video] Bill O’ Reilly tells Russell Simmons Beyonce makes “exploitative garbage”

Bill O’ Reilly spars with Russell Simmons over Beyonce and proclaims she makes  “exploitative garbage”. Wait to till he sees Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ video, he might just have another one of his nuclear meltdowns on camera. Seriously Bill seems to be so late on these type of things, shit he should see some of the stuff Madonna did a 100 years ago and he might just have a heart attack. The ironic thing is this is the same guy who paid off a woman who accused him of sexual harassment at the workplace a number of years ago, and any time he goes on these tangents none of his guests ever bring it up. Instead of it being constructive interview about Russell’s new book ‘Success Through Stillness’, he masterfully spinned it to a conversation about Beyonce and had Russell on his heels once again. Though O’ Reilly proclaimed never to speak on his  sexual harassment suit again, I would bet a dollar to a doughnut he is still that pervert, and knows every lyric to “Partition”.


[video] Bill O’ Reilly Speaks w/ Valerie Jarrett on ‘Gangsta Culture’ and President Obama’s ‘My Brothers Keeper’ Program

I have never liked pompous know-it-all Bill O’ Reilly. In fact I have despised him since I initially heard him speak on Fox News on critical issues destroying the black community.
With that being said, though my feeling for him and his racist rhetoric has not changed in the least, I agree with him and his stance on how to truly make President Obama’s “My Brothers Keepers” program effective. In order to reach the millions of at risk urban youth in this country, we definitely need serious involvement of today’s high profile rappers and athletes. These guys are heroes to our kids and look up to them as role models whether we like it or not.
Though O’ Reilly has a point, he conveniently forgets to acknowledge systematic racism, post traumatic slavery disorder, and a host of other unavoidable contributing factors when discussing the plight of the black community, which makes his cure all inadequate at best.

[video] FOX News Contributor Andy Levy goes after Chris Brown in Apology for Punching Tweet

They will never let this guy get past this incident. This kinda brutal so if you are Team Breezy do not, I repeat do not, watch this video.

To Team Breezy I would also like to say that I’m sorry. Thank you for your thousands of tweets which taught me a lot about the creative possibilities of spelling, grammar, and syntax.  Possibilities I couldn’t even imagine before last night. In particular I’d like to thank the female members of Team Breezy, who have taught me that as long as you can sing, you can beat the living hell out of a woman and other women will still love you.


[audio] Glenn Beck doubts Osama is dead

He makes his case as to why Bin Laden is not really dead.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“There is something bothering me and it has to do with the helicopter crash. Getting Osama Bin Laden out, and the fact that we know that Wikleaks says that al-Qaeda has nukes. And here we have the head of al-Qaeda and we shoot him. Reports coming from the Pentagon, he was unarmed. Now why would we shoot a guy? Did we get the information? Could we have done anything with that? Were poll numbers involved, or are we seeing a show? Is it possible that Osama Bin Laden has been ghosted out of his compound, and we’re seeing a show at this point? Watch the other hand. Watch the other hand.”

via Politicus USA

CBS honcho wants Charlie Back, Sheen in Talks with FOX

Well it seems that Charlie Sheen is ultimately #Winning against all the naysayers with these new reports showing that he is hotter than ever with a 20-Date concert tour selling out and being courted by FOX for a new show, and CBS honcho Les Mooves wanting him back in the fold at CBS.

via Radar Online
The top exec at the Eye network is ready, willing, and able to forgive and forget all of Sheen’s recent antics and continue broadcasting the series, with Sheen back in the starring role, a well-placed insider tells us.
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[video] Bill O’ Reilly’s Super Bowl Interview with President Obama

Bill O’Reilly:
“The folks who hate you don’t know you. They hate some fun house image of you that’s out there.” Obama refrained from suggesting that Fox is a maker of that fun house image, but one imagines he may have been directing that response to some of its viewers.

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[video] ‘Baby Doc’ charged with corruption and embezzlement

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — Extraordinary drama unfolded Tuesday in Port-au-Prince as charges were filed against former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, government sources told CNN.

The charges are related to financial corruption and may also include human rights violations, a source in the court told CNN.

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[video] Tucker Carlson flip-flops on Michael Vick ‘Execution’ Statement (Skip to 4:09)

Typical lame backtrack that is all too-common today. Tucker Carlson is an a-hole always has, and always be.

via Huff Post

“This is what happens when you get too emotional,” Carlson said. “I’m a dog lover, I love them and…I know a lot about what Michael Vick did…I overspoke. I’m uncomfortable with the death penalty in any circumstance. Of course I don’t think he should be executed, but I do think that what he did is truly appalling.”
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[video] A **-hole Tucker Carlson Calls for Execution of Michael Vick (WTF)

Well he said this while filling for another a-hole Sean Hannity so what do we expect? But this right here is quite disturbing knowing the history of this country executing innocent Black men from slavery up until this day. This guys has always been a dumb pundit, but his clear racist ideals are starting to protrude out of his oversized ego. Michael Vick paid his debt to society and has been on very good behavior since, so get off his back people.

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[video] NPR fires Juan Williams for being ‘nervous of Muslims’ on airplanes

Juan Williams is a boot licking sellout and has some nerve saying this statement and I am glad he got canned. Video courtesy of Buzzfeed.

via Gawker

Juan Williams, fired by NPR today for honestly expressing his fear of scary Muslims in our nation’s skies, has now responded publicly, saying that his remark was “not a bigoted statement,” and faulting NPR for firing him without even letting him speak to them in person about it. (NPR says in a memo that it’s had “many conversations and warnings over the years” with Williams about his public statements). Also Bill O’Reilly is now leaping to Williams’ defense and calling for funding cuts for NPR, which is the official new talking point on this, apparently. Juan Williams’ future as a heroic favorite at Fox News is suddenly very clear.