[video] Red Neck Road Rage Almost Leads to Deadly Crash

Just wait it out, it definitely is worth it. The woman who posted the drops some info as to what has transpired ever since she posted the video.

via Florida Driver

To those internet trolls who have nothing better to do with their day than go all over the interwebs and spread hate… do me a favor? Look up some Bob Marley music on YouTube, because you could use a little enlightenment and a better mood. Today has been interesting to say the least. I’ve done more talking in the past two days than I’ve done in my collective life it seems. It’s been scary at times, and shocking. I never intended for this to go this viral. I’m a very private person and enjoy my peace and quiet with my dog, my fish, and my ukulele. I’ve never shaken so much from nerves and honestly I’m not sleeping well over this… partly because Good Morning America woke me up at 6 this morning wanting permission to use my video on their show. Apparently this has made all of the media rounds. The Today Show, GMA, Jimmy Kimmel, and it’s blown up worldwide. But hey, if Jimmy Fallon wants a personal interview… I’ll be there! Continue reading

[video] Parents defend little girls ‘Singles Ladies’ performance

This video of these little girls doing Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ has been floating around the last two days and I found it very weird and passed on posting it just because little girls dancing very sexy and shaking their hips is not what we wanna showcase over here.

But interviews of the parents have surfaced, where they defend having their little girls ‘shaking what their momma gave them’ and its just plain crazy where you hear these parents make excuses for pimpin out these little girls for some dance prize.

Now kids will imitate what they see in popular culture and this will not be the last time we see kids gyrating to some hit record, the fact that they dressed them in these little hooker outfits show this was planned and not just some coincidence.

[video] Whitney Houston Voice Cracks at Central Park Comeback Performance

Source: HuffPost

This is not what she needs right now with her being in the middle of an almost impossible comeback. She definitely has to get the kinks out in order to right the ship and possibly tour if the album is successful. The Oprah blame is a little far fetched. Her bestie Wendy Williams is gonna eat her alive(maybe the old Wendy Williams).

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