[video] Did the Simpsons predict Donald Trump becoming President?

Astonishingly this video was posted back in Aug 29, 2015. There are bunch of theories on whether or not Matt Groening and his crew predicted a Trump Presidency and they have spoken out to set the record straight.

via the Mirror

Earlier this year Simpsons writer Dan Greaney ex­­plained why they had “predicted” a Trump presidency back in 2000 .

“It was a warning to America,” he said. “That just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was consistent with the vision of America going insane.

“What we needed was for Lisa to have problems beyond her fixing, that everything went as bad as it possibly could, and that’s why we had Trump be president before her.”


Show creator Matt Groening said last month: “Back in 2000 Trump was, of course, the most absurd placeholder joke name that we could think of at the time and that’s still true. It’s beyond satire.”

Trump was mocked in another episode of The Simpsons in 2015, aired after he announced he was running for president. Trumptastic Voy­­age had him on an escalator with Homer Simpson – mimicking the real entrance he made to announce his candidacy with wife Melania.

Trump was later accused of hiring actors to cheer for him. So The Simpsons showed onlookers holding PAID signs among VOTE placards. Homer is seen pondering Trump’s “gravity-defying comb-over” and wondering: “If I touch it, will it heal my baldness?”


Empire Smashes Television Broadcast Ratings

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.33.23 PM

Love it or Hate it, this is a juggernaut.

via EW

If your guess was: “Empire’s ratings just defied all the laws of broadcast television to once again rise to a record number” … then you would be right.

Wednesday’s episode hit 12.9 million viewers and a huge 5.1 rating among adults 18-49. That’s up 6 percent from last week in the demo (which, of course, was a record rating too).

In total viewers, Empire has gone up every single week – six total – since its premiere.

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[pic] Erin Andrews & Eric Sherman do Superbowl Pre-Game Interview

I guess this a giant middle finger to all the closeted keyboard racists who came to her rescue ,when the so-called “thug” Eric Sherman and her did one of the most memorable post game interviews in sports history.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.31.09 PM

via USA Today

Despite many people thinking Andrews was uncomfortable with the situation, the Fox sideline reporter told For The Win she loved the interview. She also said she immediately reached out to Sherman and the Seahawks following the Twitter blow up to make sure they knew all was well.

“That was awesome,” she said. “That was so awesome. And I loved it.”

Fox threathens to cancel The Simpsons over Pay Cut

These guys are making eight million a year??? I have posted a video(if you even care)of the people behind The Simpsons after the jump:

Dan Castellaneta (Homer, Grampa Simpson, Krusty the Clown, and others), Julie Kavner (Marge and others), Nancy Cartwright (Bart and others), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Hank Azaria (Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum and Apu Nahasapeemapetilon), and Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner, Ned Flanders, and others) each earn about $8 million annually for about 22 weeks’ work.

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[video] Fox Reporter gives report in ton of Raw Sewage

If you guys are wondering why, reporters live for this type of stuff.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WTTG-TV reporter Tucker Barnes was providing live updates for stations around the country as a wall of what he described as sea foam poured over him.Barnes was on the boardwalk as Hurricane Irene hit the coast of MarylandHe noted that he had immersed himself in organic material. That “organic material” was most likely the effects of raw sewage pouring into the water during the storm.”It doesn’t taste great,” he said. via MYFOXNY.com

Wendy Williams Returning to the Tube

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — Is America ready to say, “How you doin’?” to New York-based radio-personality-cum-daytime-talk-show-host Wendy Williams? Debmar-Mercury, media buyers and veteran talk show producers are all betting that “The Wendy Williams Show” will strike a cord with audiences in between coasts when it makes its debut July 13 in national syndication on 20th Century Fox-owned and -operated stations. ww

The talk show, which will air live at 10 a.m. EST in major markets such as New York, comes with a built-in fan base after a six-week test airing in four cities last July. The show quickly found an audience in New York and Los Angeles, where it posted 333% and 29% ratings gains, respectively, among women 25 to 54 in its time slot after airing against repeats of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” It will also air on BET during same-day repeats at 11 p.m. EST.

Ms. Williams, 45, comes to TV as a 22-year veteran of radio, where her nationally syndicated “The Wendy Williams Experience” still airs daily on WBLS 107.5 in New York. On the radio, she built a reputation as a female, African-American Howard Stern of sorts, unafraid to perpetuate the latest celebrity rumor, dish candidly about sex or admit to her own plastic surgery. Continue reading

Fox will debut three new 60 second X-Men Origins: Wolverine spots during Family Guy, House, and American Idol

*fanboy anticipation builds*


Gambit from X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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Beginning Sunday, viewers across the nation can witness the origins of one of the year’s most anticipated movies, when Twentieth Century Fox debuts an exclusive, three-part reveal of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE on FOX.

