[pics] NYC Man Finds DEAD MOUSE in Sandwich Wrap?

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Not sure how much I believe this story due to the fact that the original photos taken posted by his friends were mysteriously deleted off the net. Not to say this can’t happen, because whether we like it or not, if you eat at a restaurant more than likely they have rodents but we would hope a damn mouse doesn’t actually make itself a part of the menu.

via Gawker

A patron of a New York City Chop’t restaurant—a “Creative Salad Company”—happened upon a disgusting dead rodent when chomping into his wrap on Tuesday. The wrap had been made by the Chop’t location in the Financial District of Manhattan.

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Gawker: Who Wants to Remember Bill Cosby’s Multiple Sex-Assault Accusations?

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Bill Cosby gets the same treatment R. Kelly got from The Village Voice, from  blogsite Gawker, who details the many sexual assault accusations made against  lovable comedian and actor Bill Cosby who is slated to head up a new sitcom on NBC sometime in the near future. I do remember these accusations being leveled at the comedian a few years back and according to Gawker’s Tom Scocca, Cosby quietly settled a few of the cases preventing the victims from speaking on their accusations of him (drugging and sexual assaulting them while unconscious) publicly any further.  If any of these stories are true, I should hope everyone agrees that sexual predator is a sexual predator regardless of he is the funniest or most lovable grandpa on the planet.


So the current crisis over how people are supposed to feel about Woody Allen is on some level odd. Woody Allen’s status as an accused child molester has been a matter of public record since before Manhattan Murder Mystery came out. Anyone who didn’t think about it before now had chosen not to think about it.
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Gawker Exposes Cheating Craiglist Congressman

This dude was super dumb but this woman was very deceitful and probably was thrown some cash by people at Gawker. Either way nothing is private anymore once you turn on the computer. Great scoop for Gawker though.

via Gawker
On the morning of Friday, January 14, a single 34-year-old woman put an ad in the “Women for Men” section of Craigslist personals. “Will someone prove to me not all CL men look like toads?” she asked, inviting “financially & emotionally secure” men to reply.
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Gawker website says Jennifer Lopez’s Career is Over?

Boy Brian Moylan, woke up on the wrong side of bed when it comes to Jennifer Lopez. I saw this blog post on Gawker and was like damn this guy really has it in for her for some reason. I understand that she has not had a big hit in awhile but to totally count her out is a little premature. Anyway here is his rant as to why J.Lo is no more.

So, sorry, Ms. Lopez, we’re through with you. You can’t sell a track and you can’t open a film. Also, you’re bland, boring, and otherwise not as talented as plenty of the other people who are competing for our ever-diminishing attention. We’re not going to care about your movies or songs. We’re not going to read about your babies or break-ups. We’re not going to follow the “10 Steps to JLo’s Butt” article in Shape. You’re over. We are taking away your star status. You can go ahead and continue selling your horrible perfume(s) and a bunch of crazy diehard fans will lap it up and still love you. As far as the rest of us goes, you’re through. I’d like to say it’s been fun, but it really never has been. And I’m pretty glad that it’s over.

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More Incriminating Information released about Wyclef’s ‘Yele Haiti’ Charity from former Co-Founder

More incriminating information has been released about Wyclef’s ‘Yele Haiti’ charity and it pains me to see that the people involved were using this to pay their personal expenses.

Wyclef Jean has defended the financial irregularities of his foundation Yele Haiti by arguing he started it with his own money. However internal documents obtained by Gawker reveal that the former Fugee made no contribution during its first year. In defending his foundation at a press conference earlier this week against accusations that it has a history of mismanaging funds, Jean said, “I started the charity with my own funds.” Earlier, in a YouTube video, Jean claimed, “I myself have put $1 million inside my own foundation.”

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According To Gawker ‘Yele Haiti’ Has Not Contributed Any Money to ‘Earthquake Relief’ Yet

I am shocked that money given to ‘Yele Haiti’ has not reached the ground yet and that the first planned expenditure is for a security force. This is not the pretense that people were told when they contributed. Millions contributed thinking their donations were going to help people on the ground immediately. I don’t know who to trust in this dilemma. Read the latest in this story below:

via Gawker

We’ve said before that Yele Haiti does and has done good and important work in Haiti in the past, but that it is, in the words of a source familiar with the organization’s operations we spoke to, “Not a relief organization” and isn’t set up to respond immediately to the urgent needs on the ground. Locke indirectly confirmed that assessment during the press conference, acknowledging that despite raising somewhere on the order of $1 million per day under the pretense of providing emergency relief, Yele Haiti hasn’t spent one dollar yet on earthquake relief—though they have accepted free space on airlifts to deliver in-kind donations of supplies.

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Is the Bottle Service Era DEAD?

via How to Roll

Considering we always thought of the bottle service route kind of pretentious, we hadn’t given much thought to how all that trouble on Wall Street might affect what had become one of New York’s silliest staples.

Leave it to the snarks over at Gawker to see how the crumbling in the financial district has hurt bottle service around the city. And from what they’ve found, it looks like the days of the $500 bottle of Grey Goose may finally be coming to end.

Now comes a press release from nightspots Quo, Myst, and Prime (three of New York’s self-confessed “most successful ‘bottle’ venues”) explaining that they won’t be demanding requests for bottle service in granting entry. Continue reading