[video] SHOCKING: Chicago “Millionaire” Gang Member Shoots Man In Legs – Caught On Video

When keeping it real goes horribly wrong. This dude got $25 mill and thought it was smart to still be a gang member?

CHICAGO (CBS) –Cell phone video of an August 2015 shooting has landed a Chicago man who was previously acquitted of a 1993 murder back behind bars for nine years.

WBBM’s Andy Dahn reports.

Thaddeus Jimenez, 37, was in prison for 16 years after getting convicted for the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man. He was freed in 2009 after his conviction was overturned.

Jimenez would later win a $25 million verdict for the wrongful conviction in 2012. Prosecutors said some of that settlement was used to buy luxury cars and recruit members for his gang, the Simon City Royals.

Jose Roman later used a cell phone to record the multimillionaire-turned-gang leader shooting another gang member in both legs while driving through the Irving Park neighborhood.


[video] Oakland’s Illegal Sideshow Turns City Streets Into “Wild Wild West” (UPDATE)


It seems the general public was duped into believing this was new footage about what is going on in Oakland. Davey D has the real story..

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So yesterday KRON 4 News decided to do some cheap underhanded sleight of hand BS during their segment People Behaving Badly..where they focused on Oakland Side shows.. They lead into the segment with Pam Moore announcing they have ‘shocking new video’ and then reporter Stanley Roberts Kron kicks off the segment by describing Oakland as the Wild, Wild West.. From there viewers are treated to this ‘new’ ‘shocking’ footage..Only problem is the new footage is from 1-2 and maybe even 3 years ago..

KRON gives no context to videos to let you know if folks are from LA and other far away cities which many of the sideshow footage on YouTube clearly show..

Even though KRON ran a notice at the top of the screen that says courtesy of YouTube it was shown for less than 3 seconds while they put the KRON logo over the videos and make it seem like a reporter was actually out on the turf inter


This could never happen in NYC, there would be a million cops literally on that corner in less than a minute.

via KRON 4

OAKLAND (KRON) — It is literally the Wild Wild West out on the mean streets of Oakland.

As social media videos show, Oaktown’s illegal sideshow scene runs rife with a lack of respect for life or the police. One YouTube clip resembles a riot and captures nefarious youth firing guns into the air indiscriminately.

Another video shows how the crowd runs police off its streets.

KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts looks into the shocking and lawless sideshow culture in Oakland.

Which Kids Join Gangs? A Genetic Explanation


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How much power do genes hold over behavior? Can they predict, for example, whether a child will grow up to join a gang? Those are among the questions raised by a new Florida State University (FSU) study released June 5. (What Can Genetic Tests Tell You?)

Since the early 1990s, science has suggested a link between antisocial behavior and a defect in the gene that codes for an enzyme called monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A). A low level of activity on the MAO-A gene results in an excessive breakdown of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which helps keep humans calm and happy. The defect thereby increases the urge to react aggressively to threats or fears, leading MAO-A to be referred to as the “warrior” gene. (See 20 ways to get and stay happy.)

The latest research, however, takes the association one step further. It is the first to link low activity on the MAO-A allele in young men both to an increased likelihood of joining a gang and to a greater tendency to use weapons and violence. “For the first time, we were able to establish a direct connection between the MAO-A gene and the choosing of a violent lifestyle,” says Kevin Beaver, a biosocial criminologist at FSU and lead author of the study published in Comprehensive Psychiatry. Continue reading

US police bust notorious Ms-13 Latino gang

These guys definetly take pride in mayhem and are considered the most notorious and murderous gang in the U.S. For more on the origins of MS-13, click here…

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US officials on Tuesday cracked-down on the violent MS-13 gang, arresting 26 people for a range of crimes committed in three US states and the Central American nation of El Salvador.

“Early this morning, federal, state, and local law enforcement officials here in North Carolina began executing arrest warrants against 26 alleged members of the gang La Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13,” US Attorney General Michael Mukasey said.

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After LA Killing Spree, Police Try to Downplay Trend & Blame Weather and Gas

Bang Bang Boogie

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Police in Los Angeles played down fears of a crime wave on Monday after an an unusually violent weekend saw more than a dozen people killed across the city.
Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger described the spike in violent deaths that left 14 people dead as a “blip.”

“The city in fact is not under siege,” Paysinger told reporters at an afternoon news conference. “According to our records, there have been no connections or trends developing, nor can they be inferred as a result of the spike in the number of homicides.”

Paysinger said several of the incidents had been confirmed as gang-related and “investigation of the others is ongoing (as) to whether they, too, may have gang ties.”
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Parents Clash Over Which Gang Their Child Will Join? Crips or Westside Ballers…

Joseph Manzarenas was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and domestic violence for a fight inside a Hollywood video store.

A young couple got into a fracas over which gang their 4 year old will join. The mom is a Crip and the father is a Westside Baller and apparently the tot’s gang affilation is major arguement in the household. Unbelieveable.

On Saturday, Joseph Manzanares stormed into the Hollywood Video store where his girlfriend worked, threatened to kill her and knocked over several video displays and even a computer, Commerce City police Sgt. Joe Sandoval said.

His girlfriend told police that they had been arguing about the upbringing of their son and which gang he should belong to. The teen mother, who is black, is a member of the Crips. Manzanares is Hispanic and belongs to the Westside Ballers gang, the woman said.

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Pull Your Pants Up or Pay Up


That is what is exactly is spreading across counties and cities across the country. The latest is Riverbeach, Fl where “saggy pants” law was passed overwhelmingly by residents. The law claims to bring decency back to the city and that habitual offenders could pay a fine or even go to jail for sixty days.

More of this these statues will spread across the nation if deemed successful in these counties and will open up the door to illegal searches of young people by police. I do not condone wearing your pants half off your behind, but laws like these always seem to be taken out of context when police are dealing with our youth.

Full story at PalmBeach Post

Suge Knight… Comptons Most Unwanted!!


It seeems the city of Compton wants nothing to do with Suge Knight or the Piru Blood Gang he has been associated with for years. The city is saying these gang organizations and Suge himself, are the cause of  many of the murder, drugs, and violence that plagues Compton and many other communities across the nation. With Suge’s money problems,the unresolved murders of Big and Pac still over his head, and the rise of Crooked I,this is just another thing he probably wish would go away. Full story at Thug Life Army


Former Bloods Gang founder T Rogers works now to keep youth out of gangs across America.