For this unprecedented promotional event – which is too big for one night – the studio has created three special 60-second spots, one leading into the next, and which together form a narrative. The first spot airs this Sunday (February 15) on “Family Guy,” the second on Monday (Feb. 16) on “House,” and the third on Tuesday (Feb. 17) on “American Idol.”

Following Tuesday’s broadcast of the final spot, all three reveals will be released on Yahoo!

Fox TV Producers Asked to Trim Budgets 2 Percent


via Breitbart

LOS ANGELES (AP) – News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox Television studio has asked producers of shows such as Fox’s “24” and “My Name is Earl,” produced for NBC, to trim their budgets this season by 2 percent, a spokesman said Wednesday.  

The cuts will affect between 16 and 20 shows currently in production, but will probably not result in layoffs, said spokesman Chris Alexander.

“We don’t anticipate that there will be any layoffs. Where the cuts will be made will be at the discretion of every show runner,” he said. “Everyone understands that revenues are down and these steps are necessary to protect our business.”

The move is part of a wider cost-cutting initiative at News Corp.’s Fox properties, from TV stations and the film studio to MySpace, as advertising revenue has fallen across all media. The company has been cutting travel and entertainment budgets and leaving vacant jobs unfilled.

The Walt Disney Co.’s ABC Studios made a similar 2 percent budget cut across its TV shows in November.

CBS Corp. said Tuesday that it laid off a small number of executives and staff at its in-house programming arm, CBS Entertainment, and its production studio, CBS Paramount Network TV.

Earlier this month, General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal cut 500 positions, or 3 percent of its work force; and Viacom Inc., owner of the MTV and BET networks, laid off 850, a 7 percent reduction.

FOX Is Sending THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL To The Galactic Center


FOX is making a galactic move with this one, beaming one of their highly anticipated flicks deep into space on the last Full Moon of ’08.

via Market Watch

Twentieth Century Fox makes history by transmitting the first motion picture in to deep space, making THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL the world’s first galactic motion picture release. The first deliberate deep space transmission of this highly anticipated science fiction thriller will begin this Friday, December 12, 2008, to coincide with the film’s opening day on Planet Earth. If any civilizations are currently orbiting Alpha Centauri, they will be able to receive and view the film approximately four years from now in the year 2012.

In a time when global movie launches are now commonplace, Fox is raising the bar by spearheading, with Deep Space Communications Network located at Cape Canaveral, the ultimate in “wide release” platforms. As millions of Earthbound movie fans get their first look at THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly, the film will be zipping through space at 186,000 miles per second to a heretofore untapped possible consumer base orbiting the three star system, Alpha Centauri.

Commented Twentieth Century Fox domestic distribution president Bruce Snyder: “We at Fox always like to think big, and what’s bigger than a ‘galactic’ release of a major motion picture event? We look forward to sharing THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL with our galactic neighbors near Alpha Centauri — and look forward to their feedback…eight years from now.”

Industry watchers and film historians will note that due to the distance between our solar system and the Alpha Centauri system, it will take over eight years (accounting for a roundtrip communication) to receive any Alpha Centauri reviews. The transmission is not a single beam aimed at just the Alpha Centauri system, but can be received by any advanced technologically capable civilization along the way to Alpha Centauri, and beyond.

Prior to its arrival at Alpha Centauri, the transmission of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL can be intercepted and viewed at various points in our own solar system (Distance from Earth – at the speed of light – and transmission time, as follows): Continue reading

Wendy Bringing Ruckus To Fox On Her Own Talk Show

The Queen Of Daytime Radio

Wendy Williams, under fire for allegations that her husband sexually harrassed members of her staff, has confirmed that she will be debuting a talk-show on Fox, debuting July 14. Her previous attempt at TV on VH1 didn’t do to well ratings-wise and was canceled but now she has reloaded on the network that Murdoch built. Details remain sketchy, like the show’s running time or what time slot it will occupy but they are saying that Fox has signed on for a six-week run. You can expect interviews with celebrities and low-brow antics that have made the female shock-jock a staple on New York radio. She apparently renewed her contract with WBLS so she won’t be abandoning her radio post anytime soon.

Editor’s Note: All this time and I couldn’t put my finger on it, than presto, I got it! That’s who Wendy reminds me of, she’s the female version of Bill ‘O Reilly. Be scared. Be real scared.