Shots Fired at Immigrant Hater Lou Dobbs Family Home

Did he expect candy and flowers? All the racist rhetoric has finally caught up with him and now he is looking for sympathy. CNN has to get rid of this guy pronto:

“Three weeks ago this morning, a shot was fired at my house where I live,” he said. “My wife was standing out and that followed weeks and weeks of threatening phone calls….this shot was fired with my wife not, I don’t know, 15 feet away and we had had threatening phone calls that I decided not to report because I get threatening phone calls.

I now – it’s become part of a way of life – the anger, the hate, the vitriol, but it’s taken a different tone where they’ve threatened my wife. They’ve now fired a shot at my house while my wife was standing next to the car. It’s become something else.”


Geraldo Rivera: Did ESPN’s Erin Andrews Leak Peephole Video?

Source: Breitbart

First off I am not a fan of Geraldo or Bo Dietl.

Secondly,I do believe there is something really fishy about this story. How could somebody score footage twice in a hotel of her naked and not get caught? Trust me her managers are negotiating with Playboy as we speak and if she does it she will say she did the spread to take back control of her career. Yeah just google it and you can see what all the fuss is about.